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Year VIN Body Type World Code

Mileage (1000 miles)

Exterior Colour Interior Colour Country City / State Name Web Site
1978 model L Series, produced Aug1977 - July1978 9118200001-9118202436 Coupe US                
1978 9118200023 Coupe US CAL 107k Cashmere Beige Tan USA Los Angeles, California Mc Dimplespuss . .
1978 9118200026 Coupe US 100k GP White Black Denmark Copenhagen Stefan . The Californian Porsche dealer rebuilt it as an 930 turbo when he revived it from the factory
1978 9118200043 Coupe US 92k Cabot Yellow Beige USA West Chester, PA MH Brightbill . AZ Car, 2nd owner. All original
1978 9118200049 Coupe US CAL 69k Guards Red Black USA Sunnyvale, California Toby . .
1978 9118200052 Coupe US ? GP White . USA Michigan Bob Denton . Sold by Follmer Porsche Audi on 10/26/77, now a slantnose 930 body conversion with turbo
1978 9118200072 Coupe US CAL 178k Minerva Blue Black Canada North Vancouver Jasper . Built in August 1977. Major mods - webers, pistons, cams, tbars, brakes
1978 9118200101 Coupe US 150k Cashmere Beige Cork USA Boulder, Colorado Glenn Magee . .
1978 9118200107 Coupe US 26k Oad Green Metallic Cork USA Montclair, NJ Doug H . Originally sold by Porsche of Princeton. 2nd Owner. Rescued and preserved
1978 9118200115 Coupe US 112k Mocha Brown Tan USA Middle TN Lance . .
1978 9118200119 Coupe US 690k Continental Orange Black USA Minden, NV David McGarry . .
1978 9118200143 Coupe US 154k Ruby Red (repsray) Camel USA Raleigh, NC Chad Higdon . Total disassembly and repaint Ruby Red Met. All new seals, trim, rubber, headliner, skins, polished glass, 7&8's, SSI's
1978 9118200190 Coupe US 165k Cashmere Beige Brown Canada Toronto, Ontario Dan Proudfoot . .
1978 9118200191 Coupe US 62k Guards Red Saddle USA Lowell, Michigan Randy . .
1978 9118200202 Coupe US 48k Silver Metallic Black USA Epanola, NM Don Winchell . Stock
1978 9118200237 Coupe US 158k Guards Red Black USA Mercer Island, WA Gary . .
1978 9118200286 Coupe US ? GP White Black & White USA Arcadia, CA Roger C Ferreira . Street & Track
1978 9118200295 Coupe US 79k Silver Metallic Black USA Indiana Bradley B . steel slant nose conv with turbo widebody.RUF 17" wheels.Racing seats with 5 point harness, Dansk duel exhaust.K+N air filter, Weltmeister short shift. RUF Front oil cooler & front spoiler
1978 9118200307 Coupe US 190k Black (originally Silver Metallic) Black USA Honolulu, Hawaii Doug   Turbo Tail
1978 9118200308 Coupe US 117k Cashmere Beige Brown USA Iowa Zeek .
1978 9118200324 Coupe RoW 198k Bitter Chocolate Cork USA Long Beach, CA Rafael Mendez . Engine rebuild in early 90's. New paint, rubber and top end rebuild 5/18
1978 9118200365 Coupe US 117k Petrol Blue Beige USA Camas, WA Goodwood . 1978 only chrome exterior trim, 16" Fuchs, A/C, smog pump, electric sunroof, power mirrors, power antenna, crank windows
1978 9118200373 Coupe US 84k Grey Metallic Beige USA Denver, CO Craig Crease . Primarily a DE car, with a '85 3.2, 23/29 torsions, 22mm sways, Bilstein sports, polly/neatrix bushings, front mounted setrab cooler
1978 9118200375 Coupe US 144k GP White Brown Australia Brisbane, Qld Pete . Was originally sold by Martin-Johnson Oakland California.Has many modifications both body and mechanically.Converted to RHD 16 October 1996
1978 9118200384 Coupe US 157k Electric Blue Black Norway Oslo ChrsitianF . .
1978 9118200409 Coupe US 120k Petrol Blue Cork USA Austin, TX Greg Small . .
1978 9118200429 Coupe US 107k Guards Red Cork USA Elk Grove, California Gregg Mason .
Turbo Valve Covers
1978 9118200488 Coupe US 149k Slate Grey Black Brazill San Paulo R Faria . Color change from GP white to Slate grey, Custom center exhaust
1978 9118200452 Coupe US 136k Silver Metallic Black USA Iowa Dan . California car, purchased in 2004
1978 9118200453 Coupe US 100k Black Lobster USA Swedesboro, NJ Frank Lettieri . All steel wide-body Turbo twist wheels with spacers
1978 9118200456 Coupe US 137k Black Black USA Wetumpka Alabama Rodek . Turbo look, front and rear bumpers, MoMo Steering Wheel, short shift kit, Kon adjustable shocks, turbo tail, 17 inch cup style wheels. ..all original minus removed airpump
1978 9118200457 Coupe US 85k Black Black Spain Madrid Ignacio . .
1978 9118200471 Coupe US Cal 75k Bitter Chocolate Brown/
USA Bishop, California Don Plum . Engine number is 6401736, indicating a 1980 engine. Repaint job in progress, will match original color
1978 9118200478 Coupe US 124k Mocha Brown Metallic Camel USA Farmington, New Mexico Brandt Thrower .
Front strut bar, tensioner upgrade, respray 15 years ago - original color L275-9-3 Lindgruen metallic. Purchased from The Sports Car Shop
1978 9118200569 Coupe US 220k Silver Black Brazil Campinas M Marchesoni . Sunroof, Magnus Walker wheels, Custom center exhaust, duck tail
1978 9118200579 Coupe US 147k Light Green Poly Black USA Twain Harte, CA Harold Johnson . Complete Professional Restoration
1978 9118200584 Coupe US 158k Guards Red Black Germany Wesel Holger Harmsen . 7+8 x 15 Fuchs Porsche Classic Radio
1978 9118200643 Coupe US 120k Midnight Blue Black USA Redding, California Brian Packham website Whale tail, H4 headlights, steel braided break lines, new paint, engine and transmission
1978 9118200647 Coupe US 119k Guards Red Black Norway Tonsberg Kristian . Cat bypass, Dansk exhaust, no airpump or A/C, strut brace, bilstein undercarrage, duck tail, 6+7"-16" fuchs, euro specs
1978 9118200658 Coupe US 155k Blue Metallic (respray) Caramel USA Talent, Oregon Jimmy Buehner . 20year-old respray metallic blue/green, A/C delete. man windows, front strut, tool kit
1978 9118200694 Coupe US 110k Guards Red Black USA Collegeville, PA Dave Sharp . .
1978 9118200705 Coupe US 81k GP White Black Norway Tonsberg Rune Fevang . .
1978 9118200728 Coupe US Cal 95k ? Brown Norway Tonsberg Thomas Vandbakk . .
1978 9118200769 Coupe US 60k Guards Red Brown Canada Port Albertni, BC Boris Radetic . .
1978 9118200776 Coupe US 132k Grey Metallic Cork USA Greenburg, PA Britton Crum . Undergoing restoration and performance modification
1978 9118200780 Coupe US 106k Black Cork USA Irving, Texas James Shoffit .
1978 9118200815 Coupe US 84k Grey Metallic Black Norway Stavanger Anders Bjornvik   Beautiful car with Dansk exhaust
1978 9118200899 Coupe US 168k GP White Red USA Mcminnville, Oregon Marvin Dumbrow . .
1978 9118200902 Coupe US 18k GP White Tan USA Denver, Colorado John E .
1978 9118200966 Coupe US 76k Ivory Brown Denmark Aahus Kund J Andersen . Engine swab to 930/07 from 1980 - car and engine back to EU spec and lowered with 7x16 and 6.5x16 Fuchs
1978 9118200967 Coupe US Cal ? GP White Black Leather Norway Stokke Eivind . .
1978 9118200968 Coupe US 133k Bitter Chocolate (408) Caramel USA McAlpin, Florida SS McDonald . Engine, transmission, transaxle rebuilt; new cutch. Engine valve mods complete. Aux racing oil cooler installed. Moulded whale tail, Ready for vintage racing
1978 9118200975 Coupe US 117k Guards Red Black USA Chicargo, IL Jeff . Originally a Minerva Blue car, was repainted to Guards Red in the 80's. LSD, manual windows, sunroof delete
1978 9118200981 Coupe US 90k Petrol Blue Metallic Cork USA Mt Shasta, CA Randy Baker . .
1978 9118200984 Coupe US 102k Talbot Yellow Cork Canada Chris Vancouver . .
1978 9118201051 Coupe US 120k Minerva Blue Black Brazil Sao Paulo R Fontana . Original car, AC, Sunroof
1978 9118201016 Coupe US . Silver Metallic Black USA Colorado Springs, CO Jennifer Angel . .
1978 9118201018 Coupe US 131k Petrol Blue Metallic Black Leather Canada Anmore B.C. Michael Robson . Imported to Vancouver B.C. from Portland Oregon in March 1989. I have owned the car ever since. Engine was removed January 5, 2018 for a complete rebuild, Sunroof, 6" and 8" x 16" forged alloys, European headlights and tailights, lowered suspension, and 4 spoke steering wheel
1978 9118301035 Coupe US 78k Stone Grey Black USA Port St Lucie, Florida Norm Faustino . .
1978 9118201036 Coupe US . Brown Metallic Tan Denmark Vejle Hans Jorn Daugaard . Imported from Texas with sun damaged paint, now resprayed and RoW engine
1978 9118201051 Coupe US 103k Petrol Blue Metallic Black USA St Louis, Mo Tom Fettig   Bare metal respray and restore in 1992.
1978 9118201060 Coupe US 75k GP White Lobster Red USA Cleveland, OH Jon Sabo . .
1978 9118201061 Coupe US 48k Bitter Chocolate Cork USA Englewood James Koustas . .
1978 9118201066 Coupe US Cal 125k Guards Red Beige Greece Heraklion - Crete mike . .
1978 9118201069 Coupe US 155k Iris Blue Black USA Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Juan E Lopez-Santini .
3.2 Engine swap
1978 9118201087 Coupe US 124k Light Green Metallic Brown USA Connecticut Poorsh30 .
Color was special ordered by original owner
1978 9118201090 Coupe US Cal 217k Silver Metallic Black USA San Mateo, California Jerry Isaak . Ground-up restoration in 1999 engine, trans, clutch,paint, leather, wheels, suspension, glass, rubber
1979 9118201111 Coupe US 102k Copper Brown Metallic Brown Mexico Mexico City Javier Antista . .
1978 9118201114 Coupe US 118k Guards Red Tan USA Mountain View, California Sean T Hwang .
1978 9118201172 Coupe US 225k GP White Black USA Estero, Florida John . rebuilt engine, best car I ever owned
1978 9118201188 Coupe US 165k Talbot Yellow Black USA Woodbury, CT Gary Radocchio website PCA Race G Stock, full cage, Kirkey seats, 5 pt harnesses, Elephant bushings, Smart racing adj. sway bars, WEVO shifter, LSD, Bilsteins, 31/23mm torsion bars, CCW 18"x8/9" wheels with Hoosiers, RS door panels
1978 9118201228 Coupe US 143k Mocha Brown Camel USA Raleigh, NC Chuck D .
1978 9118201292 Coupe US Cal 230k GP White Black USA Santa Cruz, California Dane Boberg .
Engine rebuild at 187k, K&N, early SSI, 7/8's, relayed H1's, oil cooler w/manual switch, Bilstein Sports shocks, WEVO shifter, degreed gauges, 944 Turbo front calipers, Carrera rotors
1978 9118201347 Coupe US 200k Talbot Yellow Black USA Westminster, CA SA Douglas . Special order, Calif smog package, A/C, sunroof delete, cruise control delete, Sportomatic and LSD, sport seats and mechanical windows. Engine rebuilt in 1996 by Jerry Woods w/964 cams. It dyno'd at 204hp
1978 9118201363 Coupe US 231k Talbot Yellow Black USA Maple Valley, Washington Regina .
1978 9118201484 Coupe US 162k Silver Metallic Black USA Tierra Verde, Fl Jules Griffith . .
1978 9118201485 Coupe US Cal 99k Bitter Chocolate Light Brown USA California Raymond . Factory turbo wide body, BBS 345 rear wheels and 225 fronts
1978 9118201492 Coupe US 120k Silver Metallic Black Canada Regina, Saskatchewan Darlean Weigetz .
1978 9118201495 Coupe US 100k Silver Metallic Black USA Lafayette, CA Scott R . .
1978 9118201499 Coupe US 93k Silver Metallic Black USA Port St Lucie, FL Mike Mann . .
1978 9118201507 Coupe US Cal 95k Black Black USA Colorado Springs MitchellD . .
1978 9118201534 Coupe US 121k GP White Cork with pinstrip velour USA Tuscon, Arizona Miguel H Levy . Third Owner, AZ car, unmodified original car
1978 9118201548 Coupe US 124k Silver Metallic Black Leather USA Morganville, New Jersey L Sullivan .
Purchase price $23,678 Momo wheel, turbo tie rods, stainless brake lines, shock tower brace, lowered, corner balanced, 7&8" wheels, sport clutch, SSI headers, Alex Johnson Racing muffler, short shift kit, racing harness
1978 9118201554 Coupe US 130k Continental Orange Black Canada Mississauga, ON Dean Hopkins . Owned since 1998
1978 9118201579 Coupe US 130k Viper Green Diamond Metallic Black US Florida Nathan Cleary . Believed to be the only Viper Green Diamond Metallic 1978 US Coupe built. Original engine, transmission and color verified by COA
1978 9118201606 Coupe US . Petrol Blue Cork/Leather Australia Schofields, NSW John . Imported to Australia with registration history from 1995 in NSW. Has been converted to RHD as required back then. Is missing paint code plate so colour is assumed based on matching inside engine bay.
1978 9118201610 Coupe US 206k Black Black USA Morana, California Will Shields . .
1978 9118201616 Coupe US 170k Cashmere Beige Dark Brown Leather USA Switzerland, Florida Neal Young . .
1978 9118201624 Coupe US 66k Yellow Black/Tartan Belgium . Ward . Sports purpose 911 with lightweight RUF bumpers, RUF wheels, ducktail, 21/28 torsion bars, SSI + Dansk 2in2out exhaust, front oil cooler, custom shifter
1978 9118201646


No Sunroof

US 78k Guards Red Black USA Woodstock, GA Alan David . Cloth seat inserts, sunroof delete, 16" Fuchs, Carrera tail
1978 9118201657 Coupe US 122k Light Green Metallic Saddle USA Peachtree City , Georgia Jim Harris .
1978 9118201700 Coupe US 160k 635 Gun Metal Grey Black/Blue New Zealand Auckland Nathan Haines . US import to NZ 1996 RHD conversion full bare metal restoration very straight and lovely!
1978 9118201701 Coupe US 158k GP Whilte Lobster Canada Toronto, ON Jeremy Wilson . .
1978 9118201702 Coupe US 80k Continental Orange Black Leather, orange stitch Spain Calahonda. Malaga Gerry Denn . .
1978 9118201718 Coupe US 120k Aubergine Light Brown Leather Holland . Marc Kok . .
1978 9118201734 Coupe US 82k Olive Green Black USA Denver, CO Hetmann website
Widebody Hotrod
1978 9118201750

Coupe Sun Roof

US 138k Guards Red Black USA Las Vegas, Nevada Carl Calos . .
1978 9118201753 Coupe US 192k Chiffon Black USA Phoenix, AZ Scott Kuhme . .
1978 9118201799 Coupe US 173k Cashmere Beige Brown USA Mill VAlley, California Donald McGreevy . Full Leather Interior, Sports Seats, Option Group Y27
1978 9118201816 Coupe US 92k Copper Brown Tan USA Hickory, NC Paramout Classic Cars . .
1978 9118201860 Coupe US 45k Continental Orange Lobster Orange USA San Diego, California Brett Allison . Factory special order orange interior
1978 9118201880 Coupe US 165k Green Black USA Atlanta, Georgia Craig Manner .
Engine/trany rebuild at 165000, cams, headers, drilled rotors
1978 9118201899 Coupe US 151k Guards Red Beige Canada Langley, BC Steve Lodge . 7" and 8" Fuchs Ducktail Sport Seats
1978 9118201912 Coupe US 28k Silver Metallic Black Canada North Vancouver, BC Boris & Frog . Body needs work, mechanically a dream.
1978 9118201915 Coupe US 40k Guards Red Cork Canada Vancouver, BC Bob Witzel . .
1978 9118201916 Coupe US 70k Minerva Blue Black France Alencon Reniaume Samuel . .
1978 9118201992 Coupe US 232k GP White Black USA Minden, NV Kathy Kilpatrick . Inherited from father. Just restored, new paint, new headliner
1978 9118202023 Coupe US 120k Mocha Brown Tan USA Los Angeles, CA Mark Gottlieb . Purchased from original owner in 1999
1978 9118202041 Coupe US 221k Guards Red Black USA Morgan Hill, CA LarryD . Sold by Alan Johnson Porsche, San Diego. 930 body conversion in 1984
1978 9118202070 Coupe US . Prussian blue/ original ivory Black USA Florida Angel Seralena Engine rebuilt early 2000
1978 9118202075 Coupe US 150k Black Black USA Los Angeles, CA Rico .. Restored in 2002 with a 1984 Carrera tail and new paint, chromed 16 FUCHS, new interior in 2007
1978 9118202081 Coupe US 78k Minerva Blue Tan Germany Dortmund Dirk Harbott . Leather, aircon, sunroof, speedcontroll, 7&8 *16 Fuchs, daily driver
1978 9118202097 Coupe US 200k GP White Cork USA Foothill Ranch, California Jason L .
1978 9118202103 Coupe US 132k Silver Black USA Providence, Utah Jerry Fuhriman . new glass out exterior and interior paint. All new leather interior
1978 9118202130 Coupe US 239k Mocha Brown Tan/Black USA Los Angeles, CA Tom Shelby .
New engine & brakes
1978 9118202147 Coupe US 65k Guards Red Champage USA   John McGary . .
1978 9118202159 Coupe US Cal 108k Ice Mist Green Black Leather USA Warwick, Rhode Island Christopher Sahagian . .
1978 9118202212 Coupe US 95k Guards Red Tan USA San Francisco Thomas Moller Jensen . 2nd owner, originally Utah car sold at Dave Strong Porsche Dealership in SLC
1978 9118202240 Coupe US Cal 69k 635 ANTHRAZITGRAU Metallic Black USA Sacramento, California Tim Sexton . build date 6/78
1978 9118202279 Coupe US 153k Black Black USA Costa Mesa CJC . Slightly lowered, ghl stainless 1 in 1 out, slight compression bump when heads rebuilt, AC removed and smog pump removed
1978 9118202286 Coupe US 98k Black Black USA Seattle, WA Wahl . .
1978 9118202311 Coupe US Cal 71k Tangerine Black Leather Norway Stavanger St�le Hanssen . .
1978 9118202335 Coupe US 49k Silver Metallic Black USA Baltimore, Maryland Mike Todas . Light weight package (no sunroof, no passenger side mirror, no wing). 3rd Owner.
1978 9118202398 Coupe US 107k Gold Brown Leather USA Little River, SC Cleveland Frink . .
1978 9118202410 Coupe US 80k Guards Red Black USA Dallas, Texas Thomas Waldron . Third owner
1978 9118202434 Coupe US 209k Cashmere Beige Cork USA Sa Rafael, CA Mark Sanders . 2nd owner, purchased in July 20, 2007
1978 9118210001-9118212579 Targa US                
1978 9118210011 Targa US 202k Lilac Black. Germany Kassel Michael . First SC built - VIN 0001-0010 were reserved by Porsche but not used
1978 9118210081 Targa US 437k Oak Green Cork USA Dallas, Texas Rudder . .
1978 9118210099 Targa US 186k Guards Red Black Germany Stuttgart Lo . .
1978 9118210102 Targa US 150k Guards Red Tan Germany . Malte Lange . .
1978 9118210146 Targa US 115k Silver Metallic Black USA Santa Ana, CA Jim Welch . Stock
1978 9118210183 Targa US 42k GP White Tan USA Folsom, California William M Fader . Modified into a 1984 Cabriolet Carrera Slant Nose (steel)
1978 9118210220 Targa US 91k Black Cork USA Norristown, PA Tony Donato .
1978 9118210266 Targa US 164k Cashmere Beige Tan USA Long Beach, CA Dougie . .
1978 9118210322 Targa US 40k Guards Red Black USA Racine, WI Eric Haertel . 3rd owner. Polished wheels lowered M&K exhaust strut tower brace
1978 9118210328 Targa US 136k Silver Metallic Black USA Buffalo Grove, IL G3 . Saved from 15 years in barns
1978 9118210350 Targa US 68k Guards Red Brown Belgium Antwerp David vergauwen . .
1978 9118210358 Targa US 126k Guards Red Brown USA Temple, TX Rick Hughes . 3rd owner, repainted red, releather beige. Targa ?? top cut off, soft top installed. VIN is a coupe.
1978 9118210364 Targa US Cal 113k Silver Metallic Black USA California Jeffrey Minor . Just fell in my lap. Some guys wife said get this thing out of my house, setting for ten years.
1978 9118210386 Targa US Cal 69k Petrol Blue Cork USA GA StellaBlue . Original paint & interior, SSI headers, catalytic converter and air pump deleted, 7" and 9" Fuchs, ROW lowered
1978 9118210400 Targa US 97k Minerva Blue Metallic Black USA Seattle, Washington M Allen . .
1978 9118210415 Targa US 120k Blue Navy Blue Belgium . The King . Shipped in 2013 from California to Netherlands and then to Belgiu
1978 9118210441 Targa US 134k GP White Black USA San Diego, CA Matt Sparks . Acquired November 2013 through shop in Pasadena. Poor respray in white over original Grand Prix white. Originally purchased in Northern California. 50K miles between 1990 and 2013
1978 9118210565 Targa US 149k Black Black Brasil Sao Paulo Pepe . .
1978 9118210580 Targa US 194k Blue Tan USA Stow, MA Len Cummings . .
1978 9118210592 Targa US 150k Talbot Yellow Cork USA Jordan, Minnesota John Noterman . .
1978 9118210610 Targa US 189k Metallic Green Beige Belgium . Kurt . Last owner had it for 24 years, bought in San Francisco and shipped to Belgium rust free
1978 9118210645 Targa US 124k Silver Black USA Richmond,VA Brad Bradley . 3rd owner
1978 9118210672 Targa US 230k Mocha Black Cork USA Austin \, TX Mike . Rebuilt motor, now a 3.2SS
1978 9118210770 Targa US 260k Guards Red Grey USA Milford, CT Mike Gorman . .
1978 9118210776 Targa US 170k Ice Green Metallic Black Belgium Bruxelles Caruso . .
1978 9118210785 Targa US 35k Silver Metallic Black Leather USA Oregon Pete . .
1978 9118210808 Targa US 90k Prusian Blue Black Canada Alberta Harold B . .
1978 9118210823 Targa US 76k Guards Red Black USA Belmont, California Brett . .
1978 9118210844 Targa US 186k Brown Metallic Cork USA Bovato, CA Gary B . .
1978 9118210883 Targa US 196k Oakgreen Black Germany Duisburg SB911H . .
1978 9118210913 Targa US 98k Black Black USA Texas Mike Lindstrom . Rebuild to 3.2, 10:1 JE pistons, GE 60 cams, tube headers, PMO 46, 305 hp at rear wheels
1978 9118210926 Targa US 170k Black Black USA Marion, OH Evan Taylor . Just bought it today :) 5/13/05
1978 9118210927 Targa US 193k Black Cork/Black USA New York Jwalker . Purchased with collision damage & pan rust (had been extensively auto-crossed), disassembled and stripped the entire body, removed the engine, transmission, body damage repaired (found a left front fender at a Hot Rod car show in Rhinebeck, NY $50!) Spies Hecker base coat clear coat, Bilstein Sport shocks, Turbo tie rods repaired broken head studs with divilar, cookie cutter 6 x 7's, corner balanced
1978 9118210959 Targa US 152k Silver Black USA Miami, FL Esteban Koffsman . Total upper and lower engine rebuild
1978 9118211028 Targa US 50k T3V9 Cockney Brown Cork USA Gainesville, Florida John Cutright . Sport shocks; factory A/C. Arizona car until 2004(stored 9 years in climate control collection), now Northern Florida owned. A/C upgraded
1978 9118211051 Targa US 165k Talbot Yellow Cork USA Columbus, MS Chuck Bigelow . 3.0 rebuild 25k ago, carrera updates, new paint, dash, glass and rubber
1978 9118211056 Targa US 85k Olive Green Beige France Bordeaux Jack . 3rd owner
1978 9118211059 Targa US ? Guards Red Black Belgium Oosterzele Walter . .
1978 9118211089 Targa US 155k Guards Red Tan USA New Mexico9 Dav . Fresh repaint in 2010
1978 9118211120 Targa US 64k Black Black USA Waterville, Ohio David Vrooman . .
1978 9118211150 Targa US Cal 125k Black Black Leather USA Canyon Lake, CA Jack Pierce . .
1978/77 9118211190 Targa US Cal 93k Champagne Metallic Black The Netherlands . Niels . Exported to The Netherlands in August 2011, rust free, confirmed matching numbers and in very original state, just missing the Blaupunkt Bamberg :(
1978 9118211205 Targa US 72k Silver Metalic Black USA McDonough, GA Greg McNamara . .
1978 9118211225 Targa US 117k Yellow Beige USA Okeechobee, FL Larry . Recently restored
1978 9118211228 Targa US 142k Guards Red Black USA San Jose, CA Shawn Mc . .
1978 9118211298 Targa US . Copper Metallic Cork USA Naperville, IL Karl . .
1978 9118211321 Targa US 126k Black Black USA Grand Rapids, Michigan Steve Burch .
1978 9118211379 Targa US 87k Black Recaro Special USA Louisville, KY Mario Munoz . Purchased in Nov 2007. Top end completed at 69k
1978 9118211419 Targa US 108k Guards Red Black USA Mobile, AL Greg Priest .
1978 9118211438 Targa US 189k

Gemini Blue Metallic (special order)

Cork The Netherlands Assen Wolter   Altered form 3.0 to 3.2, sport seats, black instead of chrome, Fuchs wheels, special order paint colour
1978 9118311453 Targa RoW 166k Guards Red Black USA Newtown Square, PA Mike Fiazzo . .
1978 9118211492 Targa US Cal 195k Silver Metallic Black USA San Francisco, CA Tristan Kolhorst . Rough, but sweet...
1978 9118211539 Targa US 76k Copper Brown Metallic Cork USA Murrieta, CA Chris Randall .


1978 9118211617 Targa US 918k Maroon Tan USA Buena Park, California James Perez . .
1978 9118211691 Targa US 120k Copper Brown Metallic Cork Canada Cambridge Ontario Clive Young . .
1978 9118211718 Targa US 33k GP White Blue Leather USA San Diego, CA George Knoll . Rare interior and low miles
1978 9118211752 Targa US 133k Copper Brown Metallic Beige France Bordeaux Jack . .
1978 9118211761 Targa US 122k Minerva Blue Metallic Black USA CA Tim McLean . .
1978 9118211788 Targa US 91k GP White Lobster Leather USA Huntington, WV Michael . .
1978 9118211845 Targa US 49k Mocha Brown Brown USA Long Beach, California Doug Lehman . .
1978 9118211860 Targa US 22k Silver Metallic Black Leather USA Illinois Dan . One owner, all original with options 261,395,454,461,474,496,565,566,590,Leather Seats
1978 9118211862 Targa US 129k Blue, was Silver Metallic Black USA Seattle ? . .
1978 9118211880 Targa US 115k Black Black USA Albany, CA Jasper . Appears mostly original, except radio, A/C
1978 9118211911 Targa US 151k Silver Metallic Black Belgium Antwerp Bart Govaerts . .
1978 9118211985 Targa US 197k GP White Black USA Walnut, CA Pete Perera . .
1978 9118212007 Targa US 130k GP White Beige Israel Tel Aviv SteveMaj . .
1978 9118212082 Targa US 179k Mocha Brown Black USA Mt Pleasant, SC Mattern . Engine replaced at 52,368, engine has 126,755 miles. Engine updates: venturi oil sump pick-up screen, pressure relief valve, retrofitted chain tensioner kit, and idler arms
1978 9118212092 Targa US 121k Mocha Brown Cork USA Shreveport, LA Jimmy Silvio . .
1978 9118212135 Targa US 61k Arrow Blue Cork Canada Alberta Evolc . .
1978 9118212169 Targa US 55k Petrol Blue Cork USA St Michaels, MD Steve Blecknet . SSI, Dansk,top end rebuild
1978 9118212172 Targa US Cal 218k Silver Metallic Black Canada Niagara on the Lake, Ont Ed Borzychoski .
Planning a performance rebuild
1978 9118212175 Targa US Cal 155k Guards Red Cork Mexico Mexico City V Vertiz Pani . Engine rebuilt Euro look, turbo tail & front spoiler, Momo prototipo wheel, Fuchs
1978 9118212210 Targa US 132k GP White Black Leather USA Chippewa Falls, WI Tim McCormick . All stock. H4 update, whale tail, Fuchs painted white
1978 9118212222 Targa US Cal 70k Hellgelb Brown Belgium Bredene Bruno De Wannemaeker . .
1978 9118212233 Targa US 65k Black Black Netherlands . Oldenhuis . .
1978 9118212253 Targa US 128k Arrow Blue Dark Brown USA Corralitos, CA Doug Mattos . 3rd owner, engine is a rocket, interior is a dream, outside needs paint. Why did I wait this long to buy a Porsche?
1978 9118212276 Targa US 108k Guards Red Black USA San Clemente, CA Bill Martin . 3rd Owner, know the previous 2 owners
1979 9118212341 Targa US 137k Green Tan USA Falls Church, VA Don . .
1978 9118212365 Targa US 61k Guards Red Cork USA Lawton, OK Phil Francoeur .
1978 9118212369 Targa US 51k Silver Metallic Black USA Northfield, NJ Steve Troiano . .
1978 9118212381 Targa US 34k Silver Metallic Lobster USA East Patchogue, NY Tom D . .
1978 9118212392 Targa US 110k Guards Red Black USA Riverside Co, California Scott . Whale Tail, restored by previous owner in 2004 including paint, chrome wheels, targa top.
1978 9118212472 Targa US 73k Sienna Copper Cork USA San Diego, California Colin . Still on it's 1978 California blue plate.
1978 9118212520 Targa US 104k . . USA Riverview, FL Buck . .
1978 9118212566 Targa US 208k Dark Brown Cork/Black Canada . Mark Wilson . 964 cam, SSI, Semi-race suspension
1978 9118300001-9118302438 Coupe Rest of World                
1978 9118300015 Coupe RoW 125k Continental Orange Black USA Antis Twp, PA Dave Ebersole . .
1978 9118300147 Coupe RoW 67k Petrol Blue Metallic Black The Netherlands Spaarndam Gerko Hoek .
Production date July 1st, 1977 and delivered in Belgium, D'Ieteren, Brussels
1978 9118300204 Coupe RoW 125k Copper Brown Beige South Africa Somerset West W/C Derick . Had it for 15 years, taking out the engine to fix a few oil leaks
1978 9118300214 Coupe RoW 82k Silver Metallic Black USA Pittsboro, IN Corey . All original except the steering wheel, radio, tires and seat covers
1978 9118300252 Coupe RoW 46k Petrol Blue Metallic Black Argentina Buenos Aires Omar Gilberto . Delivered in Germany, engine rebuilt
1978 9118300254 Coupe RoW 80k GP White Black Switzerland Zurich Matthias Duvenbeck . Purchased from previous owner Peter in Dec 2012
1978 9118300274 Coupe RoW 150k Talbot Yellow Black USA Daytona Beach, FL Glenn Robinson . .
1978 9118300307 Coupe RoW 84k Guards Red Black Austria Hall in Tirol Christian Margreiter . owned since 1987 and in perfect condition
1978 9118300309 Coupe RoW 180k Guards Red Black Norway Amot Knut Ole Kopland . .
1978 9118300362 Coupe RoW 160k Guards Red Black Netherlands The Hague Erik . This car was stolen on 12th of December 2005! Engine number: 6380648
1978 9118300365 Coupe RoW 75k Guards Red Black USA Detriot Vincent . Currently in the US. Will be send to France, 964 cams, top end rebuilt, SSI, Dansk, front oil cooler, turbo tie rod, 7 & 8 Fuchs
1978 9118300415 Coupe RoW 125k Light Blue Beige The Netherlands Zulte, Belgium vermeersch willy . .
1978 9118300442 Coupe RoW 54k Guards Red Black USA Dallas, Texas Kelly . .
1978 9118300512 Coupe RoW 180k Copper Brown Metallic Tan Australia Brisbane, Queensland Robert . .
1978 9118300635 Coupe RoW 110k GP White Black France . Eric . .
1978 9118300661 Coupe RoW 114k Guards Red Black Leather England Sheffield Ed Turner .
Cup alloys tea tray spoiler and lowered sports suspension
1978 9118300768 Coupe RoW 66k Guards Red Black USA Rochester, New York Bill Gibaud .
1978 9118300798 Coupe RoW 87k Silver Metallic Brown Australia Perth, Western Australia KeithP911 .
1978 9118300829 Coupe RoW 125k Guards Red Black Denmark Herning Holger Henriken . .
1978 9118300865 Coupe RoW 106k Guards Red Black Leather USA Georgia Phil . Turbo wing, looks new
1978 9118300880 Coupe RoW 150k Petrol Blue, now Black Black Portugal Lisbon Manuel . Imported to Portugal in 2001
1978 9118300899 Coupe RoW 80k Guards Red Grey Mexico Mexico City Juan B Carral   100% restored 1998
1978 9118300915 Coupe RoW 100k Copper Bronze Black Australia Brisbane, Queensland Phl . Australian Spec, purchased in the UK through the Tourist delivery system (Tax Free) 19/9/77 and bought to Australia 8/8/84, original & standard except for Duck Tail, Stailess exhaust and momo steering wheel.
1978 9118300950 Coupe RoW 99k GP White Black USA California Ross website Imported to USA in 1984, converted by Andial to 1986 Carrera in 1989
1978 9118301036 Coupe RoW 108k GP White Red USA Hendersonville, NC Carl v S . 3.2 cylinder, lowered, full roll cage, racing seats, header set up for track but gradually transitioning to a road car
1978 9118301137 Coupe RoW 117k Guards Red Black USA Orange County, California Brian .
Full concours condition garage queen !
1978 9118301154 Coupe RoW 131k Silver Metallic Tan England London H . Original sports pack option from new - air dam, whale tail and larger Fuchs
1978 9118301216 Coupe RoW 72k Ruby Red Metallic Lobster USA Scituate, MA Mark Hutchinson . Radio only option
1978 9118301253 Coupe RoW 160k GP White Black Australia Sydney, NSW Jon . SSI exhaust, kevla pads, titanium plugs (Increased Gap)
1978 9118301314 Coupe RoW 135k Brown Tan Belguim . Gette . .
1978 9118301345 Coupe RoW 180k Silver Metallic Tweed Scottsman France Reims Bruno GUILLAUME . .
1978 9118301373 Coupe RoW 170k Guards Red Black/Red Norway Sorum Yngve Samuelsen . .


9118301429 Coupe RoW 180k Copper Brown Metallic Cork Australia Melbourne, Victoria Aussie .
1978 9118301446 Coupe RoW 79k GP White Black Netherlands Noord-Holland RA dw Wit . .
1878 9118301452
RoW 110k GP White Black Norway . Pat . .
1978 9118301465 Coupe RoW 97k Black Cork USA El Paso eldude911 .
Converted to Wide Body
1978 9118301521 Coupe RoW 152k Maroon Cream Leather England Newent, Gloucestershire Paul Thompson . Original Brown Brown interiour complete rebuild 2000
1978 9118301578 Coupe RoW 230k GP White Black Germany Ebersbach Carsten P . Original.
1978 9118301589 Coupe RoW 106k Silver Metallic Black Belgium Sautin Baudoin SNAUWAERT . .
1978 9118301667 Coupe RoW 97k Guards Red Cork Australia Darwin Peter . .
1978 9118301722 Coupe RoW 200k Guards Red Tan (Cork) Australia Melbourne Roni . .
1978 9118301740 Coupe RoW 50k Silver Metallic Black France Artix JEFFALEX . .
1978 9118301840 Coupe RoW 120k Petrol Blue Metallic Black USA Alexandria, Virginia KB .
1978/79 9118301861 Coupe RoW 60k Gold Red & Black Australia Sydney Bondiscwb . Wide body conversion with steel panels. Engine fully rebuilt in 2020, respray- was white now gold
1978 9118301910 Coupe RoW 135k Oak Green Metallic Green/Black Spain Madrid pingolflint website Original
1978 9118301913 Coupe RoW 89k Talbot Yellow Beige Hong Kong   Alan Duffin . .
1978 9118301918 Coupe RoW 175k Forest Green Blue/Green Tartan Spain Calvia, Mallorca Barry Davies . Owners - 2 German & 1 Brit, from whom I bought it in 1989. Original sport config, whale tail
1978 9118301981 Coupe RoW 50k Silver . Singapore Singapore James . 2nd owner, full restoration done
1978 9118302090 Coupe RoW ? Guards Red ? US Chatham, IL Perk . Imported to us in 1984
1978 9118302109 Coupe RoW 160k GP White Tan Australia Adelaide, South Australia Kym & Julie Somerville . .
1978 9118302134 Coupe RoW 32k Black (was GP White) Black USA Delaplane, VA Allen Richards . .
1978 9118302135 Coupe RoW 103k Talbot Yellow Black Australia Perth, Western Australia Ray Marshall . .
1978 9118302140 Coupe RoW 133k Guards Red Black South Africa Cape Town Greg Davids . Full restoration including high quality RSR look alike, completed by last owner. 207BHP, BBS split rims with Fuchs insets
1978 9118302114 Coupe RoW 110k GP White Black Australia Brisbane, Queensland Mike . Standard apart from Turbo wheels, spoiler and steering wheel
1978 9118302255 Coupe RoW 120k GP White Tan Australia Tasmania Leigh . Australian delivered third owner purchased 1994
1978 9118302277 Coupe RoW 34k Olive Green Tan USA Athens, GA John Johnson .
'92 C2 turbo engine
1978 9118302371 Coupe RoW 130k Silver Metallic Black Australia Brisbane, Queensland Ron Mc .
1978 9118302391 Coupe RoW 180k Light Green Metallic Cork Germany . Andre . .
1978 9118302433 Coupe RoW 85k Guards Red Black USA Virginia Manor House Motorsport . .
1978 9118310001-9118311729 Targa Rest of World                
1978 9118310018 Targa RoW 30k Desert Rose Black Australia Melbourne Tony . Resprayed ground up rebuild. Mid life crisis I suppose !!!
1978 9118310133 Targa RoW 145k Silver Metallic Black Sweden Stockholm Kurt .
1978 9118310159 Targa RoW 254k GP White Black Canada Brighton, Ontario Diezel . 16" RIAL magnesium rims w/ 23mmm spacers. Partial rebuild in 2000
1978 9118310234 Targa RoW 75k Guards Red Black Venezuela Zulia Electric Racing . .
1978 9118310237 Targa RoW 154k Light Blue Metallic Black USA Woodland Hills, California Randy F .
1978 9118310330 Targa RoW 48k Olive Green Black Australia Darwin, NT Ian . Grey import to the US and then imported to Australia
1978 9118310342 Targa RoW 90k GP White Black Australia Melbourne, Victoria Kevin V . Originally delivered in UK as a Targa an subsequently converted to a Cabriolet
1978 9118310391 Targa RoW 58k Cashmere Beige Tan Ireland Carlow Alastair Moore website .
1978 9118310491 Targa RoW 138k GP White Black & Tartan Trim England Bristol, North Somerset Grant Anderson .
Engine rebuilt with high comp pistons to 1981 specs at 204HP
1978 9118310524 Targa RoW 187k Guards Red Black USA Chicago, IL TK . Whale tail.
1978 9118310557 Targa RoW 72k Grey Black Germany Hannover Garbsen Hellager . .
1978 9118310577 Targa RoW 150k Blue Black Suisse Geneve Christian . .
1978 9118310634 Targa RoW 50k Petrol Blue Metallic Brown Italy Milan Claudio . .
1978 9118310691 Targa RoW 78k Oak Green Metallic Tartan Plaid USA Toms River,New Jersey Nicholas . Owned it since 1986, 16" fuchs, whaletail, blew it up twice and I rebuilt it twice
1978 9118310814 Targa RoW   Petrol Blue Metallic Brown Thailand Bangkok Warawau Wutthakul .
1978 9118310830 Targa RoW 120k Copper Brown Matellic Beige France Bordeaux JRB . .
1978 9118310861 Targa RoW 130k Silver Metallic Lobster USA Hilton Head Island, SC Brad . Purchased on eBay in 2003 from guy in west palm beach florida. Sold in 2005 to buyer in California. Purchased back in 2023. Engine rebuilt by PO in 1992. Steel 930s body. Backdated 2 in 2 out exhaust. Repainted in 2004 in original silver
1978 9118310931 Targa RoW 95k Oak Green Metallic Black Belgium Oudenaarde Guy Van Hevele . Delivered in Sweden, imported to Belgium 2004. Rear Bilstein shockers, light alloy 3-part wheels
1978 9118310954 Targa RoW 122k GP White Black USA Golden, Colorado Granite . SSI, RS door panels, RS America tail, euro height. No A/C
1978 9118310974 Targa RoW 81k Black Lobster Red USA Salem, OR Dennis . .
1978 9118311086 Targa RoW . Light Green Beige Germany Leer, Niedersachsen Wehmh�rner . .
1978 9118311097 Targa RoW 112k Guards Red Beige Sweden Staffanstorp Staffan . Near mint condition
1978 9118311103 Targa RoW ? Silver Metallic Black USA Montgomery, AL G$ . .
1978 9118311229 Targa RoW 125k Copper Brown Metallic Black Germany Cologne Cosmo . All original, 2nd owner
1978 9118311236 Targa RoW 180k GP White Black Australia Sydney
Mark C
. .
1978 9118311260 Targa RoW 151k Silver Metallic Black Belgium Lommel Peter . .
1978 9118311286 Targa RoW 105k Oak Green Metallic Cork USA Scitute, MA Mark Hutchinson . .
1978 9118311346 Targa RoW 170k Oak Green Metallic Cork with tweed inserts USA Tappan, NY Tom C . .
1978 9118311385 Targa RoW 67k GP White Black USA Washington Steve Ellsworth . SS Exhaust no A/C no elec windows Turbo tensioners 6 and 7 x16 Fuchs
1978 9118311459 Targa RoW 131k Minerva Blue Black UK Dorset Michal Behanec . UK Sport spec
1978 9118311489 Targa RoW . Arrow Blue Black USA Hillsboro, Tennessee Daniel Flanigan . Has a UCLA parking sticker on the front windshield. Expired 1984
1978 9118311543 Targa RoW 71k Petrol Blue Metallic Tan USA OH JohnJR .
1978 9118311636 Targa RoW . Fern Green Black USA San Clemente, CA Lawrence Wach . Rare 273 paint code with rare bright trim
1978 9118311642 Targa RoW ? Minerva Blue Black USA Bristow, VA Mike . 12.5K on rebuilt '89 3.2
1978 9118311646 Targa RoW 117k GP White Black USA Plano, Texas Adam Chernow .
1978 9118311659 Targa RoW ? Guards Red Black USA Richland, Washington Mike Hassell . .
1978 9118311704 Targa RoW . GP White Black South Africa Cape Town Keith Christian . .
1978 9118311713 Targa RoW . Talbot Yellow Black/Yellow France Toulon - Var Fred . Duck Tail
1978 9118311715 Targa RoW 112k Guards Red Black UAE Dubai Stefan . .
JAPAN Delivery                      
1978 9118309512 Coupe Japan 120k GP While Black Australia Adelaide Vic Moore . Left hand drive, factory Recaro seats, fibreglass factory tail, early model rear sway bar, hinged rear quarter windows(possible run/left over from 3L carrera), 7x16 genuine front Fuchs, 8x16 Japan copy rears
1978 9118309550 Coupe Japan 60k Oak Green Metallic Black Philippines Iloilo John Ng . .
1978 9118309584 Coupe Japan 38k Cashmere Beige Black Japan Kobe Mitusnori Okano . Original Car
1878 9118300613 Coupe Japan ? Apple Green Black Canada Vancouver Rob . .
1978 9118309683 Coupe Japan 17k GP White Black England Newbury Motocars Ltd . For Sale
1978 9118309739 Coupe Japan 85k Black Black New Zealand Wanaka, Otago Jol Squires . Japanese delivery & spec
1979 model M Series, produced Aug1978 - July1979 9118200001-9119202013 Coupe US                
1979 9119200039 Flatnose Coupe US 117k Guards Red Black England London Mike .
Slant nose conversion
1979 9119200063 Coupe US CAL 121k Black Cork USA McKinney, Texas Frank Briggs .
1979 9119200066 Coupe US 127k Silver Metallic Black Leather USA San Francisco, California Larry Cuneo . .
1979 9119200077 Coupe US 85k Silver Metallic Black USA Malibu, CA Paul Farrell . Under restoration
1979 9119200107 Coupe US 87k Petrol Blue Metallic Black USA Florida Dave Cerzan . .
1979 9119200176 Coupe US 110k Copper Brown Metallic Tan USA San Rafael, California Lorenzo . .
1978/79 9119200272 Coupe Sun Roof US 73k Silver Metallic Black Leather USA Wirtz, VA David Harris . Original owner - purchased new in 1979 from Park Hageraty Lowell,MA
1979 9119200274 Coupe US 122k Guards Red Black USA Atlanta, Georgia Craig Manner .
Set up for Street/DE use
1979 9119200292 Coupe US Cal 105k Guards Red Black USA Dallas, Texas Mark Wildson .
Ducktail, short shifter, 7" & 8" polished Fuchs
1979 9119200338 Coupe US . Guards Red Black USA Detriot, Michigan Bill Tiba . .
1979 9119200378 Coupe US 181k GP White Black USA Saint Augustine, FL Mike . Undergoing complete rebuild, 98mm P&Cs (3.2), 9.5:1 CR, Weber 40IDA 3Cs, DC40 Cams, SSIs, MSD Ignition
1979 9119200388 Coupe US 71k Black Metallic Cork USA Seattle, WA Ron Gross . .
1979 9119200401 Coupe US 97k GP White Brown USA Cleveland, Ohio Ed Dale website .
1979 9119200454 Coupe US 79k Light Blue Metallic Black Puerto Rico Ponce Ivan . 3rd Owner - Originaly Silver. Complete rotisserie restoration and color change to light blue metalic
1979 9119200469 Coupe US 134k GP White Black USA Turtle Creek Mark Seech . Car was completely restored with mods to suspension, engine (3.2) and transmission
1979 9119200500 Coupe US 119k Cashmere Beige Brown USA Flemington, New Jersey Brian Vail .
1979 9119200561 Coupe US ? GP White Brown USA Russellville, AR Jeff . .
1979 9119200623 Coupe US ? Continental Orange Tan USA Lawrenceville, PA G Butler .
Slant nose widebody conversion
1979 9119200644 Coupe US 117k Silver Metallic Black USA Crown Point, Indiana Don Emery .
1979 9119200656 Coupe US 47k Black Tan USA Richmond, VA David D'Arville . .
1979 9119200670 Coupe US 48k Tobacco Metallic Clear Cork USA Los Angeles Joe . Sold February 10, 1979 from Rusnak Porsche, Pasadena. Never left SoCal. Carrera tail with A/C grille, rear wiper, H4's, chrome trim, 16" Fuchs/Dunlops
1979 9119200717 Coupe US 172k Guards Red, originally Brown Black


Auburn, AL Scott Spencer . .
1979 9119200743 Coupe US 97k Silver Metallic Black France Paris Phillippe Carvalho . Bought in 2004 near Los Angeles and shipped to France
1979 9119200745 Coupe US 166k Silver Metallic Black USA Kent, WA David Benson . .
1979 9119200761 Coupe US Cal 94k Cashmere Beige Gold USA Salinas, California Sol Gonzalvo . Third owner, California car
1979 9119200766 Coupe US 110k Minerval Blue White Germany Bonn Steve . Reimported to Germany in 2008, new interior in 2009, new paint in 2010
1979 9119200780 Coupe US Cal 135k Silver Metallic Black / Red USA Ukiah, Mendocino Cty, California Mark W Clark . SSI, no cat converter or smog pump, Sway-A-Way spring plates, Weltmeister strut brace, turbo tie rods & bump steer kit, short shift, Momo seats, wheel & knob, Simpson 5 point belts. RS America door panels
1979 9118200816 Coupe US 178k Silver Metallic Black USA Winter Haven, Florida R Dionaldo . Weltmeister short shift new interior, rebuilt engine, race suspension bushes, performance braces, performance Airbox
1979 9119200823 Coupe US 92k Black Tan Leather USA Burlington, VT Greg Mahnke . Salvaged and back on the streets-PMO carb conversion, flo-thru exhaust
1979 9119200845 Coupe US 76k Mocha Brown Tan Canada Vancouver JCJBLO .
1979 9119200865 Coupe US 160k Dark Grey Metallic Black USA Charleston, SC Kevin Small website
F&R spoilers,K&N, Race airbox, Lowered/aligned
1979 9119200869 Coupe US Cal 60k GP White Beige/Black Philippines Minalin, Pampanga Albert . .
1979 9119200905 Coupe US 53k Guards Red (previously Oak Green) Tan USA Baldwinsville, NY Jeff Thomas . .
1979 9119200913 Coupe US 184k Oak Green Metallic Green USA Metairie, Louisiana Ted . shocks, pistons, headers, compression 220 hp
1979 9119200935 Coupe US 91k Silver Black USA Carlsbad, CA Owen Dickinson . .
1979 9119200946 Coupe US 95k Tobacco Metallic Cork USA Healdsburg, CA Justin . Arizona & California Car. Original with rubber, suspension replaced. Owned It Since 2005
1979 9119200957 Coupe US 140k Talbot Yellow Tan USA Duluth, MN Paul Schmitt . .
1979 9119211018 Coupe US . . . Australia Melbourne, Victoria Steve . Custom rebuild slant nose convertible 930 turbo engine
1979 9119201093 Coupe US 54k Petrol Blue Metallic Champagne USA Eliot, Maine Frank R Trask . SS Heater Boxes, SS muffler
1979 9119201063 Coupe US 155k Black Black Canada London, Ontatio Richard Hammond . Owned since 1996
1979 9119201122 Coupe US 108k Black (Mocha originally) Cork USA Texas Rick Knetsch . 964 bumpers, RS NB wing,3.2L short stroke
1979 9119201126 Coupe US 115k Guards Red Tan USA Los Angeles, CA Dave Lanza . .
1979 9119201135 Coupe US 75k GP White Grey USA CA Drew . No-Op for 5 years. very ruff shape now
1979 9119201140 Coupe US CAL 224k Mocha Brown Tan Australia Perth, Western Australia Barry Armstrong .
1979 9119201157 Coupe US 160k Arrow Blue Cork Brazil Sao Paulo Marcelo Caiado . 930 torsion bars, turbo tie rods, Bilstein, headers, 964 cams, Fuchs 16X7X9
1979 9119201161 Coupe US Cal 309k Silver Metallic Black USA Fort Bragg, California Jonathan Lehan . Daily Driver
1979 9119201171 Coupe US 101k Light Blue Metallic Black USA Williamstown, PA Bruce Tuttle . 993 17" Wheels, lowered, Carrera whale tail
1979 9119201185 Coupe US 56k Light Blue Metallic Cork USA Edwardsville, Illinois Jeff Chandler . Car has been repainted Guards Red, PO claims that mileage is original and accurate. Car sat outside for 17 years, undergoing restoration
1979 9119201215 Coupe US 142k Casablanca Beige Metallic Brown Leather USA Sonoma, CA Glenn Cusick . Mostly original, minor upgrades: short shift, pop of value, Carrera chain tensioners. Setting at European height with original 16" Fuchs
1979 9119201238 Coupe US 178k Black Black USA Albuerque, NM Geoff Victor . Many suspension upgrades and most thing replaced. Body is the last to be done
1979 9119201260 Coupe US 140k GP White Black Canada Humboldt, Saskatchewan Brent . .
1979 9119201277 Coupe US 132k Talbot Yellow Black USA Austin, Texas Jack Holt . 3rd owner, stock except turbo tie rods
1979 9119201309 Coupe US Cal 170k Bitter Chocolate Cork USA Elk Grove, CA Mad Max . .
1979 9119201328 Coupe US 107k Casablanca Beige Metallic Brown England Hertfordshire Hugh Tarpey . .
1979 9119201330 Coupe US 103k . . Canada Calgary Jeremy . All original, unmolested, survivor
1979 9119201339 Coupe US 25k Black Black Costa Rica San Jose Carlosq . .
1979 9119201351 Coupe US 101k Oak Green Matellic Black Israel . DC Miller . .
1979 9119201380 Coupe Sunroof US 193k Mocha Brown Cork USA Issaquah, WA Dane . Engine rebuilt at 189k with 9.8:1 compression, 98mm Max Morris P&Cs and a 74.4mm, Carrera crank (common 3.4) with CIS. 260 hp with 250 lbs of torque
1979 9119201438 Coupe US 146k Black Black USA Elkins Park Steve Erlichman . Original owner. Ordered the car for myself while selling at Holbert's P/A in Warrington,PA USA. AL Holbert tried to talk me out of it! Picked up personally at Port of Entry Wilmington,DE. Minimal mods, '74 heat exchangers with Fabspeed custom muffler. 7 and 8" Fuchs wheels. Recaro LS seats replace the original factory McLauchlan Plaid sport seats, too narrow for me now. H1 headlamps, Momo Prototipo. Driven regularly, kept on battery maintainer.
1979 9119201467 Coupe US 114k Light Blue Metallic Cork USA CA . . .
1979 9119201468 Coupe US 205k Black Metallic Black Demark Klampenborg, Copenhagen Uffe Wedelius . Originally sold in Wyoming, now in Copenhagen via California. Matching numbers, DANSK exhaust
1979 9119201494 Coupe US CAL 149k GP White Cork USA Sacramento, California Dave Wilshire .
1979 9119201530 Coupe US 93k Casablanca Beige Metallic Brown USA Oceanside, CA David Morgan . 2012 two year restoration was completed after 30 plus years to bring the car up to par by Kong Motorsports Oceanside, CA
1979 9119201545 Coupe US 92k Dark Brown Metallic Brown USA Hauula, Hawaii David E . .
1979 9119201609 Coupe US Cal 12k Petrol Blue Metallic Cork Leather Australia Melbourne Andrew .

Previous C2 body update removed and restored to original 1979 bumpers and Petrol Blue Metallic paint work. Fully restored with 930 leather interior, repainted, SSI heat exchangers, carrera chain tensioners, front mounted oil cooler, elephant racing suspension, 993 brakes.

1979 9119201645 Coupe US 123k Guards Red Tan/Black USA Chandler, Arizona Tommy Dow . .
1979 9119201664 Coupe US 158k Mocha Brown Cork Leather USA Ramona, California Vince . No leaks !!
1979 9119201695 Coupe US 60k Silver Metallic Black Canada Calgary, Alberta C Bartlett . .
1979 9119201708 Coupe US 176k Minerva Blue Metallic Black Canada Toronto Dewbious . From Arizona
1979 9119201714 Coupe US 140k Charcoal Black Canada Vancouver, SC Mike . Originally from Miami, owned for 15 years
1979 9119201716 Coupe US Cal . Talbot Yellow Mustard USA Sun City, CA JPL . .
1979 9119201775 Coupe US 110k GP White Tan USA Edmonds, WA Gail Sarvis . .
1979 9119201778 Coupe US 79k Silver Metallic Black USA Kinnelon, New Jersey JoeF .
1979 9119201788 Coupe US 65ki\ GP White Black USA McCall, ID Glenn Johnston . .
1979 9119201811 Coupe US 66k Silver Metallic Black USA Socal Nostatic .
1979 9119201826 Coupe US 101k Minerva Blue Metallic Black USA Santa Rosa, CA Bob Asbra . .
1979 9119201856 Coupe US . Petrol Blue Beige Mexico Mexico City Miguel De La Fuente . .
1979 9119201891 Coupe US 9k GP White Tan USA El Cajon Dave Walker . PCA Zone 8 Full Concour zone champ 1979-1983 sold in 1985
1979 9119201911 Coupe US 130k Talbot Yellow Chocolate USA Fort Worth Joe Zana . .
1979 9119201915 Coupe US 89k Burgundy Beige USA Tulare, California CP . Would love to sell. Move to the Country, not drivin to much. Needs a new home.
1979 9119201923 Coupe US 110k Oak Green Metallic Cork USA Idaho Lynn . .
1979 9119201945 Coupe US 176k Minerva Blue Brown USA Southern California Sandy . Very well preserved
1979 9119201955 Coupe US 91k Silver Metallic Black Canada Montreal Martin Lesage website .
1979 9119201979 Coupe US Cal 68k GP White Tan USA California John . .
1979 9119202006 Coupe US 202k Guards Red Beige USA San Luis Obispo, California PS . Updated engine, wheels, and suspension. No heat or AC, LSD
1979 9119202007 Coupe US 105k Minerva Blue Black USA Portland, Oregon euroblue . Purchased from Stuttgart factory - called a "tourist package" and had all the U.S. specs already for delivery. I have the original PO.
1979 9119202009 Coupe US 114k Graphite Black USA River Vale, New Jersey Thom Calabro . Lowered a little
1979 9119210001-9119211965 Targa US                
1979 9119210012 Targa US 105 Light Blue Metallic Black USA Kennewick, WA Scott . Purchased from original owner in March, 2011. No build sheet info. Records from 2002 only
1979 9119210021 Targa US 182k Light Blue Metallic Black USA San Diego, California Mike McInnis . The car was fully restored by Porsche of San Diego. It is in original condition with absolutely zero modifications. Concourse quality restoration was done in 2021
1978/79 9119210048 Targa US 92k Moonstone Tan, Originally Black USA Pleasant Hill, CA Danny . Second Owner
1979 9119210080 Targa US 92k Black Metallic Black Canada Calgary Bob James website
1979 9119210113 Targa US 162k Guards Red Black USA Ridgefield, WA Russell Muncy . Originally silver - painted by unknown previous owner
1979 9119210160 Targa US 81k Silver Metallic Black USA Florida Keith Ennis . Purchased by Louis Hilton, a charter PCA member, in Maine. Picked up from factory and participated in the Sept1978 PCA Treffen.
1979 9119210205 Taga US 14k Black Tan USA Plainville Gregg Harvey . .
1979 9119210236 Targa US . Black (formally Caribe Blue) Black USA Bolivar, NY Rob Krott . Repainted (unfortunately) and modded by a previous owner. Wide body, Turbo back deck and engine hatch (Turbo emblem) with Whale Tail
1979 9119210249 Targa US 45k Black Black USA Petaluma, California Mark Staffanou . Was converted to slantnose cabriolet in 80's
1979 9119210279 Targa US 115k Oak Green Brown France Paris Pisani . .
1979 9119210373 Targa US 120k Black Black USA Kirkland, Wa Ray Boyd . 3rd owner
1979 9119210386 Targa US 106k GP White Black USA Bend, Oregan Fred Westover . 3rd Owner
1979 9119210414 Targa US 169k Guards Red Black USA Scottsdale, VZ Ed Carmines . .
1979 9119210486 Targa US 207k Guards Red Black USA Great Falls, VA Brian Lochhead . Euro spec rebuild
1979 9119210551 Targa US 155k Olive Green Champagne USA Clearwater, Fl George R Orndorff, MD . Engine just rebuilt and AC put back in
1979 9119210580 Targa US 125k Casablanca Beige Metallic Cork USA Denver, Colorado C Troyer . Quite original, looks and drives great
1979 9119210588 Targa US 64k Silver Metallic Brown USA Flushing, New York J Scheck .
1979 9119210657 Targa US 79k GP White Black Canada QC Francis V . Slantnose-Widebody conversion from the 80's. Folger F6 Germany rear fenders, all steel slantnose front fenders.
1978/79 9119210712 Targa US 155k Petrol Blue Saddle Brown USA Portland, OR Bryan . .
1979 9119210720 Targa US 144k Royal Blue Blue USA San Francisco, California Troy Watson .
1979 9119210740 Targa US 118k GP White Brown Canada Quebec Rick . .
1979 9119210756 Targa US Cal 155k Silver Metallic Black USA Thousand Oaks, Ca Henry Valdez . Recaros, Bilstein sport shocks, euro lenses
1979 9119210782 Targa US 90k Black Metallic Black USA Arlington, VA Pete B . .
1979 9119210787 Targa US Cal 176k Black Black USA San Diego, California Gerry Bluenstock .
1979 9119210794 Targa US 36k Silver Metallic Black Nicaragua Managua Mario Salvo . It was abandoned in El Salvador, where I purchased it, restoring it totally
1979 9119210798 Targa US 105k Casablance Beige Metallic Cork USA Greenlawn, NY John Howell . .
1979 9119210827 Targa US 242k Wine Red Metallic Black USA Winconsin David Moore . 4th owner, rebuilt at 200k
1979 9119210893 Targa US . Charcoal Black Germany Partenstein, close to Frankfurt Rolf . Completely rebuilt 2014-2017
1979 9119210938 Targa US 108k Dark Grey Metallic Black USA Fort Mill, SC Steve Kinney . .
1979 9119210985 Targa US 65k Cashmere Beige Brown USA Playa del Rey, CA Hoff . .
1979 9119211025 Targa US 135k Cashmere Beige Brown USA Denver, Colorado Dave . .
1979 9119211036 Targa US 70k GP White Black USA Newhall, California Diane Tamamoto .
Original owner.
1979 9119211041 Targa US 125k GP White Brown USA Orlando, Florida TG . .
1979 9119211043 Targa US 78k Casablanca Beige Brown USA Manassas, VA Dan Walczyk . Needs a lot of work but the body is rust free. Currently not running
1979 9119211090 Targa US Cal 153k Guards Red Beige USA Ocean Side Beach, NC Phil Holcombe . .
1979 9119211106 Targa US 99k Silver Metallic Lobster USA Larkspur, CO Bart Potenzo . 5th owner, restored, 100% stock, as new
1979 9119211109 Targa US 92k Silver Metallic Black USA Tucson, AZ . . .
1979 9119211110 Targa US Cal 67k Champagne Metallic Brown Germany Karlsruhe Bocklinger . .
1979 9119211140 Targa US 130k Burgundy Cork USA Tacoma, WA Eric Sturgis . A/C, power windows, cruise control, fog lights, . Transmission rebuilt in 1991 at 120000 miles
1979 9119211578 Targa US 105k Casablanca Beige Black USA Long Island, NY Jason B . 2nd owner for 31 yrs, presently restoring it
1979 9119211180 Targa US 130k Talbot Yellow Dark Brown USA Weston, MA Ron H . 2nd owner (purchased 1994) Car is tracked regularly, has suspension upgrades and PMO Carbs instead of CIS
1979 9119211181 Targa US 118k Silver Metallic Lobster Red USA Atlanta, Georgia Joe Magda .
Euro rear Bi-wing and front air dam, Weltmeister short-shift, Bursch exhaust
1979 9119211190 Targa US 77k Talbot Yellow Dark Brown USA Grand Rapids, MI John Shape . .
1979 9119211221 Targa US 75k Light Blue Black USA Avon, OH Dave Freeh . All Original
1979 9119211227 Targa US . GP White White USA Scottsdate, Arizona Nick Bramini . .
1979 9119211237 Targa US Cal 105k Gold Black USA . Peter . .
1979 9119211297 Targa US 152k Blue Black USA St Louis, MO Christa Cook . .
1979 9119211302 Targa US 80k Opal Metallic Beige Leather Germany Solingen Uwedie . Original, Fuchs, 3rd owner
1979 9119211381 Targa US 58k Silver Metallic Black Leather Germany Bad Arolsen Karl-heinz Koch . 3rd owner,6&7*16 Fuchs - all original
1979 9119211396 Targa US 108k Guards Red Tan/Black Canada Ottawa, Ontario Colin Mills . .
1979 9119211440 Targa US 103k Light Blue Metalic Royal Blue USA Hickory, NC John Merhar . Actively auto cross & drive to TRSCC & PCA, I am told the car/interior was a special order
1979 9119211480 Targa US 124k Metallic Green Green USA Palm Gardens Florida Akanel . All original
1979 9119211524 Targa US 200k GP White Black Germany M�lheim an der Ruhr Markus Bartels . 3rd owner, new painted in original color, 1st engine
1979 9119211549 Targa US 115k Silver Metallic Black USA Forth Worth, Texas Scott . Engine Rebuild and update in April 09. Bought in 1983
1979 9119211552 Targa US 125k GP White Cork USA Laguna Hills Jeffrey McConnell . H1's, new interior w/power seats, 7+9s
1979 9119211605 Targa US Cal 143k Black Black Canada Maple Ridge, British Columbia Cameron . .
1979 9119211619 Targa US Cal 164k Guards Red Saddle USA Los Angeles, California jwf834 .
1979 9119211323 Targa US 51k Mocha Brown Cork USA Cantonment, Florida Pete Buscemi . .
1979 9119211654 Targa US 148k Black Black Belgium Vorselaar Vercammen . .
1979 9119211667 Targa US 53k Black Metallic Tan Canada Clarenville, Newfoundland Gary O'Connor .
Turbo tail
1979 9119211868 Targa US 56k Silver Metallic Black Leather Norway Lustrup Allan Klostergaard . Imaculate condition. Lots of factory options and documentation of car history
1979 9119211931 Targa US 54k Mocha Brown Beige Netherlands . Rob & Marielle . .
1979 9119211838 Targa US 71k GP White Cork Brazil Cotia J Marino . Converted into a Cabrio, with a 3.0 Turbo engine, steel slant nose and 964 bumpers
1979 9119300001-9119303319 Coupe Rest of World                
1979 9119300140 Coupe RoW 78k Guards Red Black USA Brockton, MA Joe L . .
1979 9119300142 Coupe RoW 84k Guards Red Black USA Boulder, CO Charlie Baer website
1979 9119300148 Coupe RoW 99k Black Black USA Topsham, Vermont Pete . .
1979 9119300151 Coupe RoW 143k Oak Green Metallic Clear Coat Black USA Albany NY Steve . Imported to US in early 80's, 2 owners since
1979 9119300158 Coupe RoW 80k Tobacco Metallic Black Norway Grimstad John Nilsen . .
1979 9119300177 Coupe RoW 133k Light Blue Metallic Black USA Panama City, FL Matty . Street Sport Purpose Built, Non Sunroof SC
1979 9119300186 Coupe RoW 71k Olive Green Black USA Stamford, CT Dan Pace . .
1979 9119300207 Coupe RoW 140k Tobacco Metallic Brown USA Seattle, WA Jim Bushnell .

rebuilt engine & trans at 140k, 9.8:1 comp, Wevo short shift, TRG sway bars, kone HD/ sport shocks. turbo tie rod, carrera rear brakes, full cage, halon fire suppression. 10x17, 8.5x17 fikse FM5 wheels

1979/78 9119300241 Coupe RoW 150k GP White Havana France Firminy Louis . Total body repair in 2007 cause rust on bottom doors + front driver wing. Owner since 1995, imported from Switzerland in 1993
1979 9119300256 Coupe RoW 60k Guards Red Black USA Augusta Maine Paul & Ken . .
1979 9119300262 Coupe RoW 75k Petrol Blue Metallic Cork Australia Melbourne, Victoria Will Horton . UK car exported to Australia in 1996. Optioned with rare Sports Package to include Forged Alloy Rims (6x16 Front, 7x16 Rear), Sport Seats, Porsche CR Stereo Radio, Electric Antenna and Speakers, Front and Rear Spoiler, Bilstein Shock Absorbers (Sporting) Front & Rear, Black Trim instead of Chrome
1979 9119300265 Coupe RoW 94k Silver Metallic Black Pasha Ireland Dublin Tap . 911SC Sport
1878/79 9119300347 Coupe RoW 193k Petrol Blue Metallic Black Portugal Lisboa Luis Tom�s . .
1979 9119300443 Coupe RoW 78k Petrol Blue Metallic Cork France Palaiseau, Paris Lazzerini . .
1978/79 9119300458 Coupe


97k Tobacco Metallic Tan Germany . Marco . .
1979 9119300462 Coupe RoW 55k Guards Red Black USA North Haven, CT Bill P .
1979 9119300463 Coupe RoW 163k Black Brown Finland . Tmu . .
1979 9119300481 Coupe RoW 330k Guards Red Black USA Houma, LA Dallas Freeman . 1979 911 SC converted to later model (1984-ish) Carrera, with 3.2L Carrera engine, whale tail, etc, recently restored
1979 9119300585 Coupe RoW 206k Light Blue Metallic Black USA Durango, Colorado Andy . I have owned the car for 17 years. Rennovation in 2023 include bare metal respray and refreshed interior
1979 9119300608 Coupe RoW . Arrow Blue Cork Australia Victoria Anthony . .
1979 9119300626 Coupe RoW 79k Guards Red Black Spain Seville Tony Marshallsay . 3.2 engine, whale tail
1979 9119300632 Coupe RoW ? Petrol Blue Metallic Black Costa Rica San Jose Walter Aguilar . The original color of the car is light blue, but when I purchase it was painted in red. It has a sport pack (16 inches wheels, whale tail and front lower lip)
1979 9119300645 Coupe RoW 100k Guards Red Cork USA Prairieville. LA Joe Eckhardt .
1979 9119300668 Coupe RoW 85k Copper Brown Metallic Tan Netherlands Eindhoven Remon . Very original car with very few miles in period 2002-2012. Well maintained and serviced. Imported in the Netherlands on October 23rd 1995
1979 9119300673 Coupe RoW 45k Petrol Blue Metallic Black USA Brevard, NC Bogie .
1979 9119300686 Coupe RoW 58k GP White Cream Brasil Sao Paulo Glicia .
Imported from USA in 2011, fully restored
1979 9119300695 Coupe RoW 39k Cashmere Beige Dark Brown USA Oak Ridge, TN Dale . Delivered in Puetro Rico, 4th owner of "Caramel"
1979 9119300738 Coupe RoW 52k Copper Brown Metallic Brown USA Maumee, OH Tom Bourgeois website .
1979 9119300749 Coupe RoW 171k GP White Black USA Decatur, AL Rob Channell .
3.2 Carrera motor, susp mods, Recaro SRD's, TRW 5 points, Kirk Racing rollbar, headers, Supertrapps, Quaife, Kinesis, "Baby IROC" bodywork, Carrera tail
1979 9119300755 Coupe RoW 95k Copper Brown Metallic Brown Leather USA Warren, RI Paul Cimbron .
Koni shocks, Strut brace, Heat shields, K+N Air Filter
1978/79 9119300766 Coupe Row 130k Silver Metallic Black Leather France Paris Arnaud . Delivered to Switzerland
1979 9119300780 Coupe RoW 120k Minerva Blue Metallic Brown Switzerland Saillon, Valais Vouilamoz Christophe . .
1979 9119300799 Coupe


100k Guards Red Black Spain Barcelona JanneSC website
France Delivered. Short Shifter, Racing Exhaust, cams changed, 17" Cup 2 rims, lowered
1979 9119300856 Coupe RoW 65k Minerva Blue Metallic Cork USA Catskills, New York TA Schneider . .
1979 9119300866 Coupe RoW 44k GP White Black USA Lutz, Florida Charley . lowered, momo wheel
1979 9119300946 Coupe RoW 60k Silver Metallic Black Canada Richmond Hill, Toronto Michael Maurer .
1979 9119300961 Coupe RoW 224k Black Tan Australia West Croydon, South Australia Ron Wishart . .
1979 9119300964 Coupe RoW ? Guards Red Black USA . BT Dischington . Backdated to 73 look
1979 9119301046 Coupe RoW ? Silver Metallic Black UK Leics Steve B .
Bilsteins, raised spindles on fr, Turbo rear torsion bar, anti roll bars, nylon bushes, welded in cage, lightened, electric power steering. Michelin Cups, 930 Fr and 944 turbo rr calipers
1979 9119301063 Coupe RoW 80k Minerva Blue Cork UK Oxon Crunch . .
1979 9119301064 Coupe No Sunroof RoW 87k Guards Red Black USA Massachusetts Cathey Blast .
SSI's, Koni sports, factory sports seats
1979 9119301070 Coupe RoW 65k Guards Red Black/Red Leather UK Lincoln DeeJayKay . Rebuilt in 2007, now a wide body RS 3.8 replica
1979 9119301103 Coupe RoW 116k Charcoal Grey Black New Zealand Tauranga Martin . Imported to NZ by Trevor Crow, he sold it and it sat for 9 years prior to me purchasing it. Has been repainted but every thing else is standard.
1979 9119301175 Coupe RoW 15k Arrow Blue Black Australia Brisbane, Queensland Alastair Walker . 2001 ground up restoration, cams and crank modified, wide body added in 2006 by authorized Porsche paint/panel shop
1979 9119301259 Coupe RoW 130k GP White Black USA NC Carl Bauer .
1979 9119301275 Coupe RoW . Green Black USA Menphis, TN Scott Walkup . .
1979 9119301300 Coupe RoW . Blue Black France Coulanges-Les-Nevers Fevre .
1979/80 91A0131367 Coupe RoW 104k GP White Biege England London Sing Man . total engine rebuild at 100k, bare metal re-spray,leather, 16" Fuch black centre
1979 9119301371 Coupe RoW 70k GP White Black Spain Nerja, Malaga Miguel Leal Cortes . Turbo kit.
1979 9119301528 Coupe RoW . Charcoal Grey Black Belgium Gent Vervinckt Koen . .
1979 9119301523 Coupe RoW 43.5k Phoenix Red (originally Mocha Brown) Tan UK Carlisle, Cumbria Stephen Hemingway . Total restoration completed 2023 after engine fire in 1991
1979 9119301542 Coupe RoW 55k Guards Red Cork USA Tuson, Arizona Maurice-Clare Hall . Carrera Tail and Wheels, H-4 Lights
1979 9119301560 Coupe RoW 60k Guards Red Black USA Farmingville Niko . Steel Slant Nose and Steel Wide Body
1979 9119301618 Coupe RoW 110k Silver Metallic Black Australia Sydney, NSW Vince . Monty Exhaust
1979 9119301637 Coupe RoW 192k GP White Black South Africa George Western Cape Henri von Steen . Daily driver. Mechanical parts are being refreshed systematically, taking meticulous care to keep vehicle original.
1979 9119301660 Coupe RoW 100k Guards Red Black South Africa Johannesburg Fred von Eckardstein . Pristine original condition
1979 9119301708 Coupe RoW 135k Gold Brown USA Midlothian, VA Alan Boese . .
1979 9119301784 Coupe RoW 93k Light Blue Metallic Black Australia Geelong, Victoria Dom . Original spec, sportomatic gearbox, black window surrounds ,air cond, cookie cutters
1979 9119301844 Coupe RoW 90k Black Matellic Black USA Deland, Florida Jay Guard . Purchased from original German owner while living in Frankfurt in 1984. Firma Ruf added Turbo Whale Tail, SSI Heat Exchangers, Short Shifter kit, Recaro LS seats, and latest Chain Tensioners. PCA Germany Region Member and 1986 President
1979 9119301894 Coupe RoW . GP White Black Australia Melbourne, Victoria Jmancool . Sports seats, LM-wheels forged (Fuchs), nose and PU-Deck spoiler
1979 9119301991 Coupe RoW 200k Guards Red Blak Australia Brisbane, Queensland James Petty . .
1979 9119302042 Coupe RoW 121k Guards Red Black USA Highland Village, Texas Jose L Leiva . .
1979 9119302052 Coupe RoW 65k GP White Black USA Colorado Springs Dave Johnson .
1979 9119302072 Coupe RoW 70k Black Metallic Black USA NY Deer Park Ed Strunk . .
1979 9119302160 Coupe RoW 110k Guards Red Black USA Crofton, Maryland James V Cunningham website Supercharged with whipple supercharger
1979 9119302166 Coupe RoW 185k Guards Red Black USA Dallas, Texas Andy Kay . 2nd owner, imported to US in '84. Mods: factory short shift, SSI exchangers w/ Danske sport exhaust, Weltmeister strut brace, turbo tie rods, Bilstein sport shocks, 930 S steering wheel, RS America door panels, Cerullo XR sport seats
1979 9119302178 Coupe RoW 87k Black Black Leather Northern Wales Wrexham Matt . .
1979 9119302203 Coupe RoW 180k Black Black Leather Netherlands Puurs Steve . Turbo look with RH cup wheels 8.5x18" + 10x18" , 964 bumpers, new turbo interior + , bilstein lowered, new 3.0L 204hp engine, turbo tail
1979 9119302234 Coupe RoW 114k Dark Blue Black USA Deer Trail, CO Keith Mann . .
1979 9119302341 Coupe RoW . Yellow Black USA Windermere, Florida Ozzy . Turbo look
1979 9119302349 Coupe RoW 104k Blue Black Canada Montreal Jean Adelson . .
1979 9119302369 Coupe RoW 39k Metallic Blue Blue South Africa Johannesburg Michael Eksteen . Stock, imported from US to South Africa. Left hand drive.
1979 9119302403 Coupe RoW 126k GP White Black USA Elgin, Illinois Bob Dabbert . Euro car, 2nd owner, imported in 1984, 7&8 fuchs, SSI, pinstripe cloth seats
1979 9119302495 Coupe RoW 164k Light Blue Black UK Berkhamsted David F . .
1979 9119302534 Coupe RoW 149k Bronze Metallic Brown USA Canton, CT 79porsche911sc . Factory Mahle 98mm Pistons, RSR Cams, Boat-tailed engine case, Race Tech Headstuds/ Rod end bolts, Twin plug heads, Titanium valve spring retainers, PMO 48mm Carburators, SSI's, Stainless sport muffler, ltd. slip, Fikse FM10's, Recaro SRD's, 5 pt harnesses, Power slot rotors
1979 9119302574 Coupe RoW 114k GP White Black USA Albany, NY Steve Lobel . .
1979 9119302580 Coupe RoW 125k Silver Metallic Cork USA Memphis, TN Conor Shinnick . .
1979 9119302645 Coupe RoW 150k Yellow Black Australia Perth, Western Australia Ian Marshall . Straight 911sc. Rebuilt late 90's to original spec. Pleasure to own and drive
1979 9119302692 Coupe RoW 122k Cashmere Beige Black England Watchfield, Swindon, Wiltshire. Ian Comerford .
Turbo track rods/ bumpsteer kit/lowered Turbo valve covers, SSI heat exchangers and sport exhaust
1979 9119302728 Coupe RoW 103k Light Blue Metallic Black Belgium Edegem   . .
1979 9119302837 Coupe RoW 100k GP White Black Leather Austria Waidhofen/Ybbs C Walcher . .
1979 9119302861 Coupe RoW 60k Guards Red Black USA Anderson, SC Jeff . Wide body conversion.
1979 9119302873 Coupe RoW 126k Guards Red Black Denmark Copenhagen Thomas Frees Buthler . Sold in Paris, exported to US (Nevada) and imported back to Copenhagen, Denmark
1979 9119302919 Coupe RoW 127k Menerva Blue Black USA Wakefield, Rhode Island Steve Natale . .
1979 9119302925 Coupe RoW 75k Guards Red Brown France Champagne Pascal .
1979 9119303048 Coupe RoW 100k Blue Tobocco South Africa Knysna Derek Wade . .
1979 9119303055 Coupe RoW 204k Guards Red Black Canada Calgary, Alberta GG .
Turbo look
1979 9119303068 Coupe RoW 151k GP White Black USA Kirkland, WA Craig O .
3.6 Varioram, SSI's & Monty muffler, 930 brakes, Recaro seats, 22/29 torsions, Yokohama A032R tires 225/245, '93 RSA tail
1979 9119303121 Coupe RoW 240k Mint Green Black Canada Calgary, Alberta Dennis Kalma .
Car is currently beginning a complete bear metal restoration
1979 9119303132 Coupe RoW 107k Light Blue Metallic Black Australia Brisbane, Queensland David Reed . Sport model. Original, unmodified. 4 owners with history
1979 9119303237 Coupe RoW 99k GP White Black USA Burr Ridge, IL Patrick Womack . Now a race car
1979 9119303258 Coupe RoW ? Guards Red Black Hong Kong . Calum MacKenzie . Imported from UK in 1985. Converted to 3.2lt by previous owner, believed to be factory approved mod, Boge shocks
1979 9119303302 Coupe RoW 302k Arrow Blue Black South Africa Johannesburg Anton Eppel . .
1979 9119303316 Coupe RoW 100k Guards Red Black USA Phoenix Tom Hoffman website .
1979 9119309501-9119309873


Japan   (No Japan spec Targa in 1979)            
1979 9119309586 Coupe Japan 102k Guards Red Brown Canada Nanaino, BC Andrew . Japanese spec
I979 9119309590 Coupe Japan 34k Indian Red Black France Toulouse Frank Maury . Import to France from Germany in September 2007 by me, origin Japan.
1979 9119309609 Coupe Japan 70k Black Tan Australia Melbourne Hamza Usman . Japanese spec
1979 9119309634 Coupe Japan 44k Oak Green Metallic Black Leather Denmark Ikast Claus . Import to Denmark in 2019
1979 9119310001-9119311873


Rest of World                


9119310124 Targa RoW 200k Guards Red Black Australia Canberra Steve . .
1979 9119310258 Targa RoW 181k Silver Black Leather New Zealand Auckland Chris Duff . Tourist delivery to New Zealand in February 1980. Current owners 25 years. Minimal mods and still solid as a rock
1979 9119310381 Targa RoW 111k Guards Red Black USA Chanhassen, Minnesota Rudy Gomez . .
1979 9119310439 Targa RoW 105k GP White Black Portugal Loures Jose Mota . .
1979 9119310453 Targa RoW 76k GP White Black UK Fleet, Hampshire PeterK . .
1979 9119310510 Targa RoW 105k GP Whilte Black USA Mauldin, SC Christopher Koltura . .
1979 9119310637 Targa RoW 125k Slate Grey Metallic Black UK Tyne Colin Liddell . .
1979 9119310650 Targa RoW 117k Oak Green Brown Leather Spain Malaga Filip can de Catsye . .
1979 9119310693 Targa RoW 36k Black Black Canada Toronto, ON Stan Marsden . Bought in New York, previously from Florida.
1979 9119310868 Targa RoW 110k GP White Black France Bourgogne Philippe . ex from Porsche Engineering Office in stuttgart
1979 9119310957 Targa RoW 95k Cashmere Beige Brown France Toulouse JAJA . .
1979 9119310960 Targa


100k GP White Black Brazil Sao Paulo G Pintor . mint condition, no AC, no foglights
1979 9119310985 Targa RoW 115k Olive Green Black, originally Tan USA Appleton, WI Scott Kaufman . Originally delivered in Munich, then to San Diego, to Minneapolis, to Illinois and now Wisconsin
1979 9119311041 Targa RoW 148k Minerva Blue Metallic Tan with tartan inserts UK Basingstoke Tony Ray , .
1979 9119311093 Targa RoW 125k Guards Red Black Israel Ramat Hasharon Sharon Roded . Imported from USA in 2011
1979 9119311177 Targa (conv to Cab) RoW 80k 2003 Mercedes Benz Yellow Black Leather USA Lubbock, Texas Frankie & Linda Olthoff website All-Steel Slantnose cabriolet conversion, $47,000 + spent on a complete restored
1979 9119311236 Targa RoW . Charcoal Grey Black Australia Adelaide Andre Carrison . .
1979 9119311233 Targa RoW 180k Light Green Metallic Black Germany Wolfsburg Carsten . .
1979 9119311241 Targa RoW 62k Guards Red Black Australia Melbourne Perry Peters . Restored back to factory Targa (previously converted to a Cabrio)
1979 9119311306 Targa RoW 5k Guards Red Brown USA Dallas, Texas John Mitchell . full restoration in 2006
1979 9119311350 Targa RoW 130k Silver Metallic Black Australia Perth Dennis Marcus . In Australia since 1997. Originated from the UK, so right hand drive of course. Was delivered with the optional Sport Pack
1979 9119311394 Targa RoW 75k Guards Red Black USA Parker, Colorado Bernie Rehling . .
1979 9119311484 Targa RoW 202k Black Black Holland 's-Hertogenbosch Ronald Bosma . Original Dutch car, black/black with optional aluminium targa bar, 16 inch Fuchs wheels, total restoration
1979 9119311543 Targa RoW 90k Light Blue Metallic Black Poland Cracow Milosz Popiolek . 2012 - start restoration
1979 9119311665 Targa RoW 100k Green Dark Brown Belgium Limburg Fabriz . Turbo interior with 993 Cup wheels
1979 9119311730 Targa RoW 52k Black Metallic Black USA New York City, NY Demetrios Kehagias . .
1979 9119311791 Targa RoW 88k Cashmere Beige Brown USA Greensboro, NC John Rutledge, NC . .
1979 9119311809 Targa RoW 80k Charcoal Tan USA Hartland, Vermont Jeanne Matos . .
1979 9119311818 Targa RoW 190k Olive Green Black Netherlands Enschede Jan Menkehorst . .
1979 9119311833 Targa RoW 141k Guards Red Black Ireland Cork Denis Kelly . .
1979 9119311859 Targa RoW 130k GP White Black USA Miami, Florida Porsche 2217 . engine and transmission rebuilt, original
1980 model A Series, produced Aug1979 - July1980 91A0130001-91A0134831 Coupe &Targa RoW & Japan                
1980 91A0130022 Targa RoW 78k Green Tan / dark Brown USA Boise, ID James J Blackstead . .
1980 91A0130056 Coupe RoW 134k Arrow Blue Black Leather Australia Adelaide Anthony . rebuild engine, gearbox, paint in 1995
1980 91A0130074 Coupe RoW 86k Silver Purple pasha England Cornwall Dave Crawley . Owner since Sept 87, SSI's installed
1980 91A0130130 Targa RoW 135k Copper Brown Metallic Brown/Pascha Czech Republic Stradonice Petr Spunar . Engine & Transmission rebuilt in 2020, SSI, heat backdated. Bought during 2019 in USA, now is back in Europe
1980/79 91A0130216 Coupe RoW 296k GP White Black Australia Melbourne, Victoria Damian Cruickshank . Full mechanical rebuild at 296700km (Nov 17'), Australian Delivered car (Dealer: Hamilton's Melbourne in Oct' 1979) car with factory a/c and in as delivered spec (MY80) with no mods apart from 3.2lt pistons installed during rebuild
1980 91A0130266 Coupe RoW 85k Guards Red Brown France Arenthon Arnaud . .
1980 91A0130282 Coupe RoW 143k Light Blue Metallic Clearcoat Dark Blue USA New Berlin, WI Krautuner . .
1980 91A0130305 Targa RoW 160k Arrow Blue Navy USA Broken Arrow, Ok Dennis . .
1980 91A0130374 Targa RoW 150k Guards Red Black The Netherlands Noordwijk Tim . .
1979/80 91A0130388 Coupe RoW 73k Copper Brown Metallic Brown Czech Republic Zlin Petr Rektorik . .
1980 91A0130436 Targa RoW 11k Black Black/Green USA Beavercreek, OH George Schumacher . Engine rebuilt 58,000, whale tail, short shift, 16 Fuchs,turbo tie rods, Euro lenses,A/C
1980/79 91A0130444 Coupe RoW ? Guards Red Black The Netherlands Rozenburg Storm . .
1980 91A0130462 Targa RoW 75k Silver Metallic Black/Grey Australia Canberra, ACT Lewis M . Imported to USA in 1984, then imported in 1997 to Australia. Turbo wide body, whale tail.
1980 91A0130494 Targa RoW 100k Guards Red Black France Drome Christophe .
1980 91A0130520 Coupe RoW 98k Arrow Blue Black UK . Franck   Delivered in France, 1 of 2 Arrow blue SC ever sold in France
1980 91A0130551 Targa RoW 84k Blue Metallic (324) Black/Blue checker Switzerland Lausanne Michael Lohe . May be one of the last chrome models produced, rare color. ROW-car but delivered into Germany
1980 91A0130591 Coupe Japan 56k GP White Black New Zealand Hawkes Bay, Napier Scott Roberts . Japanese spec
1980 91A0130654 Coupe RoW 99k Oak Green Metallic Clearcoat Green USA Hicksville, New York Thomas Maietta . .
1980 91A0130830 Coupe RoW ? Grey Black France Toulouse Armand . .
1980 91A0130856 Coupe RoW 84k Silver Metallic Black USA Jackson Hole, Wyoming KK Diablo .
Paxton Supercharger kit
1980 91A0130869 Coupe RoW 160k Silver Metallic Black USA Burlington, Washington . .
1980 91A0130972 Targa RoW 107k Lime Green Metallic Beige England Devon Levon . .
1980 91A0130991 Coupe RoW 92k Guards Red Beige USA Nashville, Tennessee Nels Eric Swenson . Wide body with turbo look conversion package. Near mint condition inside and out
1980 91A0131234 Coupe RoW 177k Black Black USA Elizabethtown, KY Larry Schmidt . IROC front & rear bumper & wing, roll bar, racing seats, susp mods
1980 91A0131302 Coupe RoW 85k Petrol Blue Pearl White leather USA Mercer Island, WA Kyle R Dickson . Wide body, 46mm-PMO's, MSD ign., SSI, dual inlet/outlet exhaust, polished wheels, drilled rotors, steel braided lines, 16 years ownership
1980 91A0131327 Targa RoW ? GP White Black USA Houston, TX Scott Hansen . Converted to Turbo look, interior redone, partial engine rebuild
1980 91A0131338 Targa RoW 96k Tobacco Metallic Tan Canada Brantford, Ontario Dean Wivell . Originally delivered in France
1980 91A0131390 Coupe RoW 102k Black Metallic Black USA Hudson, Ohio Matt D'Aiernzo . MFG Date 11/15/79. third owner, purchased in 1998 with 65,000 miles
1980/79 91A0131429 Coupe RoW 110k Black Light Grey Leather The Netherlands Moerkapelle Marcel . RUF bumpers F+R, CUP alloys, SSI's, whale tail, full leather 993 interior, 964 brakes, clubsport steering wheel
1980 91A0131435 Coupe RoW 86k Guards Red Black New Zealand Auckland Chris S . Has been in storage for 6 years -spent 2 years doing a complete restore
1980 91A0131473 Coupe RoW 71k GP White Black UAE Dubai Michael . 3.2 nikasil, 964 cams, stock CIS, engine complete rebuilt at 70000km. Believe to be originally registered in France, Ran in Libanon and till 2005 in Saudi Arabia. Now in Dubai and received full rebuild of exterior, interior and engine
1980 91A0131518 Targa RoW 160k Petrol Blue Metallic Black France Cabries Jean-Marc Giner . .
1980 91A0131567 Coupe RoW 160k Blue Metallic Black Australia Blackhealth, NSW David Burchell . Turbo tail added by previous owner
1980 91A0131576 Coupe Japan 60k Silver Metallic Black Canada Vancouver, BC Steven U .
Delivered in JAPAN, MSD ignition, magnacore leads, short shift kit
1980 91A0131610 Coupe RoW 89k GP White Pasha USA Richmond, VA J Shepard . .
1980 91A0131735 Targa RoW 180k GP White Beige Netherlands Hilversum, Noord Mike Naber . .
1980 91A0131871 Coupe RoW 68k Guards Red Black USA Indianapolis, IN Mark D Wilson . .
1980 91A0131886 Targa RoW 130k Black Black USA Waynesville, MO Aaron Fincher . Full restoration in progress
1980 91A0131944 Coupe RoW 95k Silver Metallic Blue Italy Ravenna Claudio . .
1980 91A0132076 Coupe RoW 84k Copper Brown Metallic Black USA Central Slip, NY Jose Montecinos . EFI conversion
1980 91A0132109 Coupe RoW 154k Minerva Blue Metallic Clearcoat Black France Provence Lauret . Engine displacement 3.3L, brakes and suspension redone
1980 91A0132119 Coupe RoW 130k GP White Black Italy Trieste Cristiano . .
1980 91A0132180 Coupe RoW 105k Talbot Yellow Black USA Hamden, CT Budahazi .
1980 91A0132187 Coupe RoW 70k GP White Black South Africa . Alberton . Original - second owner
1980 91A0132207 Coupe RoW 102k Talbot Yellow Gray Belgium Grace Hollogne Seba)sc .
1980 91A0132228 Coupe RoW 154k Tobacco Metallic Brown France Paris Thierry . .
1980 91A0132258 Coupe RoW 250k Black Red Full Leather Australia Canberra, ACT Michael Theodorakis .
Originally mosha brown- has been bare metal stripped down, repainted, & reupholstered
1980 91A0132335 Coupe RoW 128k GP White Black USA Honolulu, Hawaii Gary . Car was purchased on Honolulu, HI moved to Long Beach, CA and returned back to Hawaii in 2011, Melbourne Aust and now Canberra Aust
1980 91A0132344 Coupe RoW 32k Silver Metallic Black USA Stockton, California Scott Avey .
1980 91A0132352 Coupe RoW 80k Silver Metallic . Italy . Pit . .
1980 91A0132410 Coupe RoW 91k GP White Black USA Hamel, MN Jeff Clements .
1980 91A0132420 Coupe RoW 100k Guards Red Black Czech Republic Liberec Buri . .
1980 91A0132487 Targa RoW 118k Silver Metallic Leather Italy Ovato, Friuli Paolo Querini . Bought 2006 with features of 964, now is going to be turned with his original shape (bumpers, rear grill, instruments, mirrors)
1980 91A0132555 Coupe RoW 111k GP White Black USA Seattle, WA Chad Cossey . .
1980 91A0132647 Targa RoW 129k Guards Red Tan USA Rapid River, MI Wolf B . Originally moss green metallic until 6/03 in Utah. 17" Robert Woods Racing wheels
1980 91A0132679 Targa RoW 80k Black Black Italy Verona Emiliano . .
1980 91A0132683 Targa RoW 75k Schwarz Metallic Black USA Las Vegas, NV Rob G .
Grey import from Germany in 1985
1980/81 91A0132925 Coupe RoW 40k Guards Red Black Puerto Rico Ponce Elvis Figueroa . .
1980 91A0132956 Targa RoW 118k Blue Blue Germany Wiesfaden Aad Winselaar . I purchased this LHD 911 SC Targa in Cape Town. Visited the Porsche specialist which serviced the 911 in Cape Town over many years. The car is in excellent overall condition.
1980 91A0132960 Coupe RoW 181k GP White Black USA Bonney Lake, WA Kyle Murphy . Megasquirt II EFI conversion, Carrera intake manifold, Garrett turbo conversion @ .5 bar. OBX headers, RarlyL8 Zork tube, 7/9 Fuchs, roll bar, OMP racing seats, 5-point seat belts, RSR style interior carpet, IROC bumpers, duck tail
1980 91A0132970 Coupe RoW 107k GP White Black Belgium Tournai, Hainaut Lsamyn   .
1980 91A0133091 Targa RoW 199k Guards Red Black USA Bountiful, Utah Terry Becker . Imported to the US with a 930 wide body, including all sheet metal and spoilers, brakes and wheels
1980 91A0133115 Coupe RoW 63k White Brown Leatherette USA Voorheesville, New York Karl Scharl . .
1980/79 91A0133187 Coupe RoW 11k km Arrow Blue Blue Australia Queensland 28DOC . .
1980 91A0133315 Targa RoW 115k Silver Metallic Black USA East Hampton, NY Jack Juice . .
1980 91A0133338 Targa RoW 175k Mocha Brown . Belgium Waregem Kenny . .
1980 91A0133399 Coupe RoW 90k Charcaol Grey Black checker Sweden Lomma Karl-Valter Fornell . Have had three Porsches before. 356 A,B and C
1980 91A0133415 Targa RoW 130k Light Blue Metallic Blue/Black Pasha England Lancashire Colin Maxwell . bear metal painted on the front end, gearbox rebuilt, new carpets, new rear seat swabs
1980 91A0133540 Targa RoW 95k Guards Red Black Australia Sydney, New South Wales Scott . Original car mostly as every day driver
1980 91A0133562 Coupe RoW 32k GP White Beige Brasil Sao Paulo Paulo Loco . Imported from USA to Brasil in 2010
1980 91A0133567 Targa RoW 118k Guards Red Black Belgium Hasselt Stafke . Special Prototype Engine 3.1 with 210HP
1980 91A0133575 Coupe RoW 120k Guards Red Black Netherlands Zeist Lamine . .
1980 91A0133580 Coupe RoW . Oak Green Metallic Black USA Los Angeles, CA Mark Carrillo . Repainted to Cobalt Blue. Converted to widebody with Porsche steel fenders. Aftermarket ducktail spoiler. No sunroof
1980 91A0133760 Coupe RoW 150k GP White Blue USA Temple Hills Anthony Davis   Engine over heated in 2000
1980 91A0133727 Coupe RoW 165k Oak Green Metallic Black USA Owensboro. KY Paul Dornburg . EFI to replace CSI shortly, early model heat exchangers, 964 cams
1980 91A0133765 Coupe RoW 85k Guards Red Black Belgium Bruxelles Hardy . .
1980 91A0133780 Coupe RoW 56k Charcaol Grey Tan USA Eagle River, Alaska ? . .
1980 91A0133819 Coupe RoW 58k Guards Red Black USA Wayne, PA K Dempsey . .
1980 91A0133870 Coupe RoW 102k Casablanca Beige Metallic Brown Checker United Kingdon Sheffield, Yorkshire Neil McGovern . Imported to UK in 1997, 1 of 6 UK SC's in Casablanca Beige
1980 91A0133886 Coupe RoW 160k Oak Green Metallic Black Belgium Meulebeke Dirk Dinnewet . 16" Fuchs
1980 91A0133888 Targa RoW 90k Indian Red Blue Switzerland . Alis . Originally Light Blue in color
1980 91A0133906 Targa RoW . GP White Black Norway Solbergelva Ragaern Ruler . .
1980 91A0133940 Coupe RoW 130k Guards Red Beige Puerto Rico Gurabo Daniel Santiago . .
1980 91A0134010 Coupe RoW 140k Guards Red Black USA Highland, NY Ben . Delivered to the port of Albany Albany, NY on August 29, 1985. full paperwork
1980 91AO134137 Coupe RoW 127k Minerva Blue Blue New Zealand Auckland Keewee . I owned the car in the UK for a year and couldn't possible leave her behind so she is now on the ship to NZ
1980 91A0134160 Targa RoW 222k GP White Blue Belgium Sint- Truiden Limburg Albert & Rita . .
1980 91A0134167 Targa RoW 85k Black Black France Le Beausset Gilbert Amoruso . .
1980 91A0134252 Targa RoW 115k Oak Green Metallic Beige France Belfort Bill . .
1980 91A0134309 Coupe RoW 130k Silver Black Leather UK London Michael Drummond . .
1980 91A0134346 Coupe RoW 130k GP White Blue Canada Toronto, Ontario Wayne Lupton . Delivered to Switzerland, moved to UK in 1997, imported to Canada in 2000. Turbo 18' wheels, drilled discs, road/track pads, turbo style rear wing.
1980 91A0134406 Coupe RoW 52k Guards Red Black USA Howell, MI John McManus .
1980 91A0134454 Coupe RoW 61k Guards Red Black UK Marlow, Bucks Mikey . RS Spoiler
1980 91A0134482 Coupe RoW 95k Dark Green Metallic Blue/Green black leather Finland Espoo K Lindfors . Original - delivered to Mr Hermann Vetter in West Germany
1980 91A0134541 Targa RoW 93k GP White Black USA Fair Oaks, CA Richard . .
1980 91A0134547 Coupe RoW 130k Silver Black Australia . Mark Lamberton . Went to New Zealand early in its life, and I imported into Australia Jan 2014
1980 91A0134572 Coupe RoW 150k GP White Black Brazil Sao Paulo D. Galante . With track accessories, roll cage, aux fog lights
1980 91A0134585 Coupe RoW 43k Oak Green Black USA Johnson City Luke & Brenda Osborne . .
1980 91A0134595 Coupe RoW 189k GP White Black USA Parkersburg, WV Ryan Taylor . .
1980 91A0134609 Targa RoW 100+k Guards Red Black Malaysia Petaling Jaya Selangor Sheron Baharuddin . .
1980 91A0134649 Targa RoW 137k GP White Black USA Fillmore, CA John Hart . .
1980 91A0134651 Coupe RoW 110k Oak Green Metallic Tan Germany Mannheim Marc-Heckschleuder website 3rd Owner, Sunroof, Air Cond
1980 91A0134706 Targa RoW 65k Metallic Black Black (was Beige) Australia Victoria David . South Africian delivery, imported to Australia 2018 - all original except for interior colour change to black
1980 91A0134707
RoW 150k Minerva Blue Metallic Grey England Banbury, Oxfordshire Bob Fleming . Was originally mid brown with yellow checked seats!
1980 91A0134721 Coupe RoW 212k GP White Black Germany Stuttgart Michael Koch .
1980 91A0134767 Coupe RoW 165k Oak Green Metallic Beige Belgium Robelmont Henrion .
1980 model A Series, produced Aug1979 - Jul1980 91A0140001-91A0144272 Coupe &Targa US                
1980 91A0140036 Targa US 81k GP White Black USA Weldon Spring Ken Cook . Recently purchased from HR Indianapolis post restoration. Unique white fuchs to match body
1980 91A0140038 Coupe US 129k Silver Metallic Clearcoat Black Greece Athens Costas Theocharis . car is on display into the Automotive Museum of Nafplias in Greece
1980 91A0140043 Targa US 40k Silver Metallic Clearcoat Black Canada Ottwaw, Ontario John MacPherson . Second owner - I've had it for over 15 years
1980 91A0140056 Targa US 67k Black Red USA West Chester . . Factory Sport Seats in full leather light red, 930 rear spoiler, 150mph speedometer and rear wiper added in 1981, 16" Fuchs added
1980 91A0140065 Coupe US 30k Guards Red Beige Leather USA Katy, Texas MDS . .
1979/80 91A0140118 Coupe US 87k GP White Black USA Houston, TX Kevin M . Turbo tail and H4 lights added by previous owner in 1995. Tail removed in 2017.
1980 91A0140191 Targa US 88k Casablanca Beige Metallic Tan USA Valparaiso, IN Ray Price .
1980 91A0140209 Coupe US 117k Black Black USA Monterey, California Anthony Hermoso .
Inherited from my father and will eventually pass on to my son.
1980 91A0140214 Coupe US 215k Black Black Australia Melbourne, Victoria Michael . Currently restoring follow on instagram black911sc
1980 91A0140217 Targa US 218k Black Black USA Lake Tahoe, CA Jim . Looking for history on this car. Previous owner says it is a special order EURO 1980 Cab. I'd like to know for sure if it is a Cab conversion or factory or ?
1980 91A0140234 Coupe US 190k Black Black USA Santa Cruz, CA Trotsea . Turbo look,7"& 9" Fuchs, Recaro Momo
1980 91A0140235 Targa US 153k Guards Red Tan USA Raleigh, NC David . .
1980 91A0140287 Targa US 95k Minerva Blue Tan USA Ellensburg, WA Randy McGee . 2nd owner
1980 91A0140331 Coupe US 140k Black Tan USA Norfolk, VA John Martin   .
1980 91A0140393 Coupe US 139k Black Black USA Jamestown, NY Paul M Marlinski . Purchased from Oxnard,CA.
1980 91A0140398 Coupe US 53k GP White Black USA Milton Georgia Vince Pisano . Vintage Andial modified 3.5L naturally aspirated
1980 91A0140398 Coupe US 54k GP White Black USA West Palm Beach, FL Randall J Klaker . 3.5 ltr engine by Andial
1980 91A0140414 Targa US Cal 160k Petrol Blue Beige USA Mason Steve Johnson . Second owner. I purchased the car in 1986 in San Diego
1980 91A0140431 Coupe US 150k Silver Metallic Black USA Pittsburgh, PA Noel Swartz .
1980 91A0140433 Coupe US 100k Blue Tan USA Irvine, CA Tom Pellegrini . .
1980 91A0140450 Coupe US 119k Minerva Blue Saddle USA Washington, DC Joshua Leland . .
1980 91A0140456 Targa US 114k GP White Brown USA Southeast Houston Al Zucha .
1980 91A0140459 Coupe US 138k Guards Red Tan USA Alexandria, Virginia Todd . Stock with short shift kit
1980 91A0140601 Targa US 72k GP White Brown USA Delray Beach, Florida Paul Householder . Complete restoration by German Auto World (Delray Beach, FL) Color change from Talbot Yellow to Grand Prix White
1980 91A0140614 Coupe US 128k Black Black USA West Palm Beach, Florida Andrew Carduner . .
1980 91A0140653 Targa US Cal 165k GP White Black Spain Madrid Juanpa . Painted Martini, harness, security, exhaust, engine improvements
1980 91A0140673 Coupe US 119k Petrol Blue Black USA Duluth, Georgia Clayton . .
1980 91A0140678 Targa US 121k Guards Red Black Canada Vancouver Rob Verdicchio . .
1980 91A0140706 Coupe US 150k Black Black Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba Ken Lubinski . H4 headlights, euro taillights, front air dam, carrera tail. Purchased Denver, Co 10/26/07
1980 91A0140735 Coupe US 125k Guards Red Black USA Appleton, WI John Beck . .
1980 91A0140774 Targa US 139k ? 035 USA Woburn, MA Todd Holyoak website
Ruf CTR front and rear bumpers, mocal center mount spoiler oil cooler and 1990 3.6L engine
1980 91A0140888 Coupe US 173k Guards Red Cork USA Phoenix, AZ KG . Her name is Peggy
1980 91A0140896 Targa US 40k Silver Metallic Black USA Akron, OH Chuck Nilsen .
1980 91A0140935 Coupe US 130k Guards Red Black USA Hebron, KY Mike Payette . Modified to look like a 964RS with a Euro Tail
1980 91A0140962 Coupe US 187k Mocha Brown Brown USA Seattle, WA Jay . .
1980 91A0141134 Coupe US 45k Black Black USA Schaumburg, IL Mike Andrew .
1980 9A10141737 Targa US 80k Petrol Blue Brown/Saddle USA OR Lee Herskowitz . .
1980 91A0141173 Coupe US 121k Mocha Brown Beige USA Landenberg, PA Ed Herman . Complete rebuild @ 121K top to bottom, SSI, Dansk dual tip
1980 91A0141183 Coupe US 63k Light Blue Metallic Dark Blue Leather USA Speedway, IN Rob Fike . Presently awaiting repaint and reassembly
1980 91A0141191 Targa US 144k GP White Black Canada Kitchener (Birlin), Ontario Wagler . Turbo wide body, ruf speedline 17' wheels, turbo tail, SSI exhaust, recaro seats, H4's, turbo tie rods
1980 91A0141205 Targa US 110k Silver Black Brazil Sao Paulo E Filho . 100% original car Silver, AC, restored in 2011
1980 91A0141240 Coupe US 210k Light Blue Metallic Black USA CA Vincent Currivan . Sport seats, limited slip diff. Complete windows out repaint 2010
1980 91A0141245 Targa US 122k Granite Cork USA Portland, Oregon Tomlinson . .
1980 91A0141272 Targa US 74k Black Black USA Johnstown, PA Frank . .
1980 91A0141278 Targa US 118k Mocha Brown Beige / Tan USA Ventura, California Patrick Henry website
Engine rebuild 98k. Full body restoration
1980 91A0141295 Coupe US 125k Cashmere Beige Brown USA Minneapolis, MN TW . .
1980 91A0141356 Coupe US Cal 172k Copper Brown Metallic Camel USA Tehachapi, California Phantom . Euro cylinders and pistons, reblt gear box, 7's &8's, Weltmeister torsion bars and front truss bar, interior redone
1980 91A0141363 Coupe US Cal 105k Black Black USA Centennial, Colorado Ed Blewett . .
1980 91A0141375 Targa US 76k GP White Black USA Plantation, Florida Matt . Wide body mod
1980 91A0141394 Coupe US 92k Silver Black, Leather Germany Hannover Grank . .
1980 91A0141420 Coupe US 110k Cashmere Beige Brown Canada Medicine Hut, Alberta John Bulmer . Orignal US car. Been in Canada for 15 - 20 years. Am at least the 4th owner
1980 91A0141458 Coupe US 24k GP White Black USA St Helena Island, SC Robert Quisenberry . Has original AM/FM cassette Blaupunkt CR radio in working condition
1980 91A0141471 Coupe Sunroof US Cal 150k Black Black Full Leather USA Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca Dal B Lee . 930 turbo tie rods, Bilstein sport shocks, K&N filter
1980 91A0141525 Coupe US 134k Guards Red Black Leather Denmark Charlottenlund Cph Jesper Henrik Tilling . Matching numbers, Fuchs-rim, leather interior
1980 91A0141571 Coupe US ? Silver Metallic Black USA East Northport, NY Phil Abrams . Abused and misused, but getting it together
1980 91A0141578 Coupe US 73k Mocha Brown Brown Canada Toronto Mark Davidson .
whale tail, "S" cams, twin plugs/twin coils, Andial dissy, 3.2 high comp racing pistons, 46IDA Webers, tall intake manifold, sport exhaust, front oil cooler, turbo oil pump, Weltmeister sway bars, lowered, camber struts, BBS 16" wheels, Recaro seat and 5-point harness, Momo wheel
1980 91A0141588 Coupe US 88k Casablanca Beige Metallic Chocolate USA Newton, MA Joe Brevard . Purchased in 2000 for $12,500 with 56K. Updates include tensioners, case studs, seat bases and paint touch up6
1980 91A0141600 Coupe US 97k Guards Red Black Canada Montreal Benoit . Its stock for now but planning updates
1980 91A0141632 Targa US 77k GP White Blue Leather Mexico Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit Stuart Featherstone . Being restored to factory original condition
1980 91A0141634 Targa US 119k GP White Red Leather Netherlands . Sebastoam . factory options: Fuchs wheels, Bilstein sports shocks
1980 91A0141643 Coupe US 89k Guards Red Black USA Royce New Jersey . .
1980 91A0141698 Targa US 237k Minerva Blue Metallic Blue Leather USA Hoover, AL Philip August III . My father bought this 911sc in 1980 brand new, as a daily driver until 1995 when he gave it to me. I grew up with this car, and I will never let it go
1980 910A141708 Coupe US Cal 157k Black Black USA Los Angeles, CA Tim Atzinger . .
1980 91A0141740 Coupe Sunroof US 76k Silver Metallic Black USA Ann Arbor, Michigan Sebastian Gaeta .
SSI's, short shift, loweRed
1980 91A0141748 Coupe US ? Black Tan Canada Burnaby D Leung . .
1980 91A0141797 Coupe US 70k Silver Metallic Black Leather US Cambridge, MD Bryan Moore . 1975 Carrera whale tail, front lip spoiler, 15x7/8 Fuchs (black), Fabspeed euro premuffler, Carrera oil cooler, owned since 1992 and it replaced a 1954 356 Speedster
1980 91A0141816 Coupe US 90k Arrow Blue Tan USA Erie, Cororado Ferg . .
1980 91A0141823 Coupe US ? Copper Brown Metallic Black Costa Rica Escazu, San Jose Jorge M Arias . .
1980 91A0141833 Coupe US 105k Light Blue Metallic Black USA Lake Oswego, OR Greg Slater . .
1980 91A0141866 Targa US Cal 100k Talbot Yellow Beige USA Boise Cyrille de Brebisson .
1980 91A0141882 Coupe US 124k Black Tan Leather USA Lawrenceville, PA Jim Baker . .
1980 91A0141891 Coupe US . GP White Cork USA Wichita, Kansas Jonathan Van Hersh . .
1980 91A0141895 Coupe US . Petrol Blue . USA Milwaukii Arthur Cunningham . .
1980 91A0141913 Coupe US 92k Silver Metallic Black Leather USA Lewiston, Idaho R Wallace . DuckTail, 1k on complete 3.0 engine/transaxle rebuild. Fun car for an Old Fart like me!!
1980 91A0141929 Targa US 240k Guards Red Tan USA San Diego Underdog . 1973 exhaust, Danka muffler, no cat, front tower sway
1980 91A0141950 Coupe US 155k GP White Beige USA Miami, Florida Andrew . .
1980 91A0141955 Targa US 65k Guards Red Black Brazil Sao Paulo J Andrea . Originally Ice green metallic, now painted Guards Red, AC
1980 91A0141961 Coupe US 117k Black Cork USA San Diego, CA Justin Singer . Slantnose
1980 91A0131989 Targa RoW 168k Silver Metallic Clearcoat Black USA Colorado Springs, CO Larry Emerson . Nearly a full restoration, shipped to US by original owner in 1985. I am the third owner
1980 91A0141692 Coupe US 198k GP White Black Brazil Sao Jose dos Campos, SP Mauro Kern . 16" Fuchs, sunroof, AC and power windows
1980 91A0141996 Coupe US Cal 133k Casablanca Beige Metallic Cork USA Delaware, OH Dalton Jones . Delivered in Germany for a US customer living in southern California
1980 91A0142039 Coupe US Cal 130k Black Black USA Huntington Beach, CA Linda Cleary . Owned for 40 years
1980 91A0142073 Targa US ? Silver Metallic . Canada Woodstock, Ontario John Tilford . This is just a shell that I have bought to restore
1980 91A0142078 Targa US Cal 122k Bitter Chocolate Tan USA Arnold, Maryland Manrico Mirabelli . Originally purchased in Eldorado Hills,CA
1980 91A0142086 Targa US . Guards Red Tan USA Pennsylvania Brandon and Tracy Rockefeller . .
1980 91A0142090 Coupe US 127k Mocha Brown USA Southern California SC Eddie . .
1980 91A0142181 Coupe US 110k Black Black USA Denton, Texas Black Small . .
1980 91A0142164 Coupe US 28k Black Black USA Memphis, TN Jay Carlson . .
1980 91A0142196 Targa US 55k Guards Red Black USA Manchester, NH Phil George . .
1980 91A0142227 Coupe US 84k GP White Navy Leather USA Washington, DC Maurice Perkins .
SSI's, 7x8" fuchs
1980 91A0142230 Coupe US 74k Black Metallic Tan Leather USA California Brad Brown website
SSI's, LSD, 9X7 Fuchs, 22/27 Torsion bars, sports susp.
1980 91A0142246 Coupe US . Petroleum Blue Beige Belgium Kapellen Sven Sterckx . .
1980 91A0142295 Coupe US 95k Black Tan USA Lithia, Florida Bob Paulish . .
1980 91A0142296 Coupe US 105k Helios Blue Metallic Black USA Virginia Beach, VA Don Bryant .
1980 91A0142309 Coupe US 94k Copper Brown Metallic Brown Canada St Albert AB A Malo . Bought 15 years ago with 92000 miles. Stored and only driven and started monthly to maintain lubrication - no leaks.
1980 91A0142312 Coupe US 124k Black Metallic Black USA Mt Pleasant, SC Bret .
1980 91A0142433 Coupe US 144k GP White Cocoa US

Irvine, CA

JonShapiro . 3.2l dual plug short stroke, PMO EFI, Electromotive ECU
1980 91A0142348 Targa US 232k GP White Black USA Mesa, AZ Jim . .
1980 91A0142367


US 92k Guards Red Brown Mexico San Luis Potosi Sergio Lopez . .
1980 91A0142408 Targa US . Cashmere Beige Brown Pascha Denmark Jylland Jens . With ATS rims 15 inch it was painted red in 1983
1980 91A0142441 Targa US 238k GP White Beige USA Dillsburg, Pennylvania Dustin Permenter . Bilsteins, color matched 16x7/8 Fuchs
1980 91A0142442 Coupe US 52k Casablanca Beige Tabacco USA Lakeland, Florida Bill . Lowered to Euro standard, H4 head lamps, factory tool roll, air compressor, polished Fuchs wheels, front spoiler & whale tail, A/C, twin oil coolers with fan.
1980 91A0142455 Coupe US 60k GP White Brown USA Winnemucca, NV Marlo & Bob . Slantnose (M505), Fuchs Wheels, Whale Tail, Side Mirror Deforst, Climate Control Unit, AC, Cruise Control, Door Alarm System,Tinted Windows, Electric Sunroof, Intermittment Wipers, All leather lining
1980 91A0142458 Coupe Sunroof US 89k GP White Tan, Full Leather USA Gilbert, AZ Bruce Williams .
OE sport suspension & seats, front spoiler, short shift kit, 7 & 8 x 16 Fuchs, 930 cooler w/ fan, Borla muffler
1980 91A0142480 Coupe US 68k Petrol Blue Tan Norway Eidsvoll Tom . .
1980 91A0142502 Coupe US 80k Chocolate Chocolate/Tan USA Kenosha, WI Jason Reed . .
1980 91A0142503 Targa US 200k

Copper Brown Metallic

Brown Canada Pitt Meadows, BC Brian Root .
Rebuilt motor (bearings trans, clutch), brakes, SSI, full resto on Targa roof
1980 91A0142583 Coupe US 87k Charcoal Grey Black Leather USA Atlanta, Georgia Allen Rodgers .
1980 91A0142593 Coupe US 100k Grey Black Brazil Sao Paulo C Alf . Original car, AC
1980 91A0142601 Coupe US 68k Petrol Blue Metallic Black USA Libertyville, IL Jerry Moore . .
1980 91A0142653 Targa US 150k Black Black USA Pomona, California David Thomas . .
1980 91A0142662 Coupe US 152k Guards Red Tan USA Atlanta D Shacketon . Restored
1980 91A0142667 Targa US 83k Guards Red Brown USA Eureka, California Charles R Stotler . 6th Porsche since 1968.
1980 91A0142670 Targa US 109k Copper Beige Canada . Bruce Wallace . Original car from Florida
1980 91A0142803 Targa US 133k Petrol Blue Dark Blue Leather USA Murphy, NC Dick Whalen . rebuilding engine because of dilvar studs
1980 91A0142833 Coupe US 52k Guards Red Black USA Naperville, Illinois Chuck Kocan . .
1980 91A0142888 Coupe US 46k Silver Metallic Black USA Minneapolis, MN Dan . Purchased from Wisconsin (registered in Oregon prior to that). Transmission/engine rebuild completed early 2023
1980 91A0142889 Coupe US 133k GP White Black USA Exton, PA Jeff Kiersh . .
1980 91A0142896 Coupe US 120k Casablance Beige Metallic Burgundy USA Eugene, Oregon Glenn Pratt . I have owned this car for eleven years, lowered
1980 91A0142986 Coupe US 200k Black Black Canada British Columbia Gunter Retterrath .
Completely Carrera up-dated except for 3.0 Liter engine
1980 91A0143024 Targa US 207k L95-F copper poly Cork Leather USA Long Beach, CA Eric Peterson . Special order car, ordered color from factory L95-F copper poly, VW color from 1977-80. Interior restored, engine & transmission rebuilt, suspension updated & rebuilt. Limited slip differential
1980 91A0143031 Coupe US 98k Black Black USA Auburn, CA Dieter . .
1980 91A0143095 Targa US Cal 89k Oak Green Metallic Tan/Black USA San Diego Chakman . changed from slim body to a turbo wide body
1980 91A0143107 Targa US 119k Black Black USA Milford Mike Gorman . Converted to widebody Cabrio
1980 91A0143163 Targa US 115k GP White Brown USA Lexington, MA Bill Wright .
1980 91A0143194 Coupe Sunroof US 200k Cashmere Beige Tan Leather USA Loxahatchee, FL Ernie . 4th Owner
1980 91A0143234 Coupe US 74k Minerva Blue Beige USA Western Springs, Illinois Stuart Acker . .
1980 91A0143255 Coupe US 78k GP White Tan Leather USA Graves Todd .  
1980 91A0143269 Coupe US 70k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey Leather USA Taylor Lake Village, TX Rickey Simmons . WEISSACH SPECIAL
1980 91A0143274 Targa US 118k GP White Black USE Fort Worth, TX Chris Chilton . .
1980 91A0143291 Coupe US 77k Guards Red Black USA Hamilton, NJ Mohammad . .
1980 91A0143293 Targa US 121k Polar White Blue USA Oren, Utah Rob Wiseman . .
1980 91A0143317 Targa US 71k Silver Metallic Black USA Des Moines, Iowa Guy Cook .
1980 91A0143320 Coupe US 191k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey Leather USA Lakeport, California Paul & Olga Racine . WEISSACH SPECIAL
1980 91A0143360 Coupe US 47k Schwartz Metallic Doric Gray Leather USA Mills River North Carolina Lash LaRowe . WEISSACH SPECIAL edition option code M439
1980 91A0143363 Targa US . Casablanca Beige Metallic Brown USA Lewisport, KY Dave Taylor . Originally sold in Memphis and that's where I got it in 2014
1980 91A0143369 Targa US 131k Silver Metallic Black Leather Germany . Peter Fischer . Imported from Georgia, USA, to Germany in 2010
1980 91A0143376 Coupe US 42k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey Leather USA Eureka, CA Jim Giampaolo .
1980 91A0143389 Coupe US 63k Black Metallic Doric Grey Leather USA Wilton, CT Wayne . WEISSACH SPECIAL
1980 91A0143397 Coupe US 68k Guards Red Tan USA Crown Point, Indiana Chuck Grelecki . .
1980 91A0143401 Coupe US 87k Metallic Black Doric Grey USA Lynchburg, VA alfadoc . WEISSACH SPECIAL
1980 91A0143409 Coupe US 68k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey Leather


Racine, Wisconsin Bob Stoewe . WEISSACH SPECIAL
1980 91A0143411 Coupe US 68k Metallic Black Doric Grey USA Hood River, Oregon Perry Richards . WEISSACH SPECIAL, delivered in Denver, CO area ... Bought in 1998 Gig Harbor, WA, 3rd owner.
1980 91A0143419 Targa US 108k Casablanca Beige (gold) Brown USA Deerfield, IL Kim Bors . .
1980 91A0143432 Coupe US ? Metalic Black Doric Grey USA CA David Aronson . WEISSACH SPECIAL, Recent purchase, no history prior to 2014. Delivered in S.Carolina. Spent most of life in Bellevue Wa. Was serviced at Chris's German Auto for some time.
1980 91A0143446 Targa US 95k Metalic Black Doric Grey USA Bayamon, PR Mario Corsino . WEISSACH SPECIAL, near mint condition, owned for over 25 years
1980 91A0143472 Coupe US 98k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey Leather Canada Toronto, Ontario David Grinstead . WEISSACH SPECIAL
1980 91A0143483 Targa US 19k Black Beige USA California Adrian Chan . .
1980 91A0143487 Coupe US 28k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey USA Glendale, CA Alex Baghdassarian .


Delivered to Art Bunker Porsche Audi in Overland Park, Kansas and had two previous midwestern owners who took great care of it. The car drives fantastic, like a brand new 35 year old Porsche. Brakes and suspension compare favorably with my 997

1980 91A0143496 Targa US 99k GP White Black USA Canada Vancouver Island, BC .
Texan car
1980 91A0143516 Coupe US 77k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey Leather


Nashville Ralph W. Mccracken  


1 of 3 Weissachs' I own

1980 91A0143518 Targa US 88k Black Tan USA Virginia Brian Smith . .
1980 91A0143574 Coupe US 200k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey Australia Sydney Michael Quinn . WEISSACH SPECIAL, ex Californian & Arizona car. Now Sydney, Australia. Fairly origin. Love the store behind the Weissach Edition cara.
1980 91A0143586 Targa US 378k Cashmere Beige Brown USA San Diego County, CA Bob . Cardex: D1-V9: CA emissions Package, F25: Sport option with alloy wheels and sport shocks, 409: Leather Sport Seats (recovered twice), carrera chain tensioners at 151,000 miles, three transmission minor rebuilds (2 synchro replaced each time), starter motor replaced twice (due to overheating on desert trips), turbo tie rods
1980 91A0143604 Coupe US 88k Chiffon White Brown USA Lambertville, NJ John . Rebuilt engine
1980 91A0143607 Coupe US 340k Black Doric Grey Poland Kutbo Waldemar . Weissach Edition (M439)
1980 91A0143614 Coupe US 100k Guards Red Black USA Virginia Danh . .
1980 91A0143655 Coupe US 99k Black Metallic Doric Grey Leather USA Woodbridge, CT Mike .

WEISSACH SPECIAL 2 owner, "as new" condition

1980 91A0143659 Coupe US 55k Black Metallic Doric Grey Leather USA Freeland, MD Michael Cook .
1980 91A0143673 Coupe US 176k Black Metallic Doric Grey Leather USA Berkeley Springs Chuck Heinze . .
1980 91A0143680 Targa US 68k Black Black Germany Pfaffenhofen Manfred Bendisch . Car imported to Germany March 2012
1980 91A0143685 Coupe US 52k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey Leather USA New Jersey C Serra . WEISSACH SPECIAL, original
1980 91A0143686 Coupe US 15k Black Metallic Doric Grey Leather USA Dallas, Texas Charles Armstrong . WEISSACH SPECIAL
1980 91A0143692 Coupe US 105k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey Leather Brazil Sao Paulo Alex .

WEISSACH SPECIAL, Class and Division Parade Concours Winner 2002, imported from the USA

1980 91A0143732 Coupe US 125k GP White Blue USA Cardinal, Va Dave Machen . Original paint, original engine with new head studs but not rebuilt
1980 91A0143740 Coupe US 80k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey Leather Austria Styria Bjorn . WEISSACH SPECIAL, imported from USA
1980 91A0143745 Coupe US 140k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey Leather USA Baltimore, MD Ben Cruz . WEISSACH SPECIAL
1980 91A0143761 Coupe US 84k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey Leather


Stockton, CA Jeff Navarro website

WEISSACH SPECIAL OEM short shift, 160MPH Speedo

1980 91A0143768 Coupe US 68k Black Black USA Washington, DC Nik Schibli . US model but European delivery, with European bumpers, lights, speedometer, whaletail and sunroof delete option
1980 91A0143793 Coupe US 80k Black Metallic Doric Grey Leather USA Steamboat Springs Colorado Rick Brodie .
WEISSACH SPECIAL, original except seats have been restored
1980 91A0143808 Coupe US 106k Platinum Metallic Doric Gray Leather USA Idaho Richard Doney website WEISSACH SPECIAL, restored to original
1980 91A0143810 Coupe US 101k Black Metallic Doric Grey Leather Austria . Markus Steinbichl . WEISSACH SPECIAL
1980 91A0143818 Coupe US 100k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey Leather USA San Antonio, TX TJ Ward . WEISSACH SPECIAL, bought in Dallas in 2010
1980 91A0143825 Coupe US 50k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey Leather USA Cincinnati, Ohio Luke Bruggeman . WEISSACH SPECIAL - 26 years in Hollywood, Ca
1980 91A0143883 Coupe US 88k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey Leather


Nashville Ralph W. Mccracken  


1 of 3 Weissachs' I own

1980 91A0143935 Targa US 100k Silver Black Norway Drammen Geir Lapidus . Imported to Norway, from South America. Bought in Miami. Pre owned by a guy from Nicaragua.Wide body conversion, nice car. Changed the light to European standard.
1980 91AO143942 Targa US 131k Black Black Canada Vancouver, B.C. James Grady . Original Vancouver car, no accidents, original paint
1980 91A0143986 Coupe US 45k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey Leather USA Northeast, Maryland Kym . WEISSACH SPECIAL
1980 91A0143993 Coupe US 82k Black Metallic Doric Grey Leather USA Hancock, Michigan Tom Ex . WEISSACH SPECIAL short shift, lowered to euro spec, Dansk sport muffler, K&N filter, Cambermeister, stainless brake lines, turbo tierods, momo wheel
1980 91A0143926 Targa US 177k Silver Metallic Black USA San Francisco, CA K Roman .
1980 91A0143935 Targa US 92k Silver Metallic Black Nicaragua Managua Francisco Cifuentes   Brought to Nicaragua from the USA in 2003, then converted to wide body and added Whale Tail. Car is in pristine condition.
1980 91A0143959 Coupe US CAL 107k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey Leather USA San Anselmo, California Kurt Fischer .
WEISSACH SPECIAL, 1 of only 408
1980 91A0143971 Coupe US 73k Black Metallic Doric Grey Leather USA Denver, Colorado Curtis Mannisto . WEISSACH SPECIAL unrestored show quality condition
1980 91A0143989 Targa US . GP White Black USA Dallas / Ft Worth, Texas Sean & Lena . .
1980 91A0143996 Targa US . . . USA San Mateo, CA Mike . .
1980 91A0144012 Coupe US 162k Black Metallic Doric Grey Leather Canada Sherwood Park, Alberta Joe Bekavac . WEISSACH SPECIAL
1980 91A0144024 Coupe US 77k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey Leather USA Madison, WI Brendon . WEISSACH SPECIAL
1980 91A0144025 Coupe US 104k Black Metallic Doric Grey Leather USA Oklahoma City, OK Richard Phillips .
1980 91A0144027 Coupe US 49k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey Leather USA St Clair Shores, Michigan Alex Selvaggio . WEISSACH SPECIAL- California car now in Michigan!
1980 91A0144032
US 39k Talbot Yellow Black USA Fort Lauderdale, FL Randall . .
1980 91A0144043 Coupe US 148k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey Leather Israel . Yossi .

WEISSACH SPECIAL, imported to Israel from the US

1980 91A0144049 Targa US 210k Guards Red Black Canada Halifax Nova Scotia Greg Chauvin . 3rd owner, purchased in 2005, from Atlanta GA
1980 91A0144103 Targa US 80k Silver Metallic Black Leather Canada Calgary Beat M . Whale tail, 16", short shift kit
1980 91A0144106 Coupe US 114k Black Leather Black Netherlands Hengelo Nico M . Imported to the Netherlands in 2015,painted blue, 8 years in storage, build up in 2022, engine (930/16) revised in 2022
1980 91A0144113 Coupe US 115k Platinum Metallic Doric Grey Leather USA Colorado William . WEISSACH SPECIAL
1980 91A0144114 Coupe US 139k Silver Metallic Black USA Springfield, Ohio JK Woodrow .
Engine rebuild at 135k
1980 91A0144124 Coupe US 150k Petrol Blue Black (was Beige) USA Houston, Texas Lucas Frances . Car still original from factory
1980 91A0144146 Targa US 122k Oak Green Metallic Tan USA Bend, Oregon Matthias . Great condition, runs smooth and fast, targa top refurbished
1980 91A0144177 Coupe US ? Blue Black Netherlands North Holland Peter . .
1980 91A0144189 Targa US ? Glacier Blue Black USA Orlando.Florida Andrew . .
1980 91A0144202 Coupe US 48k Black Black USA Branchburg, NJ Marc Fegley . all original but some engine upgrades, Carrera tensioners and updated AC installed. H4 headlights. Has original tool kit and tire bag, gloves, window sticket and manuals
1980 91A0144225 Targa US CAL 145k Silver Metallic Black Leather USA San Rafael, California David Yusem .
1980 91A0144230 Coupe US 190k Petrol Blue Metallic Brown USA Boerne, Texas Hamnerhaus .
1980 91A0144252 Targa Germany 176k Casablanca Beige Metallic Brown Leather Germany Hegen Udo Genuit . .
1980 91A0144259 Targa US 139k Silver Black USA Westport, CT KP . .
1980 91A0146643 Targa US 50k Guards Red Black Venezuela


Jose Horna .
1981 model

B Series, produced Aug1980 - Jul1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100001- WP0ZZZ91ZBS103181

Coupe Rest of World                
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100038 Coupe RoW 103k Iris Blue Blue Belgium Oost-Vlaanderen Rog S . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91XBS100061 Coupe RoW 129k Pewter Metallic Blue USA Kennewick, WA Steve G . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100067 Coupe RoW 58k Black Metallic Black USA KENOSHA WI Bob Giese .
Fuchs 16", turbo tail, SSI, short shift, sunroof, heat shields,K&N, SS brake lines
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100085 Coupe RoW 112k GP White Black USA Winconsin Paul Kaufman . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100098 Coupe RoW 75k Wine Red Metallic Black USA St Paul, MN Jeff .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100131 Coupe RoW 52k Mocha Brown Black Spain Granollers Xavier Torres . Just bought - has been 10 years out of order
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100109 Coupe RoW 105k Moss Green Metallic Gray USA Lorton, VA Thom Schoonover .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100167 Coupe RoW 81k Moss Green Black England Norfolk Mike Marney . Sport pack - (front& rear spoilers, 16" FUCHS) owned for 10 years
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100169 Coupe RoW 130k Pacific Blue Metallic Blue Pascha Ireland Dublin Paul Gray . Always raced 911s but i wanted a mint road car
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100196 Coupe Sunroof RoW 200k GP White Black Switzerland Stafa, Zurich Harry Trink . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100210 Coupe RoW ? GP White Black Switzerland M�nnedorf Z�rich Jan K . polished Fuchs, Momo Steering, a bit lowered chassis, stupid exhaust air blower removed, Engine and Gearbox overhauled, alu sport clutch, Orig. RS racing seats, RUF side mirrors
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100231 Coupe RoW 170k Pacific Blue Metallic Moca France Paris William . Delivered by SONAUTO Paris
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100288 Coupe RoW 134k Bamboo Beige Blue Belgium Machelen Eddy Smets . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100296 Coupe Sunroof RoW 27k Guards Red Black Australia Sydney, NSW John .
Whale tail
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100313 Coupe RoW 87k Pewter Metallic Black USA Indianapolis, IN C Diercks .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100481 Coupe RoW 52k Black Black USA Stirling, New Jersey Robert Orlando . Recently purchased car after it sat for 13 years !!
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100508 Coupe Sunroof RoW 101k Black Black Australia Adelaide, South Australia Mathew .
Complete motor rebuilt at 98k, lowered, Whale Tail
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100510 Coupe RoW 65k Pacific Blue White USA Lubbock, Texas Steve Doane . Restored 2010 930 clone
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100585 Coupe RoW 67k GP White (was Petrol Blue) Blue USA Atlanta, GA David . Manufactured 1980, and titled as 1980 but has B Series 930/10 engine. Original ext paint was Petrol Blue, repainted Grand Prix White in 2019. Custom wide body conversion in 1981 (930 turbo lookalike) with very unique front spoiler and side rocker panels...very nicely done (professionally), and is now a show car. Turbo twist wheels. Upgraded/modified exhaust. I am second owner, and owned since 1986.
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100590 Coupe RoW 180k Guards Red Black Australia Sydney, NSW Rod . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100636 Coupe RoW 97k Chiffon White Beige/Brown France . Jhub . .
1981 WP0ZZZ93ZBS000627 Coupe RoW ? Black Black Canada Ontario Rob . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100664 Coupe RoW 145k Blue Cork Australia Sydney Wilson . Fuchs 15" wheels, Whale Tail, Sunroof. Unmolested original car
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100676 Coupe RoW 59k Black Metallic Black Leather USA Kesosha, WI Bob . 3rd Owner
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100693

Coupe Sunroof

RoW 66k Guards Red Black USA Woodstock, GA shawnsnapp . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100695 Coupe RoW 50k Black Black Brazil Rio Grande do Sul Franco . Turbo wheels, sunroof, ac, eletric mirrors, original stereo
1981 WP0ZZZ93ZBS000695 Coupe RoW 135k Pewter Metallic Brown Spain Segovia Eduardo A. Hernanz Maderuelo . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100700 Coupe RoW 131k Zinn Metallic Black France Le Havre, Normandie Thomas . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100736 Coupe RoW 167k Black Black Malaysia Goergetown, Penang Dev Kumaraendran . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100755 Coupe RoW 30k Pacific Blue Metallic Black Australia Wolllongong, NSW Brett Parker .
Hong Kong delivered.
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100852 Coupe RoW 206k GP White Black USA Sullivans Island, SC Steven Phillips . Non Sun Roof, with Ducktail
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100926 Coupe RoW 92k Mocha Brown Brown Australia Melbourne Paul . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100931 Coupe RoW 80k GP White Black USA Sheboygan, WI John Stalter . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100943 Coupe RoW 102k Alpine White Black USA Fayetteville, NC Tony Lane .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100960 Coupe RoW 49k Wine Red Metallic Black/Red Canada New Westminster, BC Fraser . Low milage example, good condition. Euro car with no A/C
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101036 Coupe RoW 295k Rosewood Metallic Beige England Essex David . Extensively repaired body and mechanicals ,excellent pedigree with first owner 16yrs
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101127 Coupe RoW 172k Pewter Metallic Tweed Berber France Corr�ze, village: lagrauliere Luc Pistolet .
Respray coming for my 40th birthday present !!
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101158 Coupe RoW 135k Silver Black Canada Toronto, Ontario Dan Groen . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101221 Coupe RoW 120k Guards Red Black Australia Adelaide, South Australia Andrew . Imported & converted into RHD early 90's in Queensland. Carrera tail. Fuchs 16" all round
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101226 Coupe RoW 96k Pacific Blue Metallic Blue USA seattle, washington Royce Connelly . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101280 Coupe RoW 170k Pewter Metallic Black Singapore Singapore Thomas Kasztelan . 3rd owner
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101386 Coupe RoW 80k Silver Metallic Black USA Boulder, Colorado Bill Emery . stiffer torsion bars (22 fts, 28 rears), drilled and slotted brake rotors, short shifter, strut brace
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101403 Coupe RoW 31k Platinum Metallic Brown Spain La Coruna Jordi . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101420 Coupe RoW 225k Pacific Blue Metallic Brown Denmark Skive Alexander   17" Cup Wheels
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101429 Coupe RoW 130k Wine Red Metallic Tan UK Scotland Mike P . Owned for 15 years
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101462 Coupe RoW 100k Rosewood Metallic Brown Belgium Brussels Francois Collard . Delivered in Switzerland, 3rd owner
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101552 Coupe RoW 100k Grey Black Italy Grigno Orlando . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101587 Coupe RoW 118k GP White Navy Blue USA Swanzey, NH Erik Bergquist . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101694 Coupe RoW ? . . France Sigean Cyril Nectoux . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101710


RoW 85k Chiffon White Orange France Cestas Grison Joel . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101735 Coupe RoW 140k Silver Metallic White Leather Turbo interior United Kingdom Dorset Nigel Pilbrow . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101760 Coupe RoW 65k Black Metallic Burgundy Australia Toowoomba, Queensland Christopher Beckman . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101830 Coupe RoW 146k Pacific Blue Metallic Blue Norway . Tore Frantzen . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101917 Coupe RoW 60k GP White Blue Australia Terrigal, NSW Fast Frankie . Original
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101921 Coupe RoW 132k Wine Red Metallic Brown England Bath, Somerset Malcolm Redgewell . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101976 Coupe RoW 180k GP White Black Norway Oslo Kaare Kongsfjell . Original car
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS101993 Coupe RoW ? Black Metallic Black Australia Melbourne Chris . Good strong motor, SSI system fitted since purchase and recent new paint + ongoing TLC
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102022 Coupe RoW 150k GP White Blue USA Nebraska Steve Wilwerding website
Third owner
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102028 Coupe RoW 90k Bamboo Beige Black Norway Asker Erik L Roede . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102054 Coupe RoW 197k GP White Black Germany Stuttgart JA . Lives in the birth place of the SC
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102143 Coupe RoW 107k Platinum Metallic Black Australia Melbourne Mark . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102160 Coupe RoW 103k Guards Red Black USA Monroe, GA Harith White .
Oil Cooler
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102196 Coupe RoW 123k Pacific Blue Metallic Black/Beige pasha Italy Trento Faber . 14 years with 1st owner in Belgium, then in Germany and then by me in Italy. Air pump removed, Fuchs alloy wheels, front spoiler
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102236 Coupe RoW 88k Pewter Metallic Blue/Tweed USA Galveston, TX Jerry and Terry Talley . Looking for info on the interior fabric. It is a gray tweed and available only in Europe.
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102243 Coupe RoW 130k Blue Blue USA Sanford, NC Vernon Salisbury . 911SC Hobby Car w/rare sunroof delete option Imported-converted from Germany in 1986 by Department of Army civilian. Drives great! Recently painted and transmission rebuilt. I am the third US owner and have known the prior owners and car since brought to USA
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102266 Coupe RoW 137k Black Black Belgium Leuven Michiel can den Berg . 16" Fuchs
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102395 Coupe RoW 119k Blue Metallic Dark Blue South Africa Johannesburg, Gauteng JD Fentie . Custom exhaust
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102460 Coupe RoW 126k Mosha Brown Brown USA Stockbridge, GA Steve . Rolled off the line with 224 hp instead of 204hp. It was used as a demo car for the press before being shipped to the U.S. 3rd owner
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102487 Coupe RoW 80k Guards Red Black USA Hamen, CT Alan . bbtwin outlet exhaust
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102563 Coupe RoW 65k GP White Black USA Northern California Myles . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102571 Coupe RoW 180k Black Black Belgium Melsbroek Bert Defesche .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102617 Coupe RoW   Pacific Blue Metallic Black France St Christo en Jarez Eric .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102646 Coupe RoW 107k Pacific Blue Metallic Black / Check USA Indianapolis, IN Jim . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102692 Coupe RoW 74k Pewter Metallic Blue/Black Australia Gold Coast, Queensland John Fisher .
Delivered in Hong Kong. Turbo2 body, 17inch speedline mags, recaro seats, motor rebuilt, heads port & pol, SSI's, 235hp
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102799 Coupe RoW 171k Pacific Blue Metallic Dark Blue Norway Vestfossen Ole Jorn Uverud . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102832 Coupe RoW 111k Moss Green Metallic Black Leather Switzerland Wilen, Thurgau Nick Angel . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102845 Coupe RoW 80k GP White Black cloth Australia Adelaide Hills StewartF . RHD conversion
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102898 Coupe RoW 110k GP White Beige Australia Melbourne Seven .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102994 Coupe RoW 85k Guards Rd Grey Spain Madrid Sixto . Sport Coupe Equiped
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS102961 Coupe RoW 169k Silver Bluw USA Crawfordwille, FL Robert C Wilson . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS103017 Coupe RoW 100k Chiffon White Black USA Southern California Terry .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS103036 Coupe RoW 146k Pacific Blue Metallic Black Spain Estepona Fildefer . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS103098 Coupe RoW ? Pacific Blue Metallic Blue Canada New Brunswick Pal Singh . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS103140 Coupe RoW 157k Guards Red Tan Leather United Kindom West Midlands Sean . Late Carrera front valiance & fog lights
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS103172 Coupe RoW 90k Pewter Metallic Black Spain Madrid Expat . All original specifications. Imported from Germany to Spain in 1997. Owned and maintained by Spanish Porsche race car specialist Santiago Martin Cantero (SMC Competicion).
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS103175 Coupe RoW 160k Talbot Yellow Black Peru Lima Manuel Nunez-Melgar . .
1981 model

WP0ZZZ91ZBS140001- WP0ZZZ91ZBS141703

Targa Rest of World                
1981 WP0ZZZ912BS140020 Targa RoW 95k GP White Black USA Moore Haven, FL Jordan . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS140037 Targa RoW 140k GP White Blue UK Cowbridge, Wales DJ . Owned it since 1981. Had other Porsches since but can't let this one go - it's part of the family
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS140143 Targa RoW 170k Mocha Brown Brown Pasha Ireland Wicklow Reuben Keogh . Car now Speed Yellow. Pasha replaced with 3.2 plain interior. Engine refreshed at 165000
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS140156 Targa RoW 99k Minerva Blue Metallic Blue USA Reading, PA Jim Ruggere   Rennline strut brace, SS brake lines, steel turbo body and whale tail, liquid platinum injection, racing seats, mod pedal assy, K&N, battery cut-off, ceramic coated headers, dual exhaust
1980/81 WP0ZZZ91ZBS140164 Targa RoW . Chiffon White Brown England Solihull Chas Hall . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS140316 Targa RoW 114k Pacific Blue Metallic Blue England Bedfordshire Simon   Full restoration 2006, bare metal respray, referbed interior black
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS140317 Targa RoW 150k Pacific Blue Metallic Blue Sweden Lund Tim Stevens .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS140364 Targa RoW 209k Burgundy Grey/Black Leather South Africa Pretoria Bennie Jacobs . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS140380 Targa RoW 156k GP White Black Germany B�blingen, Baden-W�rttemberg A. Ramolla & D. Fremdling . Car was exported for several years to Florida and brought back to Germany in 1990 for sale. I bought it in september 1990
1980/81 WP0ZZZ91ZBS100587 Targa RoW 115k Black Black Belgium Zemst Frank Bekaert . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS140598 Targa RoW 66k Blue White Leatheret United Kingdom Derby Mark Warden . Whale tail fitted
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS140797 Targa RoW 68k Gold Beige England Doncaster, Sth Yorkshire Victor Lee . full history/just beautiful/ 204 bhp
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS140815 Targa RoW 105k Guards Red Black UK Winchester, Hampshire Hespereus . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS140819 Targa RoW 50k Pewter Metallic Blue Italy Parma Giovanni . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS140844 Targa RoW 131k Pewter Metallic Black Leather USA Chico, California Jason Frahm . Imported from Germany in 1988, RoW engine replaced with rebuilt unit for Ca emmisions, 16" Fuchs, K&N, lite flywheel / clutch, shift kit, MSD, MOMO, Weltmstr, Sport seats, Rennline Strut brace
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS140867 Targa RoW 120k Royal Blue Blue Leather UK Blackwood Caerphilly, Wales John Davis . Work in progress
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS140896 Targa / Cabrio RoW 110k GP White Zwart Belguim Sint- Truiden Limburg Albert & Rita . Cabrio, turbo look, 205/16 inch, 204 hp
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS140912 Targa RoW 92k GP White Black USA Clos, Ohio William . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS141005 Targa RoW 136k GP White Black USA Falls Church, VA Don Knieriem . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS141018 Targa RoW 153k Pacific Blue Metallic Black Netherlands The Hague Donald Heertje . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS141024 Targa RoW 59k Guards Red Black Ireland Dublin Kieran Freeney . Moulded front and rear bumpers, skirts and teardrop mirrors, BBS split rim spoke style alloys
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS141058 Targa RoW ? GP White Grey Italy Mussolente, VI Samuele . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS141129 Targa RoW 63k GP White Black USA Princeton Jct, NJ Mike B . Delivered in Germany. 3.2 litre motor � from a 1984 911
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS161130 Targa RoW 49k Palisander Metallic Beige The Netherlands Amsterdam Arjen Simmelink . Imported in EU in 2016, matching numbers
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS141132 Targa RoW 180k Minerva Blue Metallic Black USA Midlothian, Texas Jeff Standerfer . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS141148 Targa RoW   Black Black France   Olivier . Delivered in Monaco
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS141175 Targa RoW 78k Pacific Blue Metallic Black Puerto Rico   John . Turbo look, rear brake vents, rear spoiler
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS141231 Targa RoW 85k Rosewood Metallic Brown Italy Pergine, Valsugana Lorenz . Turbo tail, Fuchs 16" wheels
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS141281 Targa RoW 89k Platinum Metallic Tan Leather Scotland Glasgow Jeff Thorpe .
Carrera 1 Cup alloys
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS141287 Targa RoW 107k GP White Black USA Milford, New Hampshire Jonny S . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS141378 Targa RoW . GP White Black Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Hornbill . Repainted white; previous modified turbo look
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS141431 Targa RoW 125k GP White Blue Belgium Drongen-Baarle Rowland & Agnes . .
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS141459 Targa RoW 60k GP White Black USA Teaneck, NJ Len Soccolich . 2nd owner for 21 years
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS141541 Targa RoW 183k Guards Red Black United Kingdom Gloucestershire Kevin Challoner . Just Refurbuished and engine rebuilt, quick shift fitted and strut brace. New interior and under bonnet carpets
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS141693 Targa RoW 118k Guards Red Black Leather UK Milton Keynes Chris Hevey . .
1981 model

WP0ZZZ91ZBS129501- WP0ZZZ91ZBS129622

Coupe Japan                
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZBS129570 Coupe Japan 63k GP White Black Australia Melbourne, Victoria Steve Adams . Japan delivery, import to Aust in 1999, convt to RH drive and engine rebuilt, Recaro seats, Momo s/h, chin spoiler & turbo whale tail
1981 model

WP0ZZZ91ZBS169501- WP0ZZZ91ZBS169510

Targa Japan   there were 10 produced            
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZB5169510 Targa Japan 49k GP White Brown Australia Perth, Western Australia Bernie Devries . No modification. Stock standard and original
1981 model

WP0AA091xBS120001- WP0AA091xBS121573

Coupe US                
1981 WP0AA0917BS120012 Coupe US 83k Black Black USA Los Angeles, CA Cesar George . Engine and trans rebuilt, new leather seats, all new interior, whale tail, Momo steering, Momo speakers, alloy wheels
1981 WP0AA0916BS120017 Coupe US 178k Pewter Metallic Black USA Upstate, New York Stinkydog911 . .
1981 WP0AA0918BS120035 Coupe US 165k Chiffon White Brown USA Pacific Palisades, California Phil .
1981 WP0AA091XBS120036 Coupe US 129k Cream Taupe Canada Quebec Christian . .
1981 WP0AA0916BS120051

Coupe Sunroof

US 77k Pewter Metallic Black USA Columbus, Ohio R Keefer . All original with exception of Carrera Tail
1981 WP0AA0918BS120052 Coupe US 125k Platinum Metallic Black USA Richmond, VA E Mann .
1981 WP0AA0917BS120057 Coupe US 73k Bamboo Beige Brown USA Bethlehem PA William P Ronyack . .
1981 WP0AA0915BS120073 Coupe US 106k Blue Beige USA Brainerd, MN Rick Jaeger . .
1981 WP0AA0912BS120080 Coupe US . Black Metallic Black USA Croton on Hudson, NY John . Turbatrol Cooler, SSI, M&K muffler
1981 WP0AA0914BS120128 Coupe US 101k Wine Red Metallic Beige USA Columbia, MO ? .

Basket case, slowly coming around

1981 WP0AA0911BS120216 Coupe US 190k Pewter Metallic Black USA Danville, CA Mark Chrisensen . Engine rebuilt (bored 98mm) lowered, Fabspeed exh, fresh paint, brass bushing, Alum. power clutch. 94' 993 interior
1981 WP0AA0913BS120251 Coupe Sunroof US CAL 155k Chiffon White Beige USA San Ramon, California David DeFreitas . .
1981 WP0AA0910BS120255 Coupe US 160k Bamboo Beige Dark Brown USA Apros, CA Jom Griffin . Never driven in the rain!
1981 WP0AA0910BS120261 Coupe US 150k Alpine White Dark Brown USA Cypress, California Paul O .
1981 WP0AA0913BS120265 Coupe US 70k Champagne Tan USA Orlando, Florida Motoracingltd . Makinga race car for track days and races. will be updating progress of the car on
1981 WP0AA0915BS120302 Coupe US 175k Bamboo Beige Brown USA New Orleans, LA Travis Weiss . Built 12/1980
1981 WP0AA0917BS120320 Coupe US 100k Chiffon White Brown Brazil Sao Paulo F Medeiros . Restored, mint condition, several upgrades


Coupe US 63k Light Blue Metallic Navy Blue USA Niles, Ohio Robert Murwin .
1981 WP0AA0914BS120338 Coupe US 108k Rosewood/Palisander Metallic Chocolate Brown


Los Angeles, CA Steve O . .
1981 WP0AA0919BS120349 Coupe US CAL 179k Pacific Blue Metallic Brown USA San Francisco, California Dylan Essner .
1981 WP0AA0918BS120357 Coupe US 95k Pewter Metallic Black USA Waipahu, Hawaii Genora Dancel . .
1981 WP0AA0911BS120376 Coupe, Sunroof US ? Caramel Brown Cork, Brown USA Vienna, VA Douglas Noble . .
1981 WP0AA0919BS120450 Coupe US CAL 82k Platinum Metallic Brown USA Coerte Madera, California B Yantzer .
RS Bumpers, shocks Wevo shifter & coupler
1981 WP0AA0919BS120478 Coupe US 100k Chiffon White Brown Canada Victoria British Columbia K Machin . .
1981 WP0AA091ZBS120502 Coupe US ? Guards Red Black Australia New South Wales Russell Cox . 16 x 10's rear and 16 x 9's up front, Sunroof, tweeked turbo box
1981 WP0AA0918BS120505 Coupe US 59k Guards Red Tan Leather USA Glen Ellyn, IL Jody Relan . Factory sport package. Euro whale tail. 16 in. wheels
1981 WP0AA0913BS120508 Coupe US 140k Rosewood Metallic Beige - Leather USA San Mareo, California Barclay Moquin .
1981 WP0AA091ZBS120516 Coupe US Cal 150k Chiffon White Brown USA Stockton, California Gary .
1981 WP0AA0916BS120521 Coupe, No Sunroof US 150k Ice Blue (360) Blue USA Costa Mesa, California Michael Florendo .
1981 WP0AA091XBS120523 Coupe US 84k Chiffon White Beige, Black USA Milwaukee, WI Tyler . Turbo tie rods, 7 & 9 Fuchs, cat bypass pipe, all full suspension rebuild, new bushings, ball joints, powder coating, etc, renewed whale tail rubber
1981 WP0AA0913BS120539 Coupe US 165k Chiffon White Camel USA San Diego Dave . Lowered, slotted rotors, sway bars, front&rear spoilers, bbs 3 pc.wheels 930s steering wheel, SSI
1981 WP0AA0915BS120560 Coupe US 69k Black Black USA Springfield, Virginia Gregory Martin .
1981 WP0AA0917BS120561 Coupe US 126k GP White Brown USA Arvada, CO Paul Fallon . 3.4L, B&B headers and exhaust, SW chip
1981 WP0AA0910BS120563 Coupe US 69k Caramel Brown Cork USA New Orleans, LA David .
1981 WP0AA0910BS120577 Coupe US 74k Wine Red Metallic Black Austria Vienna Fernando Vidal . Bought it yesterday in Texas, US. I'll have to wait a month or more for the car to arrive.
1981 WP0AAO917BS120575 Coupe US 109k Platinum Metallic Brown USA Clovis, California Daryl Roe . Delivered new in Hawaii, sold twice and was stolen from the 3rd owner. It had its motor and trans stolen and deemed totaled in about 2006 with 109K on it. It was issued a salvage title in Hawaii but was never wrecked. Sold to a company in Dallas Texas that never registered it. sold to me in 2022. Car is now getting a 3.2 out of an 86.
1981 WP0AA0914BS120582 Coupe US 137k Platinum Metallic Black USA Salem, Oregon Wayne Ackermann .
Clean, mostly unmolested stock car
1981 WP0AA0919BS120593 Coupe US 133k Light Blue Metallic Dark Blue USA Oklohoma F Canetto . Competely stock
1981 WP0AA0914BS120596 Coupe US 63k Black Metallic Black USA Oklahoma City, OK Cory Stroud . .
1981 WP0AA0916BS120602 Cou[e US 41k Bamboo Beige Brown USA Long Beach, CA @mjpopken . I'm the 3rd owner over 38 years
1981 WP0AA0917BS120608 Coupe US 50k Black Black USA Foley, Alabama Jason Rodriguez . Original and excellent condition
1981 WP0AA0914BS120615 Coupe US 51k Black Black USA La Verne, CA Tim McGivney . 3rd owner, in movie Flash Dance
1981 WP0AA0917BS120706 Coupe US 97k Rosewood Metallic Brown USA Burlington City, NJ Bill Buehrig . .
1981 WP0AA0914BS120713 Coupe US ? Guards Red Tan USA Ventura, CA Michael Picard . .
1981 WP0AA091XBS120716 Coupe US Cal 98k Chiffon White Brown USA McKinney, Texas R Doss . All original, with the J16 option group, leather interior, electric sliding roof, and automatic antenna. polished 16" Fuchs wheels, original sticker price $34,840.00 USD
1981 WP0AA0916BS120731 Coupe US ? Green Beige USA Mandeville Tom Brinsko . 16k since total engine rebuild
1981 WP0AA0914BS120744 Coupe US 14k Black Black USA Minnesota Kip Campbell . In storage for many years
1981 WP0AA091ZBS120776 Coupe US 133k Pewter Metallic Blue USA Chula Vista, California Skip Holloway . Engine and trans rebuild, new susp, brakes, compressor, S/S dual exhausts, Jet Hot coated pipes, RS whaletail and respray, 16x7&16x8 Fuchs
1981 WP0AA0913BS120797 Coupe US 141k Wine Red Metallic Black USA Port Ludlow, WA Alan Rue . .
1981 WP0AA091XBS120800 Coupe US 120k Black Black Canada Barry's Bay, Ontario Mike Snider . Webers and SSI installed Jan 2008
1981 WP0AA0914BS120856 Coupe US 150k GP White Black USA San Jose, California Rick Fong . 964 bumpers and mirrors, RS tail, gutted interior, DAS roll bar, Big red calipers w/ 17" wheels
1981 WP0AA0916BS120874 Coupe US 120+k GP White Brown USA Jacksonville, Florida Jim . Euto head lights, 16" wheels, turbo tail
1981 WP0AA0919BS120884 Coupe US 45k Black Camel Leather Australia Hobart, Tasmania Rowan Sproule . Originally white, imported to Australia rom Canada 1995, widebody slantnose conversion, 87 interior
1981 WP0AA0912BS120886 Coupe US 150k Guards Red Black Norway Buskerud Bruce Prouton . .
1981 WP0AA0910BS120899 Coupe US 57k Platinum Matellic Black Leather Canada Toronto Steve DeCarmo .
Immaculate cond - no rust, never driven in the rain. 16" Fuchs colour-coded wheels.
1981 WP0AA0913BS120900 Coupe US 192k Bamboo Beige Tan/Brown USA Southern California Vic . .
1981 WP0AA091ZBS120909 Coupe US 45k Guards Red Black Australia Adelaide Andy & Karyn . 3rd owners Registration plate- SC911
1981 WP0AA0911BS120930 Coupe US 62k Platinum Matellic Brown USA Omaha Collin Campbell . .
1981 WP0AA0916BS120938 Coupe US 72k Pewter Metallic Black USA Lancaster, PA Stan .
1981 WP0AA0910BS120949 Coupe US 108k Rosewood Metalic Tan USA Santa Barbara, CA Dennis Power . Owned since 2018, original: paint, interior, wheels. Radio, shocks, and exhaust replaced by previous owner.
1981 WP0AA0916BS120972 Coupe US 80k Caramel Brown Cork USA Senia, GA Nick & Sharon . original, stored for 25yrs, mint condition
1981 WP0AA091ZBS120989 Coupe


225k Black Metallic Caramel Leather Netherlands Zwolle, Overijssel Michael Buurma . Imported from California. Leather upholstery, airconditioning, sunroof and cruise control
1981 WP0AA0918BS121007 Coupe US 117k Chiffon White Brown USA Boston, MA Karen Joyce . Rebuilt Transmission, clutch
1981 WP0AA0913BS121013 Coupe US 90k Black Black USA Los Gatos, CA Danp . .
1981 WP0AA0918BS121069 Coupe US 148k Guards Red Black USA Chesapeake, VA Richard Lantz . 4th owner with history, SSI exhaust, 7X16, J9X16, upgraded A/C.........DAILY DRIVER
1981 WP0AA0913BS121111 Coupe US 105k Pacific Blue Brown USA Coral Gables, Florida Angie N . .
1981 WP0AA0911BS121115 Coupe US 127k Arrow Blue Blue USA Bellingham, washington James T Brown   h-4's, turbo valve covers, k&n, goodyear F-1's, bilstein's, short shifter
1981 WP0AA0910BS121177 Coupe US 133k Pewter Black USA Monroe, VA Lindy . Now a 3.2 liter with PMO carbs. Motor rebuilt with new cams, etc
1981 WP0AA0912BS121181 Coupe US 80k Guards Red Black USA . Bob Nagy . .
1981 WP0AA0913BS121206 Coupe US 128k Pacific Blue Metallic Beige USA Charlotte, NC Clint . .
1981 WP0AA0911BS121222 Coupe US 83k Rosewood Metlalic Brown USA Virginia David Oaks . Originally sold in the Cleveland, Ohio
1981 WP0AA0919BS121257 Coupe US 106k Black Tan USA Hershey, PA Dave . Purchased 1987, 38,569 miles, 3rd owner, whale tail, front spoiler, sunroof.
1981 WP0AA0916BS121281 Coupe US 41k Black Black USA Caldwell, NJ Jeff . Engine rebuilt w/new studs
1981 WP0AA0919BS121324 Coupe US 139k Black Metallic Tan Leather USA Sacramento, California Gil Zamora . .
1981 WP0AA0910BS121325 Coupe US 67k Light Blue (Hellblau) Metallic Dark Blue USA St James, New York Todd K Warren .
3rd Owner
1981 WP0AA0911BS121334 Coupe US 55k Black Black Norway Haugesund Oyvind . 1 owner in 29 years
1981 WP0AA0910BS121339 Coupe US 59k Guards Red Black USA Loogootee, Indiana Phil G . Fuchs16s, spoiler, tail, lowered, sunroof, owned for 14 years
1981 WP0AA0917BS121340 Coupe US 80k Pacific Blue Metallic Navy Blue Canada Left Coast Doug Zeilke .
Top end rebuild at 80k, SSI's & Dansk 2/1
1981 WP0AA0916BS121345 Coupe US 183k Black Black USA Long Beach, California Bruce Brown . .
1981 WP0AA0912BS121360 Coupe US 92k Black Black USA Clinton, NY Mike Woods .
1981 WP0AA0917BS121404 Coupe US 95k Guards Red Black USA San Marino, CA Jon Mochizuki . .
1981 WP0AA0917BS121466 Coupe US Cal 218k Rosewood Metallic Tan USA Long Beach, CA Brent Dreher   Basically stock/original car that has been driven and cared for regularly over its life
1981 WP0AA0918BS121475 Coupe US 51k GP White Red USA Virginia Jimmy Patterson . .
1981 WP0AA0919BS121484 Coupe US 70k Wine Red Metaliic Tan USA West Columbia, SC Richard Smith . sun roof - whale tail - original 16" fuchs - primo car
1981 WP0AA0913BS121559 Coupe US Cal 154k Bamboo Beige Brown USA Belmont, California G Beyrouti .
1981 WP0AA0914BS121568 Coupe US 121k Pacific Blue Metallic Black Leather USA Oakland, Ca Darklarkin .

First 911, Turbo tie rods installed

1981 WP0AA0910BS12xxxx Coupe US 130k Guards Red Black USA Seattle, WA Randy P .
1981 model

WP0AA091xBS160001- WP0AA091xBS161407

Targa US                
1981 WP0EA0915BS160039 Targa US 90k Wine Red Metallic Black Canada Maple Bay Eric . SSIs and muffer, H4 lights 17" wheels, 964 elec spoiler
1981 WP0EA0911BS160054 Targa US 166k Chiffon White Brown USA The Woodlands, Texas Marty . Euro convesion
1981 WP0EA0917BS160074 Targa US 110k Black Tan USA Charleston, SC Kevin Small .
1981 WP0EA0916BS160129 Targa US 228k Meteor Grey Metallic Black USA Fair Oaks Andy Kopac . .
1981 WP0EA0917BS160123 Targa US 82k Pacific Bue Black USA San Carlos, CA Ron Howard . .
1981 WP0EA0915BS160137 Targa US 176k Rosewood Metallic Tan USA Rock Hill, SC David Costello . Stock
1981 WP0EA0918BS160164 Targa US Cal 189k Pewter Metallic Black USA Danville, California Ed Olson .
Replaced Beige interior with black, Brimbo brakes, 16 inch Fuchs
1981 WP0EA0910BS160188 Targa US 38k Guards Red Black USA Hampden, Maine Scott & Megan Clough . 3rd owners, SSI heat exchangers, Carrera chain tensioners, Raceware cylinder head studs
1981 WP0EA0916BS160230 Targa US 150k Pewter Metallic Black/Beige USA Huntsville, Al SJE .
1981 WP0EA0917BS160267 Cabrio conv US 114k Black Black Canada Vancouver Ray Hargreaves . .
1981 WP0EA0914CS160292 Targa US 109k Rosewood / Palisander Metallic Brown Germany Oldenburg Frank Kaempf . .
1981 WP0EA0913BS160315 Targa US 111k Wine Red Metallic Beige Canada Ste-Foy, Quebec Marc Delisle . .
1981 WP0EA0916BS160356 Targa US 130k Guards Red Black USA Florence, Alabama Gary Doty . Whale tail, front sway bar, custom stainless airbox
1981 WP0EA091XBS160389 Targa US CAL 145k Bamboo Brown Brown USA Highland, California Ryan Williams website
Renewed suspension, 3.6 engine install coming up
1981 WP0EA0917BS160396 Targa US 101k Bamboo Brown Brown USA Mill Creek, WA Peter S White . .
1981 WP0EA0910BS160496 Targa US 172k Guards Red Tan USA Howell, MI Oren Lane . .
1981 WP0EA0910BS160501 Targa US 55k Guards Red (orig- Mocha Black) Tan USA Dallas, Texas hplug . .
1981 WP0EA0913BS160508 Targa US 107k GP White Black USA New York City, NY Asaf Gola . Fully restored, engine rebuilt, CIS replaced with PMO carbs, new exhaust, transmission rebuilt with shorter gears, LSD differential, virtually all mechanical parts replaced, RS door panels
1981 WP0EA0915BS160512 Targa US 80k Guards Red Black USA Quad Cities, Iowa Mack the Knife . I'm the third owner and I've had the car since 2000. It pretty much looks like it came out of a time capsule.
1981 WP0EA091XBS160537 Targa US 45k Mocha Brown Beige USA Holliston, Massachusetts Philip Galiardi . Original 1 owner car unmodified, original paint,lowered.Engine refresh due to broken head studs at 42,500 miles
1981 WP0EA0915BS160560 Targa US 78k Black Mocha USA Madison, CT Jeff Noonan . .
1981 WP0EA091XBS160599 Targa US CAL 94k Guards Red Black USA Elk Grove, California Ethan Jackson .
1981 WP0EA0911BS160619 Targa US 135k Black Black USA Richardson, Texas Mark A .
1981 WP0EA091XBS160621 Targa US 108k Silver Metallic Black Belgium Hooglede Vandaele Nico .  
1981 WP0EA0918BS160679 Targa US 151k Guards Red Black USA San Clemente, CA Ray . .
1981 WP0EA091XBS160683 Targa US 115k GP White Black Canada Duncan Dave . .
1981 WP0EA0919BS160707 Targa US 17k Guards Red Black USA . . . Sold Aug18 to unknown person
1981 WP0EA091XBS160781 Targa US Cal 127k GP White Black USA Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey Greg Kimmet . Just purchased, interior needs some lovin'
1981 WP0EA0914BS160825 Targa US 325k Guards Red Cork USA CA Lesley P Hanrahan . This car has been in the family since it had 56000 miles. As of March 15, 2021 the cylinder heads have never been off, however the engine is scheduled for an overhaul soon.
1981 WP0EA0918BS160830 Targa US 65k Chiffon White Brown USA Dever Colorado Matt Fontaine . .
1981 WP0EA0910BS160854 Targa US 88k Wine Red Metallic Cork USA Long Beach, CA Kenneth M . .
1981 WP0EAO91BS160876 Targa US 87k Bamboo Brown USA Bozeman, MT Jere . All original, no accidents, all orig paint, factory options: whale tail, and 16" wheels. I am fourth owner, would like to locate the first two owners.
1981 WP0EA0918BS160892 Targa US 109k Weinrot Metallic Black USA Phoenix, Arizona Jeff C . .
1981 WP0EA0917BS160902 Targa US 68k Wine Red Metallic Black full Leather USA Petersburg, PA Porschephanatic .
SSI, stainless Dansk dual in/out, rebuilt top-end, Sach sport clutch / f/wheel.
1981 WP0EA0916BS160907 Targa US 141k Talbot Yellow Brown USA Los Angeles, California Arron Mack . .
1981 WP0EA0916BS160910 Targa US 104k Bamboo/Beige Tan/Brown USA Hopkins, MN Tim Commers . 4th owner since 2008
1981 WP0EA0911BS160927 Targa US 59k Guards Red Red Leather Canada Vancouver, BC Robert Yeager .
Fuchs, Bilstein, twin oil coolers, full leather interior
1981 WP0EA0916BS160941 Targa US 127k GP White Black USA New Smyma Beach, Florida Bazza website
944 turbo brakes, SSI's, RS rear bumper, Recaro seats, 5 point harness
1981 WP0EA0916BS161054 Targa US ? Silver Black USA Prattville, Alabama Eddie D Jr . .
1981 WP0EA0919BS161064 Targa US 32k Wine Red Metallic Cork USA Rosedale, NY Brooklyn_Porsche . .
1981 WP0EA0914BS161277 Targa US 180k Black Black USA La Palma, CA George Weigand . Purchased 2000 from San Diego, CA
1981 WP0EA0913BS161285 Targa US CAL 118k Guards Red Black USA Exeter, New Hampshire Robert Tuttle .
1981 WP0EA0910BS161292 Targa US 92k Wine Red Metallic Cork USA Tulsa. OK Gary Crouch . .
1981 WP0EA0911BS161303 Targa US Cal 88k Rosewood Metallic Brown USA Southern California George Lewis . Excellent inside and out, upgrade AC system (Kuehl Project) third owner
1981 WP0EA0916BS161331 Targa US Cal 116k Rosewood Metallic Brown Canada QC J Pinet . .
1981 WP0EA0918BS161329 Targa US 78k Pewter Metallic Black USA Warner Robins, GA Jim Woodlock . .
1981 WP0EA0916BS161345 Targa US . Platinum Metallic Brown USA Northern, NJ Scott Howard . Color coded 16" Fuchs
1981 WP0EA0915BS161353 Targa US 72k Platinum Metallic Black USA St. Petersburg, Florida

Doug Werth

. Track car, sway bars, '74 exhaust, Short Shift, RSR Bumpers, 16" x 7 & 8" Fuchs
1982 model

C Series, produced Aug1981 - Jul1982 WP0AA091ZCS120001- WP0AA091ZCS122457

Coupe US                
1982 WP0AA0914CS120051 Coupe US 204k Moss Green Metallic Black USA Clovis, CA Rocklin D Lyons . Engine rebuild in 2003. Repainted original color 1999.
1982 WP0AA0910CS120077 Coupe US CAL 129k ? Black/Grey USA San Deigo, California James Tomlinson website
Primary photo model in Wayne Dempsey's "101 Projects for your 911". All susp upgrades. Engine rebuild at 127k
1982 WP0AA0918CS120165 Coupe US 101k Platinum Metallic Brown USA Littleton, Colorado Vicki Earnshaw .
1982 WP0AA0915CS120284 Coupe US 142k Chiffon White Brown USA Greenwich, NY USA . 3rd owner
1982 WP0AA0915CS120303 Coupe US 65k Rosewood Brown USA Killeen, Texas


. .
1982 WP0AA0916CS120360 Coupe US 157k Wine Red Metallic Black USA San Diego, California Patrick Garvey .
1982 WP0AA0910CS120368 Coupe US 129k Pacific Blue Metallic Dark Blue Canada Spirit River, Alberta Darren McCarty . Found in garage, owner selling home. Car "came" with house needed to sell "just an old car"
1982 WP0AA0917CS120383 Coupe US 102k Pacific Blue Metallic Tan USA Tucson, Arizona Jonathon Hanson . .
1982 WP0AA0919CS120398 Coupe US 131k Wine Red Metallic Tan USA Salem, MA Joe Morency .
1982 WP0AA0910CS120497 Coupe, sunroof US 42k Black Tan UK London James Beveridge . Sunroof stock Coupe with optional sport package, original. Imported to UK late 2016. I have traced two owners from 2006 thru to 2007 but then nothing. Trying to trace the car's history.
1982 WP0AA0911CS120539 Coupe US 100k Guards Red Black USA Charlotte, NC Jeff C . In storage for 10 years, purchased in 2008 with no engine and poor paint, has been completely repainted and 3.2 Carrera engine installed
1982 WP0AA0915CS120558 Coupe US 150k Diamond Blue Metalic Black USA Georgetown, Texas Doug Brown . Turbo tail, SSI heat exchange, M&K exhaust, Recaro SE, 7x9 17" Fiske FM10
1982 WP0AA0910CS120631 Coupe US 97k Rosewood Metallic Tan USA Columbia, South Carolina Drew Theodore .
Bursch test pipe & muffler, short shifter
1982 WP0AA0917CS120657 Coupe US ? Platinum Metallic Black USA ? Babak . .
1982 WP0AA0914CS120745 Coupe US 75k Pewter/Zinc Metallic Red USA Woodstock, GA Scott MacKie . 5th owner. AC delete, heat backdate, sport exhaust, 21/29 hollow torsions, adjustable sways, Bilstein sports x 4, bronze bushings, finned oil lines, 7 x 9 Fuch's, BBS for street, short shift
1982 WP0AA0913CS120770 Coupe US 65k Black Black USA Dubuque, IA Eric .
Turbo look body with Fuch's
1982 WP0AA0910CS120807 Coupe US 227k Custon Black Metallic Tan Canada Toronto, Ontario Dave . Top end rebuild at 220k, backdated to '74 style heat exchangers with a dual in/out B&B exhaust
1982 WP0AA0912CS120808 Coupe US 145k Platinum Metallic Black USA Phoenixville, PA mr911sc . .
1982 WP0AA091XCS120815 Coupe US 81k Dark Grey Metallic Ivory USA Warner Robins, GA Will Gambill . .
1982 WP0AA0918CS120828 Coupe US 80k Guards Red Black USA Hixson, TN Paul Burch . Sunroof, Recaro Classic C seats, suspension mods, lowered, factory Turbo tail, small rear bumper guards, rear seat delete
1982 WP0AA0910CS120855 Coupe US 85k Silver Metallic Black USA Greenville, SC Sponge . Delivered in Germany to US specifications and shipped to Colorado. Sun Roof. Fog Lights. Front and Rear Spoiler. Leather Sport Seats. Electric passenger side mirror. Headlight washers
1982 WP0AA0986CS120879 Coupe US ? Blutengelb (orig. Guards Red) black (orig. tan) USA Cornwall on Hudson, New York Stephan Wilkinson . Subject of my book "The Gold-Plated Porsche: How I Spent a Small Fortune on a Used Car, and Other Misadventures". Mods include 3.4L Engine.
1982 WP0AA0916CS120892 Coupe US 116k Chifon White Tan Germany Wesel NRW Carsten Doehrn . Bought April 2013 from Jim Holt / Aurora USA. All original, been in storage for 5 years, going back onto the road
1982 WP0AA0911CS120914 Coupe US 105k Black Black USA Cincinnati, OH Chris Brumleve .
1982 WP0AA0913CS120977 Coupe US ? Wine Red Metallic Tan USA Colorado Paul Beckingham . Total ground-up restoration, every nut and bolt, back to as-new condition or better at 75kmiles. Only 3k added since
1982 WP0AA0910CS120984 Coupe US 60k Light Blue Metallic Blue USA Woodinville, WA Scot Paulson . Lowered to Euro specs, head studs changed
1982 WP0AA0918CS121042 Coupe US 133k Bamboo Brown USA Centennial Jeff Coverly . .
1982 WP0AA0919CS121048 Coupe US 67k GP White Beige/Brown USA N.E.P.A. Rob C . Original SC from HE, second owner
1982 WP0AA0917CS121078 Coupe US 170k Meteor Metallic Black USA Amarillo, Texas Barry Bogue .
1982 WP0AA0911CS121139 Coupe US 152k Chiffon White Black USA Abington, Maryland Tony Staten .
3rd owner, painted twice, short shifter, lowered, turbo tail
1982 WP0AA0918CS121140 Coupe US 45k Black Beige Puerto Rico San Juan William Rios Jr .
1982 WP0AA0912CS121148 Coupe US 102k Chiffon White Tan USA Seattle, WA Jim Oster . .
1982 WP0AA0912CS121179 Coupe US 165k Pacific Blue Metallic Tan
Mt Washington, KY Jesse Tamura .
1982 WP0AA0912CS121182 Coupe Sunroof US 34k Wine Red Metallic Beige Partial Leather USA Chapin, South Carolina Dick Lane .
Forged Alloy Wheels
1982 WP0AA0918CS121199 Coupe US 91k Rosewood Metallic Tan USA New Mexico Rob Franklin .
Third owner
1982 WP0AA091XCS121205 Coupe US 105k Guards Red Tan USA Marietta, GA Bob . .
1982 WP0AA0911CS121206 Coupe US 193k Silver Brown USA Oscelola, Indiana Tim . New design turbo tail, 18 inch wheels, lowered, fresh rebuilt motor and trans
1982 WP0AA0917CS121217 Coupe US 82k Light Blue Blue Puerto Rico San Juan Jose G Lopez Vela . Mostly original with upgrades. Engine is strong and responsive
1982 WP0AA0911CS121223 Coupe Sunroof US 143k Black Tan USA Atlanta, Georgia Michele Ritsch . Rebuilt
1982 WP0AA0912CS121232 Coupe US 84k Moss Green Metallic Tan USA Morganton, NC Dave . .
1982 WP0AA0915CS121239 Coupe Sunroof US 122k Bamboo Brown Leather USA Arroyo Grande, California Marcie Fricia & Mark Britell .
1982 WP0AA0912CS121294 Coupe US 150k Light Blue Metallic Blue USA Davis, CA Courtney C. Williams . 7 and 8 inch rims, sports shocks, SSI, A/C deleted. optima battery, bumperettes removed. total weight: 2600lbs.
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS121266 Coupe US 107 Platinum Metallic Tan/Brown Netherlands Amsterdam Camiel Hiel Belonged to Victoria Principal, the actor from TV show Dallas. Bought in LA in 2008. Car repainted (original colour) and interior renewed. Engine original
1982 WP0AA0913CS121319 Coupe Sunroof US 51k Chiffon White Tobacco Tan Leather USA Hollywood, CA Stephen Murray .
Full Leather, turbo tail, testpipe/muffler, lowered
1982 WP0AA0912CS121375 Coupe US 88k Pacific Metallic Blue Hannibal Grey USA Vancouver, Washington Ron Deaver . .
1982 WP0AA0910CS121410 Coupe US 190k GP White Black USA Westbury, NY Harold Butler . Upgraded Ignition (MSD & wires) Stiffer torsen bars turbo wheels Dankse Muffler w/cat delete pipe Short shifter
1982 WP0AAO914CS121426 Coupe   US Black Black USA Chardon, OH Wolfgang Kaufer . Turbo Suspension upgrades, tail, low gears, 80% Lock diff
1982 WP0AA0917CS121453 Coupe Sunroof US 165k Guards Red Camel USA Lawrenceville, Georgia Bill Rawlins .
Turbo Tail
1982 WP0AA0915CS121502 Coupe US 86k Black Black USA Eugene, OR Ernie . .
1982 WP0AA0919CS121535 Coupe US 195k Royal Blue Black USA / NZ San Francisco, California Andrew .
1982 WP0AA0916CS121542 Coupe Sunroof US 140k Pacific Blue Metallic Black USA New Hampshire Steven Hamblen . .
1982 WP0AA0917CS121551 Coupe US 132k Pacific Blue Metallic Blue USA Shepherds Store, VA Dan Graff . .
1982 WP0AA0915CS121564 Coupe US 143k Black


USA Mineral, Virginia 911mac .
Converted to EFI 03/2004
1982 WP0AA0916CS121606 Coupe US 135k Guards Red Black USA Rock Hill, SC Floyd Bryant . Sunroof, a/c, headers, short-throw
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101661 Coupe US 140k GP White Black USA Bluff Dale, TX G Hopkins . .
1982 WP0AA0914CS121667 Coupe Sunroof US Cal 315k Guards Red Tan USA Fountain Valley, CA Ken Fredrickson . Owned for 22 years
1982 WP0AA0914CS121670 Coupe US 47k Pacific Blue Metallic Blue-Grey Houndstooth USA Ohio Brad Breidinger .
Front Spolier, Whale Tail, Sunroff, Sport Seats
1982 WPOAA0916CS121671 Coupe US 113k Black Black USA Fountain Valley, CA George R Bernard . .
1982 WP0AA0911CS121674 Coupe US 84k Platinum Metallic Brown USA Braselton, Georgia Arnaldo Diaz .
1982 WP0AA0911CS121707 Coupe US Cal 109k Pacific Blue Metallic Black USA Los Angeles, California Tony G website 340HP 3.6 liter, SSI, WebCam 2021, 2 in/2 out muffler, 1997 993 interior/dash, 7"/9" Fuchs
1982 WP0AAO911CS121853 Coupe US 85k GP White Blue Canada Brantford Andy . Originally blue (acific or Minerva) currently L908 Grand Prix White, steel widebody using factory components, high polished Fuchs with body color paint in between pedals, enamel crests center caps, lowered to Euro height
1982 WP0AA0910CS121861 Coupe US 116k GP White Black USA El Paso John . 4th owner, originally purchase in Southern California. The car has lived in Southwest US since new. The first two owners were women and the 3rd owner was an older gentleman. Currently restoring the interior. Engine, trans, 16" Fuchs and the paint are all original
1982 WP0AA0912CS121862 Coupe US 175k Carerra White Brown USA Broomfield, CO Chuck Hasek . Original Color was Chiffon White, a previous owner repainted to Carrera White
1982 WP0AA0912CS121893 Coupe US 10k Schwarz Metallic Tan USA Long Beach, California Richard Armstrong . Original 10k miles, car is as new condition with only 3 owners. Was first registered in 2004, with original title and bill of sale. Full service history
1982 WP0AA091XCS121897 Coupe US 57k Palisander Metallic Tan USA Cincinnati, OH Dan Bissmeyer . .
1982 WP0AA0918CS121901 Coupe US Cal 156k Meteor Metallic Black USA San Diego, California Alan Berry .
Original dealer is Carlsen Porsche/Audi in Palo Alto
1982 WP0AA0911CS121917 Coupe US 88k Rosewood Metallic Tan Leather USA Winchester, Virginia Tim Atkinson .
1982 WP0AA0919CS121924 Coupe US 92k Petrol Blue Beige Leather Belgium Brussels M Demortier . .
1982 WP0AA0919CS121938 Coupe US 174k Silver Black Canada West Coast, BC Andrew R . SSI exhaust, Cup 1 Wheels, 4th ower
1982 WP0AA0910CS121939 Coupe US 66k Platinum Metallic Tan Leather USA Orange, Ca Joe Pritts . Origanal car paint & upholstery
1982 WP0AA0919CS121941 Coupe US 123k Guards Red Cork USA Oviedo, Florida JEKelleyJr . .
1982 WP0AA0916CS121959 Coupe US 115k Dark Grey Metallic Tan USA Issaquah Washington Eugean Thompson . Bone stock-all OEM-car has been repainted
1982 WP0AA0910CS121973 Coupe US 112k Black Black USA California Larry Bafia .
1982 WP0AA0912CS121974 Coupe US 127k Platinum Metallic Black/Tan USA Dallas, Texas VTCMart .
Interior partially converted over to Black
1982 WP0AA0911CS121979 Coupe US 103k Black Grey Beige USA Miami, Florida Ken . paxton supercharger, hpx crank fire ignition, methanol injection, elephant lines and front cooler
1982 WP0AA0913CS121983 Coupe US 172k Chiffon White Black USA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Bill Pettit . Bought in Mar 2011 from Norfolk Va. Rebuilt transmission, new calipers & pads; currently restoring interior & some electrical work
1982 WP0AA0916CS122044 Coupe US Cal 93k Chiffon White Chestnut Brown USA San Jose, California Joby N .
1982 WP0AA0918CS122052 Coupe US 189k GP White Black USA OR Ron Postma . .
1982 WPOZZZ91ZCS122073 Coupe US 75k Zinn Metallic Blue Netherlands Rhenen, Utrecht Henk-Jan van Vlastuin . History of the isn't complete right now. I'm restoring this car and hopefully someone can help me with the history of this car
1982 WP0AA0916CS122083 Coupe US Cal 128k Rosewood Metallic Brown USA San Mateo, California Vinnie Vincienzo . .
1982 WP0AA0913CS122101 Coupe US 167k Titanium silver metallic (BMW) Black USA Oak Ridge, Tennessee Scott Williams . car started out silver, then , now titanium silver metallic (BMW color code)
1981/82 WP0AA0915CS122111 Coupe US 74k Black Light Brown leather USA CA Wayne Freedman . purchase the car in 1987. First driver had leased it. I have had the car ever since. All original, full leather interior in light brown, original black paint, and still a stunningly beautiful car
1982 WP0AA0913CS122115 Coupe US 77k Guards Red Black USA Wilmington, NC Kirk Muffley . .
1982 WP0AA0911CS122145 Coupe US 73k Minerva Blue Metallic Black/Blue USA Fredericksburg, VA Douglas Hewitt . .
1982 WP0AA0916CS122156 Coupe US 95k Platinum Metallic Tan USA Los Angeles, CA W Weaver . Second Owner
1982 WP0AA091XCS122161 Coupe US 138k Platinum Metallic Brown USA Woodinville, Washington Steve McDonald . 3.2 webbers, crankfire, SSI, sport seats, lowered
1982 WP0AA0913CS122162 Coupe US 96k Pacific Blue Metallic Beige USA Seattle, Washington H2C911SC .
SSI's Danske, Repainted
1982 WP0AA0913CS122180 Coupe Sunroof US 118k Moss Green Metallic Black USA Maryland Bryan Hays .
'87 3.2L Euro Motor, Turbo brakes, 964 Seats
1982 WP0AA0919CS122197 Coupe Sunroof US 82k GP White Black Full Leather USA Denver, Colorado Mark .
Originally sold in N. Carolina. I am the fourth owner.
1982 WP0AA0917CS122246 Coupe US 118k Guards Red Black USA Lynnwood, WA Rich Lambert .
Carrera Tail
1982 WP0AA0910CS122279 Coupe US 148k Bitter Chocolate Tan USA Meriden, CT Brian R . Engine/drivetrain completely rebuilt 14k miles ago. Repaint to Bitter Chocolate( was Bamboo Beige).
1982 WP0AA0910CS122296 Coupe US 52k Pacific Blue Tan Leather USA Palm City, Florida Karlin K Daniel . Carrera headlight rings
1982 WP0AA0919CS122376 Coupe US 203k Schwartz Metallic Tan USA Brooklyn, NY Jason Titus purchased in 2013after a full engine and drive-train rebuild. Have since added Elephant racing oil cooler and updated some esthetic details
1982 WP0AA0918CS122384 Coupe US 82k Guards Red Black USA Vernon Antonio A.Oliveira . .
1982 WP0AA091XCS122404 Coupe US . Black Black Canada Saint-Sauveur, Qu�bec Pierre Richard . .
1982 WP0AA0917CS122442 Coupe US 119k Guards Red Black USA Lynnwood, WA Roy Ovenell .
1982 WP0AA0916CS122447 Coupe US 54k Platinum Metallic Brown USA Bakersfield, CA Robert Puente . .
1982 WP0AA091XCS122449 Coupe US 163k Black Black USA Tulsa, OK Archhill . .
1982 model

WP0EA091ZCS160001- WP0EA091ZCS162426

Targa US                
1982 WP0EA0917CS160108 Targa US 120k Pewter Metallic Black USA California Rebecca Prouty . rumored to be owner #3. Purchased in Hermosa Beach CA
1982 WP0EA0615CS160138 Targa US 58k Guards Red Black Brazil S�o Paulo - SP Luiz Furlan . Third owner, bought my car from Top Gear Auto in NJ and imported to Brazil. My car is in an excellent condition
1982 WP0EA0918CS160151 Targa US 42k Wine Red Metallic Black USA Seattle, WA Dwaine Weiss . .
1982 WP0EA091XCS160152 Targa US 100k Sienna Red Black Brazil Sao Paulo M Moreira . Currently being restored to original spec
1982 WP0EA0915CS160169 Targa US 29k Guards Red Black USA Camas WA Eric . Leather Dash, 16in Fuchs, original condition
1982 WP0EA0916CS160182 Targa US 110k Light Bronze Metallic Burgundy Czech Replublic Prague Vagus . Bought from Florida (2007), nearly stock
1982 WPEA0910CS160194 Targa US 73k Black Black USA Michigan Thomas Gaffney . very original car - engine rebuilt at 54000 miles
1982 WP0EA0918CS160229 Targa US 90k Light Blue Metallic Blue USA Darnestown, MD EA . Fathers previous car, acquired from local PCA member in 2000, sold spring of 2015. Added Aero mirrors, polished fuchs. Was told the new owner was sending the car to Germany for a Singer-esque treatment.
1982 WP0EA0917CS160271 Targa US 85k GP White Brown USA Newbern, TN Dennis Wieck .
1982 WP0EA0919CS160286 Targa US 303k Platinum Metallic Tan USA Austin, TX Jason Pratt . Purchased from seller in MA in 10/14 - car was kept in Bakersfield, CA for much of its life. Rolling restore project currently. Rebuilt motor and trans around 300k miles. New top, Bilsteins, sunvisors, brakes, carpet
1982 WP0EA091XCS160314 Targa US 17k Black Black USA Pottstown, PA Dan Forster . Wide Body, slant nose, very unique dual distributor belt drive off cam, six webers, big bore pistons
1982 WP0EA091XCS160331 Targa US 160k Moss Green Metallic Tan Canada Ottawa, Ontario Pat R . .
1982 WP0EA0912CS160355 Targa US 119k Caramel Brown Chocolate Brown Germany Frankfurt Rainer Schmidt . 7 and 8" Fuchs, unrestored original rust free Arizona and California car, one repaint in original factory color in the past
1982 WP0EA0917CS160366 Targa US 22k Meteor Metallic Black USA Anchorage, AK Todd H . Original documented mileage, excellent condition.
1982 WP0EA0911CS160427 Targa US 261k Black Black USA California Mark Sides .
1982 WP0EA0917CS160433 Targa US 146k Minerva Blue Metallic Black USA Dallas, Texas CSFASTP . .
1982 WP0EA0918CS160490 Targa US 115k Guards Red White/Black USA Montgonery, Texas Paul Edward Lee .
Complete restoration in progress, including new dash, upholstry, carpet, aircraft aluminum trim work.
1982 WP0EA0915CS160558


US 77k Blue Caramel USA Aurora, CO Ledra Symons . .
1982 WP0EA091XCS160636 Targa US 91k Black Tan USA Maumelle, Arkansas Mike Wilson . Complete restoration begins. Barn find in Sedalia, MO
1982 WP0EA0911CS160654 Targa US 49k Black Black USA CA

Peter Lucas

. Original 85 MPH Speedometer with 7,500 miles and now clocked with 41,000 on 150 MPH replacement speedometer
1982 WP0EA0915CS160706 Targa US 78k Black Black/Tan Canada Casselman, Ontario Francois Murphy . All original
1982 WP0EA0917CS160707 Targa US Cal 55k Guards Red Cork USA Hartford, Connecticut Bill Herber .
Lowered, TurboTail, 7's & 8's
1982 WP0EA0912CS160727 Targa US Cal 115k Pewter Metallic Scarlet Red USA Long Island, NY Steven J Spinner . Originally purchased and driven in Albuquerque, New Mexico for 31 years until I purchased in 2013 as the second owner
1982 WP0EA0910CS160807 Targa US 149k GP White Tan Germany Westfalia Andreas . Purchased in 2014
1982 WP0EA0912CS160808 Targa US 166k Guards Red Black USA Melbourne, Fl Swarthy1   .
1982 WP0EA0919CS160823 Targa US 165k Pacific Blue Metallic Beige USA Boise, Idaho David H   dual outlet exhaust, short shift kit
1982 WP0EA0910C8160872 Targa US 98k Pacific Blue Metallic Dark Blue USA Syracuse, NY Don Insel . Stock
1982 WP0EA0912CS160890 Targa US 200k Red Wine Metallic Red Leather USA Greensboro, NC Sean Bir . Daily driver
1982 WP0EA0912BS160919 Targa US 147k Black Tan USA Eagle Mountain, UT Justin . .
1982 WP0EA0917CS160934 Targa US . Bamboo Beige Brown USA Tigard, Oregon Doug Russell .
1982 WP0EA0919CS160935 Targa US 71k Black Brown USA Brooklyn Park, MN Brian Mayer website .
1982 WP0EA0916CS061010 Targa RoW 72k Black Tan USA St Louis Missouri Ronn Diamond . Original owner, garage kept, winter stored, professionally lowered, euro head and tail lights , whale tail, auxiliary oil cooler, original Fuchs wheels black with chrome ring. Fab speed exhaust system
1982 W0PEA0911CS161030 Targa US 92k Black Black USA Mission Viejo Pete Mahatha . .
1982 WP0EA0918CS161073 Targa US 101k Black Black Hungary Budapest Mike LeBeau . .
1982 WP0EA0913CS161093 Targa US 275k Platunum Metallic Brown USA Virginia Kevin . Imported to Steve Taub Porsche in Santa Monica, CA Mar 1982, 3 Previous owners, Complete service history back to 1994.
1982 WP0EA0911CS161108 Targa US 88k Hella Blau (Blue) Navy USA Asheville, NC Dean Alspaugh . Like new.
1982 WP0EA0914CS161135 Targa US 184k Pacific Blue Metallic Tan Canada Vancouver Kory Swanson . .
1982 WP0EA0910CS161164 Targa US ? Silver Black


. Marco Paunescu . Upgraded to 964, being slowly downgraded to original SC parts. Car was imported to Germany in 1991 and eventually to Italy in 1993
1982 WP0EA0916CS161167 Targa US 102k Silver Black Spain Madrid Macca . Imported to Spain (from USA) in November 2010. Now registered as a historic vehicle.
1982 WP0EA0915CS161208 Targa US 70k Wine Red Metallic Black USA Ohio Garry B .
1982 WP0EA0917CS161260 Targa US Cal 183k Bamboo Beige Chocolate USA Half Moon Bay, CA Rich Weigelt . All stock except Momo steering wheel
1982 WP0EA0910CS161276 Targa US 104k Bamboo Beige Brown Leather USA San Diego, California Eric . .
1982 WP0EA0916CS161279 Targa US 146k Mosha Brown Brown Canada Surrey Charlie Vanditmars . Turbo valve covers, SSI w/ BB muffler, hollow torsion bars 23/29, poly bushings, lowered to Euro spec, corner balanced
1982 WP0EA0918CS161364 Targa US 148k Pacific Blue Metallic Blue USA Minneapolis, Minnesota Craig Herman .
1982 WP0EA0912CS161408 Targa US 63k Wine Red Metallic Black USA Salt Lake City, Utah


90% restored
1982 WP0EA091XCS161429 Targa US ? Metallic Blue Dark Blue USA Castleton, NY Geoff Riding . .
1982 WP0EA0919CS161437 Targa US 84k Pewter Black USA Absecon, NJ Bill Ditmire . VERY original, paint good to excellent
1982 WP0EA015xCS161452 Targa US 62k Wine Red Metallic Tan USA Reno, NV Denis Smith . .
1982 WP0EA0917CS161484 Targa US 137k Chiffon White Chocolate Brown Leather USA Liberty, NY Todd Barker . Turbo Tail, Momo wheel
1982 WP0EA0919CS160496


US 78k Guards Red Tan USA . Savjr . .
1982 WP0EA091XCS161592 Targa US 58k Guards Red Black USA San Jose California Serg   Purchased from Roadsport Porsche in Campbell, CA. Maintained by E. Zander's German Auto in Sacramento
1982 WP0EA0910DS160222 Targa US 97k Black Tan USA Texas Andy Gluesenkamp . .
1982 WP0EA0915CS161628 Targa US 73k Black Black USA Lewisville, Texas Mike Stafford .
1982 WP0EA0910CS161682 Targa US 118k GP White Brown USA Denver, CO Michael Elliott . Interior changed to black, engine just completing rebuild.
1982 WP0EA0912CS161683 Targa US 60k Chiffon White Tan USA Bethesda, Maryland Alex C . .
1982 WP0EA0917CS161694 Targa US 85k Guards Red Black USA Sherman, CT Bill .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS161721 Targa US 200k GP White Black Brazil Sao Paulo D Guerra . Porsche side script
1982 WP0EA0917CS161744 Targa US 150k Black Black USA Granada Hills, California Mase . Triple black paint, leather, engine top end rebuild , new Targa top, 16" polished Fuchs, H4 lights, Momo steering wheel, Blaupunkt, all outside rubber replaced. It's my 911K retirement account!
1982 WP0EA0912CS161778 Targa US 147k Guards Red Beige USA Miami, Florida Juan M Gomez . Recently Rebuild Engine & Trans. Just repainted, and new carpeting.
1982 WP0EA0916CS161895 Targa US 130k Guards Red Beige USA Perdido Key, FL John Hood . .
1982 WP0EA0918CS161915 Targa US 42k Wine Red Tan USA Eliot, Maine Frank Trask . Superb condition
1982 WP0EA0918CS161932 Targa US . Pewter Metallic VA USA Wayne, Maine Paul . .
1982 WP0EA0914CS161961 Targa US 160k Blue Blue USA New York Freddiec . .
1982 WP0EA0918CS161980 Targa US 63k Black Black USA Northern, NJ Kevin Brincat . .
1982 WP0EA091XCS161981 Targa US 41k Black Black USA Modesto, California Glenn Graham . Perfect showroom condition
1982 WP0EA0917CS162019 Targa US 113k Zinc Metallic Blue USA Southampton NY Mike White . .
1982 WP0EA0913CS162082 Targa US 3k on new motor GP White Brown USA Malibu, California D Scott Brenot . Less than3k miles on rebuilt engine (07-08) All orignal Porsche parts & certified Mechanic
1982 WP0EA0912CS162137 Targa US 91k Rosewood Metallic Black USA Raleigh, NC John Detelich . JE Pistons 9.8 Compression CE rebuilt and flowed heads Ex. Dorkiphus Founder car
1982 WP0EA0910CS162170 Targa US 220k Caramel Brown USA Covina, CA Craig Pierce . Not original engine - recently rebuilt @ 95k, new interior, No A/C
1982 WP0EA091XCS162189 Targa US 145k Black Black USA Avondale, AZ Michael Sturn . .
1982 WP0EA0917CS162201 Targa US 116k Black Black USA Oviedo, Florida David Fowlkes .
1982 WP0EA0910CS162220 Targa US 90k GP White Tan USA Richmond, VA Gordon Bass . Car was sold at Rose Porsche/Audi in Roanoke. The second owner sold it to the man I bought it from. He lived in Bel Air, MD
1982 WP0EA091ZCS162254 Targa US 158k Blue Black Belgium . Frank . .
1982 WP0EA0911CS162338 Targa US CAL 120k Pacific Blue Metallic Hannibal Grey USA California Robert Warren .
Sports Susp, lowered, short shift
1982 WP0EA0918CS162367 Targa US 198k Guards Red Tan UK Greater Manchester John Humphrey . 3 previous US owners, car was originally rosewood metallic and fully repainted guards red, foglamps, Bilseins and 16 inch Fuchs wheels. Just imported into the UK
1982 WP0EA0916CS162383 Targa US 59k Light Blue Metallic Beige USA Colorado Chris Latshaw .
3rd Owner, lowered susp.,H4's, SSI's, Monty 2in/1out stainless exhaust, and polished lip 7's & 9's Fuchs.
1982 WP0EA0916CS162394 Targa US 77k Zinn Metallic Black USA Houston, TX Bob Cote . .
1982 model

WP0ZZZ91ZCS100001- WP0ZZZ91ZCS103307

Coupe Rest of World                
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100020 Coupe RoW 127k GP White Red England London Aggis Demetriou . Original car
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100053 Coupe RoW 247k Guards Red Black South Africa Free State Jon Goetsch . has a GT tail and 18inch rims she is so sexy:-)
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100055 Coupe RoW 90k Platinum Metallic Black The Netherlands Eindhoven Wim van Engelen . Imported from Switzerland in 1997, original car in perfect technical condition, body repainted in 2010 by acknowledged Porsche manufacturer
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100063 Coupe RoW 69k Meteor Metallic part leather France Angers - Maine et Loire Manceau . 'Ferry Porsche' 50th anniversay special edition
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100108 Coupe RoW 65k Meteor Grey   Italy Poirino Mario Toso . 'Ferry Porsche' - first Ferry registered in Italy
1981 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100109 Coupe RoW 61k Meteor Metallic   Germany Flensburg Michael V . 'Ferry Porsche' 50th Anniversary Special Edition
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100144 Coupe RoW 90k Meteor Metallic part leather Norway Akershus O.Wiik . 'Ferry Porsche' 50th Anniversary Special Edition
1982 WP0ZZZ93ZCS100154 Coupe RoW 23k Black Black USA Orlando, Florida Albertx . Steel Slantnose Coupe, 3.6 Stroker
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100159 Coupe RoW ? Meteor Metallic Burgundy France Valenciennes Sabastien Cayrol . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100239 Coupe Sunroof RoW 135k Black Black USA

Volcono, Amador, California

Terry Grillo .
9s & 7s, lowered, front spoiler, tower brace
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100253 Coupe RoW ?? Rosewood Metallic Black Brunei Gadong Jefri Yahya .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100258 Coupe RoW 110k Meteor Metallic Burgundy Spain Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Salvador Meli�n . 'Ferry Porsche' 50th Anniversary Special Edition
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100277 Coupe RoW 96k Meteor Metallic part leather
Zemst Lievens Jurgen . 'Ferry Porsche' 50th Anniversary Special Edition
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100279 Coupe RoW 84k Meteor Metallic part leather USA Long Beach, IN David Stephens . 'Ferry Porsche' 50th Anniversary Special Edition
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100348 Coupe RoW 87k Guards Red Black South Africa Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng Wassie . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100400 Coupe RoW 18k Platinum Metallic Brown Hong Kong Sar Lam Lam . First hand car owned over 25 years, good maintenance and elegance interior....
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100401 Coupe RoW 32k Meteor Metallic Burgundy Malaysia Ipoh, Perak Harold Hedge . 'Ferry Porsche' 50th Anniversay Special Edition
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100404 Coupe RoW 80k Meteor Metallic Burgundy New Zealand Hamilton Brent & Lorraine Beattie . 'Ferry Porsche' 50th Anniversay Special Edition, RH drive
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100536 Coupe RoW 305k Silver Metallic 4343 Blue Australia Adelaide Rob Ephgrave . Delivered new by Autohaus in Perth 08/04/1982, history up to 275K,whale tail, front spoiler,16 Fuchs wheels about to rebuild engine,trans and bare metal repaint,suspension and brakes.Optional equipment 395473559650
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100563 Coupe RoW 160k Platinum Metallic Brown Leather France Les Tours Ghislain . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100610 Coupe RoW . Pacific Blue Metallic Black Mexico Mexico City Marco Sanshez . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100652 Coupe RoW 120k Pacific Blue Metallic Blue Belgium Mignault Gilles De Brakeleer .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100655 Coupe RoW 59k Minerva Blue Metallic Blue Portugal Torres Vedras Sergio Bento . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZDS100725 Coupe RoW 113k Slate Blue Metallic Black Spain Madrid Delmon . Delivered into Belgium, in original family 1982 to 2014, 2nd owner
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100771 Coupe RoW 164k Meteor Metallic Blue New Zealand Timaru Stuart Loveday . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100760 Coupe RoW 94k Rosewood / Palisander Metallic Tan Australia Murwillumbah, NSW John Sullivan . whale tail, cup wheels, needs painting but looks ok at the moment
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100789 Coupe Sunroof RoW 136k Black Beige England Cambridge Andy B .
1981 built to 1982 spec with sports equip
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100834 Coupe RoW 160k Meteor Metallic Black Leather France Normandie Stephane .
Imported to Belgium from Germany in 1995 (2 owners), and to France in 2000.
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100860 Coupe RoW 135k Pewter Metallic Black Germany . . . Previously owned in Luxembourg
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100876 Coupe RoW 170k GP White Black South Africa Pretoria J Louw . Fuchs Alloys. Short shift kit
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100880 Coupe RoW 80k GP White Black France Bourdonn� Marc .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS100899 Coupe RoW 280k Planrina Metallic Brown/Black Holland Vreeland/Utrecht Bart Kasper . .
1982 WP0ZZZ912CS100901 Coupe RoW 110k GP White Black South Africa Cape Town Tony Sparg . Carrera Tail
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101001 Coupe RoW ? Silver Metallic Blue Germany Meppen/Emsland Rodi . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101035 Coupe RoW 80k Guards Red Navy Blue Pasha UK East Sussex Justin Starr . car in great original condition with no mods
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101049 Coupe RoW 133k GP White Black Belgium Antwerp Michel Dielen .
Spoilers/Fuchs/Full Leather/Air/Complete Rebuild 2003
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101086 Coupe RoW 103k Wine Red Metallic Black USA Blanch, NC Jesse Wall . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101149 Coupe No Sunroof RoW 61k Guards Red Black USA Oakdale, Pennsylvania D Heinz .
Short shifter, Bursch muffle,7" and 9" polished lip Fuchsr
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101159 Coupe RoW 160k Guards Red Black UK Northampton PS Bell . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101160 Coupe RoW 160k Pacific Blue Metallic Blue France Blois Etienne Sollier . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101276 Coupe RoW 42k Guards Red Blue USA Massachusetts Steven Howitt . Factory Whale Tail with front spoiler and driving lights, third owner
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101312 Coupe RoW 98k Guards Red Black USA Chestertown, NY Bruce Robbins . Appears to have original UK Sports-Package. Upgraded with wider Fuchs, SSI. Documented entry to USA 12/28/1987.
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101344 Coupe RoW 83k Guards Red Black England Norwich, Norfolk John Puddephatt . Original UK "Sports Pack" with no modfications, I have owned this car for the last 13 years
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101352 Coupe RoW 156k Wine Red Metallic Black Belguim Aalst James . In BEGIUM since 2003
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101386 Coupe RoW . GP White Black France Paris JEAN-BAPTISTE . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS121391 Coupe RoW 150k Platinum Metallic Black Norway Bergen Morten Love Olsen . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101484 Coupe RoW 130k Guards Red Black Spain Agusti Sadadell, Catlonia . Now is a replica of turbo 930, and is a race car
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101616 Coupe RoW 104k GP White Black USA Matt Sparks San Diego, CA . Acquired in Dec 2007 in San Diego, CA. Mostly original GP white paint over sunroof delete body. Rear decklid had been replaced with a Carrera version with turbo tea tray. Fuchs 7 and 8s in chrome. Sold in late spring of 2009 and shipped to buyer in Alabama.
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101661 Coupe RoW 151k GP White Black Leather USA Alexandria, VA Lister E Rivera . Stock 204 hp euro specs 3 litre engine. Dansk s/s dual outlet sport muffler pipe
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101728 Coupe RoW 180k Minerva Blue Metallic Black Belgium Herentals Hans Goris . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101790 Coupe RoW 107k GP White Black Australia Brisbane, Queensland Justin Hurst . Immaculate, Turbo look, lots of upgrades done
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101805 Coupe RoW 136k Platinum Metallic Brown Germany Cologne Dirk Boeckmann . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101821 Coupe RoW 52k Guards Red Black Ireland Galway Michael S . Imported into Ireland in November 2007. Car totally original.
1982/83 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101924 Coupe RoW   Mint Green Signal Green Finland   Petri . RUF 930 Turbo 3.4L engine 0.6bar 483hp, 1.2bar 600+hp, full roll gage, Recaro seats, Mega Strosek body, front 380mm, rear 350mm Big Reds
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS101952 Coupe RoW 100k Grey Metallic Navy Blue Portugal Madeira Island AlexJ . Imported to Madeira Island in 1994
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS102033 Coupe RoW 180k Mint Green Beige France Nice provence Cote D'azur Leyga . .
1982 WP0ZZZ912C5102066 Coupe RoW 80k Minerva Blue Black/Blue South Africa Durban Niel van Eeden . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS102102 Coupe RoW 92k Red Wine Metallic Black Netherlands Leersum Rene V .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS102130 Coupe RoW 194k GP White Black Belgium Sint- Niklaas De Corte Marc . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS102159 Coupe RoW 68k Orange Blue France Paris Delpierre Benjamin . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS102270 Coupe RoW 111k Moss Green Black Singapore . Andrew Webster . Original car with late turbo tail, six owners
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS102360 Coupe RoW 85k Light Blue Navy Blue Venezuela Caracas Keneth J Miller . Cookie Cutter wheels and no air conditioning but warming system
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS102500 Coupe No Sunroof RoW 94k Wine Red Metallic Black Netherlands De Rijp Frank Schneider . 17" Cup I wheels, Caerra front & rear spoilers
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS102557 Coupe RoW 130k Black Black Spain Barcelona Pablo Lazaro . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS102559 Coupe Sunroof RoW 84k GP White Dark Blue Leather England Cheshire

Paul Hadfield

. Col.Coded Fuchs Wheels, 1st registered (UK) 18.06.82. Used UK/Italy trips
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS102580 Coupe RoW 210k Platinum Metallic Brown Norway Bergen Svein Arne Oergensen .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS102656 Coupe RoW 75k Pacific Blue Metallic Blue/Black Netherland Purmerend Dennis Kee website .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS102670 Coupe RoW 88k Guards Red Tan Scotland Glasgow John Fenton . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS102731 Coupe RoW 65k Guards Red Black USA Hacienda Heights, CA Michael Lavey . Factory turbo look, original, imported in 1985, 3rd owner
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS102757 Coupe RoW 124k Pacific Blue Metallic Blue/Black France Linselles Gougui . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS102789 Coupe RoW 80k Pacific Blue Metallic Blue Leather UK Worcestershire Phil Harris . Sunroof, turbo tail
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS102894 Coupe RoW 73k GP White Black Spain Sant Cugat Antonio Udaeta . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS102905 Coupe RoW 133k GP White Brown USA Baton Rouge, LA Al Morales . Cat bypass pipe and Fabshop single in two out muffler.
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS102946 Coupe RoW 34k Guards Red Tan leather Northern Ireland Portrush, Co Antrim Eamon Brolly . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS103021 Coupe Sunroof RoW 96k Light Blue (Hellblau) Metallic Blue Scotland Glasgow Chris website
Repainted, re-upholsted Red
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS103026 Coupe RoW . Minerva Blue Black England Somerset Clive Hetherington . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS103043 Coupe RoW 81k Pacific Blue Metallic Blue Leatherette Norway Jar, Baerum Bjoern H Gjestvang   2 owners in Switzerland - imported to Norway in 1996. engine rebuilt, Filigree style rims Short shift.
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS103064 Coupe RoW 56k Platinum Metallic Black/Brown Austria Leonding Friedrich Tuechler website K�nig Sport Seats
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS103065 Coupe RoW 95k Bordeaux Red Brown/Beige Belgium Antwerp Timvdb   New interior, repainted 2009 (originally Bronze)
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS103070 Coupe RoW 113k Minerva Blue Metallic Black Ireland Wexford Ger Kielthy . 16 " fuchs wheels front spoiler and matching whale tail.
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS103215 Coupe RoW 100k Moss Green Metallic Tan Australia Canberra Matt . .
1982 model

WP0ZZZ91ZCS120001- WP0ZZZ91ZCS121737

Targa Rest of World                
1982/81 WP0ZZZ91ZCS140081 Targa RoW 150k Meteor Metallic pinstripes Greece Athens Alberto . FERRY PORSCHE ANNIVERSARY MODEL N.81/200
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS140147 Targa RoW 85k Meteor Metallic   France Loire Jean-Louis website
Ferry "Jubil�" limited edition with 200 coupes and only 20 targas. Only 3 Jubil� SC Targas in France
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS140155 Targa RoW 220k Meteor Metallic Burgundy South Afirica Randburg,Gauteng Gareth Beaven . 'Ferry Edition' 3.2 upgrade with G50 gearbox
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS140175 Targa RoW 164k Meteor Metallic Burgundy Leather USA San Diego, California Andrew Sanderson .
'Ferry Porsche' 50th anniversay special edition
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS140176 Targa RoW 155k Meteor Metallic   Germany Wiesbaden Adrianus Winselaar . 'Ferry Porsche' 50th anniversay special edition. Two owners, purchased new in Capetown, South Africa. Full engine rebuild, new Bilstein shocks, refurbished Fuchs
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS140178 Targa RoW 150k Meteor Metallic Burgundy Belgium Le Roeulx Guillot Didier . 'Ferry porsche' edition n� 147/200
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS140257 Targa RoW 35k Meteor Metallic Burgundy Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Johathan Goh . 'Ferry Porsche' 50th anniversay special edition - engine studs and top end rebuilt
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS140522 Targa RoW 98k Guards Red ? England East Yorkshire David Fifield . Bought as a non runner , now the "fun " starts
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS140540 Targa RoW 80k Black Black Sweden Stockholm Johan Naslund .
Turbo Tail
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS140682 Targa RoW 84k Black Black The Netherlands Nijmegen Peter . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS140754 Targa RoW 100k Meteor Metallic Black & Blue Belgium Antwerp M De Smedt . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS140858 Targa RoW 93k Pacific Blue Black / Blue Finland Masku Pasi Valila .

Totally original Sports Pack

1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS140886 Targa RoW 177k Black (was Guards Red) Black Germany Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria Ralf Nicolaus . Used as race car - engine, still running very good
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS140941 Targa RoW 108k Schwartz Metallic Black, berber USA Sacramento, CA Vincent . All original, except bare metal restoration paint
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS140751 Targa RoW 80k GP White Black USA Ramsey, NJ Greg . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS141014 Targa RoW ? Wine Red Metallic Black France Cabries Bonifacio . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS141053 Targa RoW 220k Guards Red Black Australia Oodnadatta, South Australia Adam Plate . I'm in Love !!!!!!
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS141119 Targa RoW 90k Platinum Metallic Black Netherlands Amersfoort JeroenSC . Imported from Germany to The Netherlands in 1998.
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS141164 Cabrio Prototype RoW 247k GP White Blue South Africa Johannesburg Youshaa Solomons . Cabrio Prototype, delivered into Australia
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS141170 Targa RoW 68k Pacific Blue Metallic Black United Kingdom Guernsey Stuart Hansen .
Delivered in Bahrain
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS141218 Targa RoW 130k Pacific Blue Metallic Black Puerto Rico San German PR Alfrdeo Cardona .
Turbo tail
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS141232 Targa RoW 120k Ford Platinum Black UK Somerset Adrian . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS141262 Targa RoW 87k Silver Blue England West Yorkshire Sephen Greenroyd . All original except change of colour from blue to silver and restored targa top, sports pack
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS141326 Targa RoW 120k Pewter Metallic Beige UK London Nick Pauley . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS141364 Targa RoW 95k Minerva Blue Blue New Zealand Auckland Mike McDonald . Imported into New Zealand around 1994
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS141529


RoW 150k Black Black USA Kent. OH M Ruesch . Imported to Texas in 1983
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS141566 Targa RoW 95k Black Black Ireland Limerick Mervyn O'Connor . .
1982 WP0ZZZ91ZCS141724 Targa RoW 50k Burgundy Creme USA NYC/NH Talleyman . Delivery 16 Jan 1983, Heilbronn, W. Germany, US Army Wm. Scruggs, imported to US and resided in Kanas until 2017
1983 model

D Series, produced Aug1982 - Jul1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS120001- WP0ZZZ91ZDS122599

Coupe US                
1983 WP0AA0917DS120062 Coupe US 74k Guards Red Blue/Gray USA Parsippany NJ Vincent Ienaro .
17" wheels, SSI's,964 cams, H4's, Carrera front end, Autopower roll bar
1983 WP0AA0917DS120109 Coupe US 93k Glacier Blue Dark Blue Leather USA San Diego, CA Bob Raymond . Original Sunroof Coupe per COA
1983 WP0AA0918DS120124 Coupe US 45k Slate Blue Matellic Blue USA . Rose Lan Garade .
1983 WP0AA0914DS120200 Coupe US 222k Quartz Gray Metallic Tan USA Washington John Gogol . 3rd owner, delivered to Continental Porsche, Portland. Complete tare down and restored to original specs in 2000.
1983 WP0AA0911DS120266 Coupe US 130k Meteor Metallic Tan USA New Paltz, New York Dave Watson . Stripped, primed, painted and gloss coated in 2002, whale tail, interior tan seat leather and vinyl & dash redone 2000
1983 WP0AA091ZDS120293 Coupe US 211k Chiffon White Brown USA Moorpark, CA Fernando Pardo . Never been apart, original transmission, completely stock.
1983 WP0AA091ZDS120299 Coupe US 95k Guards Red Black USA Rolla, MO Jeff Mallory . Sport suspension
1983 WP0AA0918DS120300 Coupe US 79k Chiffon White Brown Canada Thornhill Rob Ten . Stock
1983 WP0AA0917DS120305 Coupe US 80k Quartz Gray Metallic Chocolate USA Palm Beach Gardens, FL Andras Nagy .
1983 WP0AA0910DS120324 Coupe US 95k GP White Brown USA Mechanicsville, VA Donald Kowasic .
1983 WP0AA0913DS120334 Coupe US 77k Quartz Gray Metallic Black
& Tan
USA Silver Spring, MD John Bradley .
Rescued from barnyard
1983 WP0AA0913DS120365 Coupd US 90k Chiffon White Tan USA Newport Beach Ryan Lawrence . 3rd owner
1983 WP0AA0919DS120385 Coupe US 102k Slate Blue Metallic Blue USA Houston, Texas Ross Bluestone . Original Ohio car, 16" Fuchs wheels,Whale tail, Sport seats
1983 WP0AA0910DS120386 Coupe US Cal 149k Chiffon White Black USA Las Cruces, NM Jason Standridge . .
1983 WP0AA0918DS120443 Coupe US 129k Pewter Metallic Black USA San Francisco Will . .
1983 WP0AA0913DS120527 Coupe US 47k Ruby Red Metallic Cream USA Houston, Texas Ross Bluestone . Original Colorado car,16" Fuchs wheels, Turbo Tail, upgraded Freon R-134A in 2006
1983/82 WP0AA0912DS120552 Coupe US 137k Quartz Grey Metallic Beige Norway Oppegard Bard Johannessen . Bought in CT 2008, brought to Norway. All in very good original shape, eurolights and new wup, snow tyres.
1983 WP0AA0916DS120649 Coupe US 1500 Chiffon Black USA Phoenix. AZ Scott Kuhne . PCA Club Race Car Build
1983 WP0AA0914DS120665 Coupe US 90k Quartz Grey Metallic Burgundy USA Jacksonville, FL S McDermaid .
Factory Sport Seats, 16"s, LSD
1983 WP0AA0915DS120710 Coupe US 87k GP White Red USA Sturbridge, MA Scott Garieri . .
1983 WP0AA0914DS120715 Coupe US 119k Ruby Red Metallic Black USA Orleans, MA Hobbsie . .
1983 WP0AA0910DS120727 Coupe US 100k Brick Red Metallic Brown USA Lady's Island, SC George McMurtry . Complete repaint in original copper color, Racing pistons 10.5:1, cam work, aluminum flywheel, SSI exhaust with Dansk
1983 WP0AA0917DS120773 Coupe US 86k Guards Red Brown USA Columbus, Ohio Scott Savage .
Lowered to Euro ride height
1983 WP0AA0913DS120818 Coupe US 80k Kiln Red Brown USA Dallas, GA Scott Munczenski . 4th owner
1983 WP0AA0915DS120819 Coupe US 91k Pewter Metallic Black USA Seattle, WA William Ceriale . 2 owners,.beautiful unmolested car.
1982/83 WP0AA0914DS120838 Coupe US 135k Guards Red Black Canada Surrey BC Lorne Mutter . Off the road for the last 8 years
1983 WP0AA0910DS120923 Coupe US 132k Black Black USA Wayne, Maine Paul Householder . .
1983 WP0AA0914DS120942 Coupe US 55k Dark Quartz Matallic Black Panama Panama Jaime Claramunt . Completely original car except for radio
1983 WP0AA0915DS120982 Coupe US 79k Ruby Red Metallic   USA Hartsville, SC Curtis Tyner . All original car except radio
1983 WP0AA0931DS121001 Coupe US 117k Chiffon White Chocolate Brown Canada Victoria Brett . Purchased Oct 2012 from the second owner who had owned it for the last 26 years
1983 WP0AA0910DS121022 Coupe US 114k Light Bronze Metallic Brown USA Pearland, Texas Kurt Kenyon . .
1983 WP0AA0912DS121040 Coupe Sunroof US 182k Black Black Leather USA El Monte, CA Kentvla website Too many to mention - check out the web site
1983 WP0AA0918DS121057 Coupe US 140k Guards Red Brown Leather USA Rogers, AR Rob & Lrae Winterkorn . Fab Speed pre muffler, APEX red brake lines, R12 AC system, complete breakdown of evaporator box to clean & reseal, new filter/drier, condenser fan motor upgrade, fresh refrigerant oil & R12, new fuel pump, MSD 6AL, Clewett 8mm High Performance Ignition Wires, NGK copper plugs, rebuilt seat belts in red, all fresh fluids & Mann filters, valves adjusted & gaskets, Contech belts, LED gauge bulbs, Lloyd's custom floor mats, Correct 80's era Blaupunkt radio
1983 WP0AA0912DS121068 Coupe US 163k Black Black USA Orange, California Pete Thatcher .
1982/3 WP0AA091ZDS121103 Coupe US 103k GP White Black Netherlands The Hague Bart . .
1982 WP0AA091ZDS121122 Coupe US 250k GP White Black Belgium . Hugo . .
1983 WP0AA091XDS121139 Coupe US 197k Guards Red Tan USA Aberdeen, MD ForsakenPace . Standard upgrades, motor rebuilt
1983 WP0AA0919D5121150 Coupe US 85k Guards Red Black Leather USA Bellingham, WA Evan Wert . Upgraded sport seats from a 1986, whale tail & chin spoiler, chromed Fuchs. Car was in storage for 12 years and I am 4th owner. Has won several concurs awards.
1983 WP0AA0914DS121203 Coupe US 125k Chiffon White Black USA Denver, CO Peter T . .
1983 WP0AA0914DS121263 Coupe US 100k Ruby Red Metallic   USA Atlanta, GA BEH .
1983 WP0AA0912DS121264 Coupe US 99k Black Black Denmark Billund Arne Bach Pedersen . .
1983 WP0AA0918DS121267 Coupe US 102k Black Black USA Dayton, Ohio Mike Greer . .
1983 WP0AA0915DS121274 Coupe No Sunroof US 59k Guards Red Black Full Leather Canada Stoney Creek, Ontario Randy Rapedius .
Original Indiana car
1983 WP0AA0910DS121277 Coupe US 130k Platinum Metallic Brown USA Lousiana R Stoll .
1983 WP0AA0912DS121300 Coupe US 112k Guards Red Tan/Brown USA Portland, OR Clif Davis website Extremely original show quality car
1983 WP0AA0915DS121324 Coupe US 89k Black Black USA Lakewood, CO Jim B .
1983 WP0AAO915DS1355 Coupe US 88k Light Bronze Metallic Clearcoat Burgundy USA Fox Isloand, WA John Roberts . Widebody Slantnose
1983 WP0AA0910DS121358 Coupe US 53k Black Eggplant USA Delafield, WI Michael O'Neill . momo, racing seats, 5-point harness, short shift, turbo tie rods, weltmeister strut bar, racing balljoints, low restriction muffler, hoosier rubber for track days
1983 WP0AA0914DS121363 Coupe US 107k Guards Red Tan USA Twin Peaks Dennis . DRIVEN ONLY A THOUSAND MILES A YEAR.
1983 WP0AA0918DS121365 Coupe US ? Gray Black Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Roberto Berdiel . It has all 930 equipment from trans/motor/chassis points, etc. Someone expend lots of money converting it to a 930. It was Guards Red, now Gray. Very happy with the car, I sold my 997 and I am using it as a daily driver.
1983 WP0AA091XDS121366 Coupe US 140k Quartz Gray Metallic Beige USA Fresno, California Anthony  
1983 WP0AA0916DS121395 Coupe US 53k Guards Red Black USA Amelia, Ohio Tom Westfall . .
1983 WP0AA0910DS121408 Coupe Sunroof US 51k Zinc Metallic Burgandy Leather USA
Nokomis, FL
John M . All original, forged allow wheels,leather sports seats, cruise control, sport shockers
1983 WP0AA0914DS121444 Coupe US 42k Kiln Red Black USA Mentor, Ohio Ben Palazzo . factory sunroof, whale tail, second owner have original window sticker and all docs.
1983 WP0AA0913DS121452 Coupe US 20k   Black Canada Ottawa, Ontario John Weltz . .
1983 WP0AA0914DS121458 Coupe US 112k

Guards Red was Champagne

Tan USA Ventura County Mr G . .
1983 WP0AA0919DS121469 Coupe US 65k Platinum Metallic Dark Brown The Netherlands The Hague Jan Koet . Three owners in the US: 1984-2012 Dr. Alan R, 2012 - 2015 Mr Drew S. Car was imported by Fa Bossen en de Bakker in the Netherlands in 2015 2016 - Jan Koet
1983 WP0AA0912DS121488 Coupe US Cal 216k Ruby Red Metallic Tan USA Grand Junction, Co Robert Fratilla . 1976 turbo tail & chin, torsion bars, Aerodyne front oil cooler, rotors slotted and vented, strut tower bar, Turbo tie rods, lowered
1983 WP0AA0911DS121532 Coupe US 160k Ruby Red Metallic   USA Ventra County, CA Billder .
1983 WP0AA0916DS121557 Coupe US 145k Ruby Red Metallic Black USA Oakland, CA Steve G . Rebuilt top-end, new paint and interior in 2013
1983 WP0AA0912DS121619 Coupe US 58k Black Black USA Raleigh, NC David Bishop . Low mileage and obviously stored for a very long time.
1983 WP0AA0916DS121655 Coupe Sunroof US 115k Chiffon White Tobacco USA Camp HillL, Pennsylvania 83SC in PA .
New top end, Cat bypass, Danshe ss muffler, Recaro Seats
1983 WP0AA0919DS121682 Coupe US 78k Ruby Red Metallic BEIGE USA Orlando, Florida Don Barlow . .
1983 WP0AA0910DS121697 Coupe Sunroof US 159k Chiffon White Brown USA La Centre, WA Bob E .
1983 WP0AA091XDS121707 Coupe US 106k Black Grey/Beige USA Chatsworth, CA Steve Fusco . Acquired in May 2019 from 2nd owner in Reno NV
1983 WP0AA0913DS121712 Coupe US 165k Black Black USA Warrenton, VA James Wilson . .
1983 WP0AA0913DS121743

Coupe Sunroof

US 155k Black Black Leather USA Eugene, Oregon Dan Mullin .
Triple paint, black leather interior and black headliner(optional)
1983 WP0AA0910DS121750 Coupe US 100k+ Light Bronze Metallic Brown USA Miami Springs Jesse . .
1983 WP0AA0911DS121756 Coupe US 96k Black Black USA Independence, KY


Earl Corrothers

. Daily driver (10,000+ miles per year) and is a well documented, original sun roof car w/ typical updates, Wevo shift coupler. I purchased the car from a dealer in Indianna, 4th owner
1983 WP0AA0911DS121790 Coupe US 41k Platinum Metallic Grey Beige USA Philadelphia, PA Joel Palmer . 2nd owner
1983 WP0AA0916DS121882 Coupe US 100k Guards Red Tan USA Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY Stephan Wilkinson .
290 hp at the flywheel--3.4 liters, twin-plug, PMO carbs, S cams, SSIs and Fabspeed muffler.
1983 WP0AA091XDS121884 Coupe US 127k Wine Red Metallic Black USA Mt Airy, Maryland Richard Scotti .
1983 WP0AA0912DS121913 Coupe US CAL 112k Slate Blue Metallic Black Canada Maple Ridge, BC Al S .
Full Leather
1983 WP0AA0911DS121918 Coupe US 54k GP White Burgandy, Partial Leather USA Chicago, IL John Bellei .
1983 WP0AA0917DS121955 Coupe US 102k GP White Leather Canada Surrey, British Columbia Cole Gill . Exported to Canada in December 2004 - ex-Texas car, new carpet, lowered to European height, transmission rebuilt
1983 WP0AA0918DS121981 Coupe US 114k Guards Red Black USA Bay Area, CA Serg . .
1983 WP0AA0913DS122049 Coupe US 86k Kiln Red Black USA Chalk Hill, Pennsylvania Buster . .
1983 WP0AA0917DS122118 Coupe US 121k Gaurds Red Black Canada Penticton, BC Glenn Ross . Purchased in May 2013
1983 WP0AA0915DS122201 Coupe US 128k Hell Bronze Brown Leather USA Woodstock, Georgia Richard E Lindsay . Original, very nice condition, 7" and 8" fuchs
1983 WP0AA0912DS122219 Coupe US 100k Black Black USA Storrs, Ct Lon Hultgren website
Top end rebuild 2002, 17" C2 wheels, lic plate "911SC"
1983 WP0AA0919DS122220 Coupe US 145k GP White Black Canada Ontario Chris . .
1983 WP0AA0918DS122225 Coupe US 85k Guards Red Grey Beige USA Boulder, Colorado John B Ellis . Original paint & interior
1983 WP0AA0913DS122231 Coupe US 152k Slate Blue Metallic Navy USA Orlando, Florida Wachuko . .
1093 WP0AA0914DS122240 Coupe US 100k Guards Red Black USA Columbus. OH Michael . .
1983 WP0AA091XDS122257 Coupe US 142k GP White Brown USA Plano, Texas Robert Cohen .
1984 3.2L Euro engine
1983 WP0AA0917DS122264 Coupe US 112k Slate Grey Metallic Tan USA Eagle Point, OR Skip MacQueen . Suspension upgrades and lightened
1983 WP0AA0917DS122300 Coupe US 87k Guards Red Tan USA Fort Collins, Colorado Bob & Jan Scott . Whale tail
1983 WP0AA0915DS122392 Coupe US Cal 137k Ruby Red Metallic Champagne & Black USA Stockton, Ca Mike Esau . California Car sold in Oakland. Special Order Options include codes 409, 454, 474, 566, 650.
1983 WP0AA0910DS122395 Coupe US 315k Polar White Blue USA Las Vegas, NV Michael Dugan . .
1983 WP0AA0913DS122407 Coupe US 103k Guards Red Black USA Florida Nathan Clary . Purchased this car from 2nd Owner from Stuart, FL. He had owned the car for over 20 years. I got the car in 2018 and had the motor rebuilt and updated AC in 2019. Sold to collector in IL in 2020
1983 WP0AA0911DS122440 Coupe US 80k GP White Red The Netherlands Hoogkarspel Teun Van Den Beukel . .
1983 WP0AA0919DS122492 Coupe US 58k Platinum Metallic Tobacco Brown USA Key Largo, FL Platinum Blonde . Mint Original Paint, M395Fuchs, M473 Spoilers, M474 Sport Susp, M566 Fogs, M650 Sunroof, M197HD Battery, full service hist
1983 WP0AA0914DS122500 Coupe US 93k Slate Blue Metallic White / Navy - Full Leather USA South Carolina Scott .
Factory Turbo Tail, SSI, Shortshift
1983 WP0AA0913DS122505 Coupe US 103k Slate Blue Metallic Blue USA Bay Area, CA Eugene . .
1983 WP0AA0912DS122527 Coupe US 64k Kiln Red Metallic Black USA Simpsonville Randy Cockrill . 16in Fuchs, short shift, total respray, engine top-end rebuild after 10 years in storage
1983 WP0AA0915DS122537 Coupe US 98k Black Black USA Eugene, OR Andrwe Pachon . Many mods
1983 WP0AA0919DS122542 Coupe US 25k Black Black Australia Brisbane Bill . Imported into Australia in 2003, converted to RHD in 2004. 930 wide body kit added...looks stunning.
1983 WP0A0919DS122556 Coupe US 93k GP White Cashmere USA Irving, Texas James Shoffit . .
1983 WP0AA0917DS12xxxx Coupe US 96k Slate Blue Metallic Blue USA Virginia, VA Howard Cook . .
1983 model

WP0ZZZ91ZDS160001- WP0ZZZ91ZDS161430

Targa US                
1983 WP0EA0915DS160061 Targa US 55k Guards Red Black Brazil Sao Paulo M Casari . Duck tail, AC, Black int. mint condition
1983 WP0EA0914DS160164 Targa US 105k Pewter Metallic Black USA Mansfield, Texas Clint A Austin . .


Targa US 116k Kiln Red Metalalic Grey Beige USA Santa Fe, NM Mike Schriber . Stock
1983 WP0EA0912DS160194 Targa US 91k Kiln Red Metallic Tan USA Minnesota Wimmo .
1983 WP0EA0911DS160199 Targa US 190k Slate Blue Metallic . USA Colorado Springs, Colorado Michael Rose . .
1983 WP0EA0918DS160264 Targa US 100k Guards Red Black USA Lawrenceville, Atlanta, Georgia Mark McClurg .
1983 WP0EA0918DS160314 Targa US . Ruby Red Black Australia Melbourne, Victoria Howie . .
1983 WP0EA0913DS160320 Targa US Cal 195k Quartz Grey Metallic Black Leather USA Temecula, California Dale Tillman


Full Leather
1983 WP0EA0913DS160396 Targa US 64k Platinum Metallic Brown USA St Simons Island, GA Frank Meegan . Purchased in 1988
1983 WP0EA091XDS160444 Targa US 189k Guards Red Black USA Davis, California Bill Machi .
1983 WP0EA0912DS160504 Targa US 125k Quartz Gray Metallic Brown USA GPOR JCunha . .
1983 WP0EA0916DS160702 Targa US Cal 38k Guards Red Black USA Annapolis, Maryland Michael Horton .
1983 WP0EA0911DS160705 Targa US 94k Black Black USA Houston, Texas Brad . .
1983 WP0EA0916DS160750 Targa US 129k Wine Metallic Black USA Mystic, CT / Savannah, GA Josh Lyons . Ex condition with respray in original color, recent top end rebuild
1983 WP0EA0919DS160757 Targa US 93k Brown Brown USA Chandler, Texas Terrence Marshall . .
1983 WP0EA0912DS160910 Targa US 97k Guards Red Black USA Rahway, New Jersey Harry Hook .
1983 WP0EA0913DS160916 Targa US 125k Quartz Gray Metallic Brown USA Groesbec, Texas David B .
Rebuilt motor
1983 WP0EA0916DS160926 Targa US 105k GP White Black USA Los Angeles Michael . .
1983 WP0EA0913DS160947 Targa US 103k GP White ? USA Westkake, Oh Rich Hellner . .
1983 WP0EA0916DS160974 Targa US 80k Slate Blue Metallic Black USA East Windsor, New Jersey Richard V .
1983 WP0EA0917DS160983 Targa US 50k Ruby Red Metallic Grey-Beige Leather USA California Alex & Margreet . Original, 2nd owner
1983 WP0EA0918DS160698 Targa US 160k Slate Blue Metallic Black Canada Winnipeg, MB Gord Favelle . Bought from in-laws in San Diego, now it is living in the Great White North. Only being driven in the summer (of course) with Winnipeg Jets plates
1983 WP0EA0917DS161003 Targa US 72k Ruby Red Black USA Fish Creek Wisconsin Rick Hecker . Original owner
1983 WP0EA0914DS161010 Targa US 144k Ruby Red Metallic Grey-Beige USA Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Kees . .
1983 WP0EAO91ODS161019 Targa US 47k Ruby Red Metallic Grey-Beige USA Pinckney, MI Steve . 2nd owner
1983 WP0EA0913DS161032 Targa US 25k Guards Red Black USA Marion, VA Ed Sringer . .
1983 WP0EA0917DS161082 Targa US 83k Pweter Metallic CanCan Red USA MD Joe . All the usual mods, oil cooler, wevo, tensioner rebuild, new brakes. No rust. Mediocre repaint
1983 WP0EA0916DS161154 Targa US 82k Guards Red Black USA Yarmouth, MA Scott Robbins . .
1983 WP0EA0919DS161228 Targa US 148k Guards Red Tan Leather New Zealand . cmyr . Purchased in San Francisco, 4/1993 and shipped to NZ 11/996. Still left hand drive with leather dash/interior
1983 WP0EA0911DS161271 Targa US 41k Black Black USA Bend, Oregon Don Jones .
1983 WP0EAD916DS161283 Targa US 220k Mexico Blue Black USA Florida Boneyard Bob . Great running Car, lowered, upgrades
1983 WP0EA0914DS161301 Targa US 135k Quartz Metallic Brown USA Kent, WA Alan Gray . 3rd owner, 2nd owner purchased in 2000. Mostly original, except for seats
1983 WP0EA0915DS161324 Targa US 89k Black Black Belgium Antwerpen Wouter Peeters . Converted to a Cabrio
1983 WP0EA0912DS161359 Targa US 100k Black Black Leather USA Mount Airy, MD Kris & Rob . All Original. Fresh body and paint restoration in 1996. 2nd owner, father purchased car from original owner in late 80's
1983 WP0EA0910DS161389 Targa US 69k Plat Metallic Brown USA Tustin, CA Steven Wagner . .
1983 WP0EA0912DS161412 Targa US 37k Guards Red Black USA Orem, Utah Matt Cook . .
1983 WP0EA0914DS161413 Targa US 36k Slate Blue Matellic Black USA Menlo Park, CA James R Ross . ALL ORIGINAL EXCEPT RADIO
1983 WP0EA01X DS161416 Targa US 120k Slate Blue Metallic Blue Italy Rome Francesco Arcieri . .
1983 WP0EA0912DS161426 Targa US 84k Guards Red Black USA New York City akaBertieri . Purchased in Stuttgart Sept 16,1983 first sevice in Canne, 4th owner purchase from Collector
1983 WPOEA0914DS162301 Targa US 146k Quartz Gray Metallic Brown USA NW Montana BWR . REBUILT ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION 145766
1983 model

WP0ZZZ91ZDS170001- WP0ZZZ91ZDS171718

Cabrio US                
1983 WP0EA0911DS170070 Cabrio US 66k GP White Black Canada Ottawa JJ 911SC . Bought in June 2009. 5th and last owner
1983 WP0EA0914DS170077 Cabrio US 83k Indisch Rot Black Belgium Tienen Stels Luc . The first owner was Robert Wall, actor in the karate films with Bruce Lee.
1983 WP0EA0915DS170086 Cabrio US 89k Guards Red Black USA Satellite Beach, Florida Dave Springer . .
1983 WP0EA0915DS170119 Cabrio US 57k Guards Red Black USA Highland Park, IL Steve . .
1983 WP0EA0911DS170134 Cabrio US 110k GP White Black USA Shalimar, FL Neil (Funracer) . .
1983 WP0EA0910DS170142 Cabrio US 90k GP White Black USA Seattle, WA MD McCormick . .
1983 WP0EA0912DS170210 Cabrio US 79k Guards Red Black Canada Nouveau-Brunswick Paul Chiasson . .
1983 WP0EA091ZDS170218 Cabrio US ? Guards Red Black Italy Montegrimano, PU Cristiano . .
1983 WP0EA0916DS170193 Cabrio US 150k GP White Black/Blue USA Orange Park, Florida Byron Von Dwyer website
Turbo tail, Recaro SRD Seats, motor rebuild with 964 cams & oil pump, SSIs & B&B muffler
1983 WP0EA0915DS170248 Cabrio US 141k GP White Tan USA Los Angeles., CA John Marshall . Purchased in 1992 from Tom Selleck, original owner. Usual updates.
1983 WP0EA091XDS170293 Cabrio US 163k Guards Red Black USA Jacksonville, Florida Pete Strandes . .
1983 WP0EA0913DS170308 Cabrio US 119k Black Black USA Orange, CA Nate Guerriero . .
1983 WP0EA0915DS170346 Cabrio US 64k Black Black, Can Can Red Leather USA Portage, MI Michael Brodie .
1983 WP0EA0919DS170351 Cabrio US 49k Guards Red Black USA Haddonfield, NJ Michael Shemeley . Purchased from AIC in Quarryville, Pa. Dec2008, runs like new and looks great.
1983 WP0EA0911DS170375 Cabrio US 90k Guards Red Black USA Old Lyme, CT Tony V .
1983 WP0EA0910DS170383 Cabrio US 50k Ruby Red Metallic Black USA Landenberg Pennsylvania Ron Basara . All original, nothing on it that did not come from the factory, York a/c compressor running R-12
1983 WP0EA091ZDS170398 Cabrio US 73k Black Black Kuwait Kuwait Skip . Ground-up restoration done in 2010 at Porsche, Kuwait, inc complete respray and coachwork. Car is now in Concourse show condition, and will later be exported to Cyprus.
1083 WP0EA0912DS170417 Cabrio US 253k Silver Red USA Livermore, CA Jeff . Twin Plug, Crank Fire, Electromotive fuel management, Ported, 3.2 pistions
1983 WP0EA0915DS170461 Cabrio US 88k GP White Blue USA Chicago, Il Steve Dubrou . .
1983 WP0EA0917DS170462 Cabrio US 53k Light Bronze Metallic Brown USA Temecula, CA Mark Waller . .
1983 WP0EA0911DS170487 Cabrio US 90k Black Beige USA Cincinnati, Ohio David M Colbert . .
1983 WP0EA0916DS170500 Cabrio US 88k Guards Red Black USA Elgin, IL Tom . .
1983 WP0EA0916DS170503 Cabrio US 91k Black Beige USA New York City, NY Evco . Original stock
1983 WP0EA0916DS170520 Cabrio US 61k Guards Red Black USA Seattle, Washington Ken Anderson . .
1983 WP0EA0910DS170528 Cabrio US 103k Black Black USA Wscondido, California Lori Williams . .
1983 WP0EA0916DS170548 Cabrio US 83k GP White Red USA La Habra, CA Bill . .
1983 WP0EA0917DS170574 Cabrio US 112k Quartz Gray Metallic Light Cream USA Centennial, Colorado Jim Flint website Factory whale tail, 16" Fuchs, sport option
1983 WP0EA0917DS170610 Cabrio US 65k Guards Red Black Penuelas Puerto Rico Rey Gonazalez . Mint Condition in and out
1983 WP0EA0917DS170672 Cabrio US 75k Black Black Leather USA Texas Jim Dowty .
Full leather, short shift
1983 WP0EA091XDS170830 Cabrio US 160k Moss Green Metalic Champaign Brown USA Grtoon, MA Michael Hackney . .
1983 WP0EA0913DS170734 Cabrio US 130k Black Tan USA Acworth, Georgia Ron & Julie Cliborn . Factory Whale Tail, Front Chin Spoiler, & Short Shifter
1983 WP0EA0912DS170742 Cabrio US ? Guards Red Black Canada Granby, Quebec Mario Villeneuve . .
1983 WP0EA0910DS170853 Cabrio US 105k GP White Black USA Virginia Beach, VA Gregg Shimandle . .
1983 WP0EA0914DS170872 Cabrio US 70k Slate Blue Beige USA Scottsdale, AZ David Hansen . .
1983 WP0EA0916DS170873 Cabrio US 255k Glacier Blue Blue USA San Francisco Frankie Vella . .
1983 WP0EA0914DS170886 Cabrio US 50k Guards Red Black Canada Qualicum Beach, British Columbia Sylvain Giroux . .
1983 WP0EA0918DS170888 Cabrio US 41k Light Yellow Black USA Weston, CT Jordan . .
1983 WP0EA0913DS170894 Cabrio US 103k Guards Red Black USA Trappe, Marryland Ray Ekroos . .
1983 WP0EA0917DS170896 Cabrio US 122k Guards Red Black, White Seats USA Indiana

Tom Jacobson

1983 WP0EA0916DS170937 Cabrio US 55k Chiffon White Burgundy Germany Cologne Frank .
All original
1983 WP0EA0918DS170972 Cabrio US 117k Slate Blue Matallic Dark Blue USA Tacoma, WA Bruce Judson . .
1983 WP0EA0910DS170979 Cabrio US 99k Green Tan USA California Donald Austin .  
1983 WP0EA0911DS171008 Cabrio US 161k Pewter Metallic Burgundy USA Foster City, CA Michael A . Bought in MA, with 18k in 1992. In CA since 1993
1983 WP0EA0917DS171014 Cabrio US 84k Gun Metal Blue Beige USA El Dorado Hills, CA Kevn Kelker . always garaged and covered, &driven in clear California weather with the top rarely put up, short shift, Dino Sport steering wheel
1983 WP0EA0911DS171090 Cabrio US 55k GP White Chocolate Brown USA Quogue, NY Fran Paladino . Purchased in June 1995 in New York
1983 WP0EA0913DS171091 Cabrio US 77k Quartz Grey Metallic Brown USA Oregon Craig Laughlin .
Sat in horse barn for 10 yrs
1983 WP0EA0910DS171095 Cabrio US 34k GP White White USA Aurora, CO Sheldon .
Pristine, only 34k.
1983 WP0EAC914DS171178 Cabrio US 35k Guards Red Black Brazil Sao Paulo E. Yoshikuma . mint condition
1983 WP0EA0910DS171122 Cabrio US 95k Quartz Gray Metallic   USA Northern Illinois T Young . .
1983 WP0EA0912DS171115 Cabrio US 60k Guards Red Black USA New Jersey Robert .
1983 WP0EA0913DS171205 Cabrio US 70k Guards Red Black Canada St Adophe D'Howard, Quebec M Ranellucci . .
1983 WP0EA0917DS171224 Cabrio US 67k Guards Red Black USA Fullerton, CA Paul Calentino . Pampered Porsche, owned over 10 years, weekend "fun" car, real head turner
1983 WP0EA0913DS171284 Cabrio US 70k Slate Blue Metallic Black Leather USA Orange, CT Robert Stephens . .
1983 WP0EA0913DS171351 Cabrio US 75k Black Black USA Decatur, AL Ted Vinson . .
1983 WP0EA091ODS171372 Cabrio US 129k

Ruby Red Metallic

Grey / Beige USA Jackson, TN Shane Van Wey . H4 euro headlamps and M&K 1in 1 out
1983 WP0EA091XDS171380 Cabrio US 154k Platinum Metallic   USA Virginia Beach, VA Fergus O'Doherty . Car still looks great and gets a lot of looks/comments
1983 WP0EA0918DS171393 Cabrio US 103k Pewter Metallic Clearcoat   USA Jamestown, Rhode Island .   Original owner. Ordered new for my 40th birthday. Every possible option, 7s&8s from 83 turbo, ss exchangers, original through out. In process of upgrading tensioners, broken head stud, injectors
1983 WP0EA0916DS171411 Cabrio US 135k Chiffon White Brown Leather USA Corralitos, CA Michael Corman . .
1983 WP0EA091ZDS171474 Cabrio US 120k Guards Red / Indischrot Black Netherlands . Maurice . .
1983 WP0EA091XDS171511 Cabrio US 96k Black Black USA Paradise Valley, AZ Joe Gambino . Triple black, 2 owners all original inc. paint
1983 WP0EA0911DS171560 Cabrio US 55k Guards Red Black Canada Port Williams, NS Ken Barrett . Turbo look
1983 WP0EA0910DS171567 Cabrio US 120k Silver Black USA San Francisco Andy . Turbo look
1983 WP0EA0916DS171568 Cabrio US 126k Guards Red Black USA DeBary, Florida Tariq Khan . Converted to PMO's. AC delete. Bursch headers
1983 WP0EA0910DS171601 Cabrio US 32k GP White Burgundy USA Brick, NJ Art Kretzschmar . Original owner. Pristine example. Upgraded tensioners and pop off valve installed, SS brake lines, otherwise stock as received in 1983
1983 WP0EA0914DS171634 Cabrio US 28k Guards Red Black USA Fairway, KS Jim . 2nd owner
1983 WP0EA0916DS171697 Cabrio US 59k Light Bronze Metallic Clearcoat Brown USA New Canaan Ardavan Kalhor . .
1983 WP0EA0919DS171743 Cabrio US 100k Guards Red Black USA Highlands Ranch, CO William Roberts . .
1983 WP0EA091XDS171749 Cabrio US 94k State Blue Metallic Dark Blue USA Tampa, Florida Michael Mundy . .
1983 model

WP0ZZZ91ZDS120001- WP0ZZZ91ZDS122457

Coupe Rest of World                
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS100164 Coupe RoW 104k Slate Blue Metallic Blue USA Clearwater, FI Buz Hauchan website
My 6th Porsche , 20 year owner
1982/83 WP0ZZZ91ZDS100303 Coupe RoW 176k Zinc Pewter Metallic Beige Switzerland Neuchatel Jonathon Stalder . 3rd owner. factory turbo look. all original
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS100342 Coupe RoW 81k GP White Maroon USA Madison, AL Karl Ebert . 2nd Owner, I purchased in Germany(1985) and imported to the States (1988). Original No Sun Roof Coupe
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS100609 Coupe RoW 30k Slate Blue Blue/Flannel USA Charleston, SC Robert Stonerock . Orig. Owner from Ditzingen,GE 4 owners??(Burk-Ostrom-Kitchberger-Spahn). Imported 1989 with 30K miles, but never driven or registered-stored until 2010. Services at Hahn Porsche, Glockler and Facory. 2 year resurrection of all components. New SSI and MK muffler
1983/82 WP0ZZZ91ZDS100660 Coupe RoW 38k GP White Dark Blue New Zealand Auckland Ash911 . Imported into New Zealand in 1997. Car completely original, museum quality
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS100681 Coupe RoW 62k Guards Red Black / Chalk pinstripe USA Statesboro, Georgia Doug . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS100689 Coupe RoW 48k Ruby Red Metallic Burgundy Pasha USA Queens, NY Pete . Color combo in a Euro spec model
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS100694 Coupe RoW ? Platinum Metallic Black Belgium St Genesius Rode Thibault . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102748 Coupe RoW 150k GP White Black Italy Milano Mauro Borella . Delivered new in Italy. Very nice original condition, currently prepared in Group 3 (GT Standard) configuration for historic racing
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS100916 Coupe RoW 238k Guards Red Black Australia Adelaide Parris Dolphin . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS1010** Coupe RoW 45k Moss Green Metallic Black Leather England Buckinghamshire Lewis North . Stainless exhaust
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS101121 Coupe RoW 190k Glacier White Black US Phoenix AZ Scott Kuhne . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS101134 Coupe RoW 76k Kiln Red Metallic Black USA Birmingham, Alabama Brian Starr .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS101288 Coupe RoW 125k Slate Blue Metallic Black USA Maple Valley, WA Gary DeWater . All original, 3 owner car
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS101330 Coupe RoW 2k Zinnmetallic weinrot Bonaduz Schweiz Paul Battaglia . Original 2300km
1982/83 WP0ZZZ91ZDS101334 Coupe RoW 90k Guards Red Black Republic of Ireland Cork Paul Hickey . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS101393 Coupe RoW 225k Slate Blue Metallic Navy Blue South Africa Johannesburg Marcin Wertz . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS101409 Coupe RoW 104k Guards Red Black Canada Saskatoon Jeremy Johnson website
Imported to Canada in 1991. Country of origin is unknown
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS101474 Coupe RoW 129k Platinum Metallic   Brown Toronto, Ontario Harv666 . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS101529 Coupe RoW 115k Slate Blue Metallic Black Germany NRW Roman . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS101630 Coupe RoW 84k Moss Green Black USA Philadelphia Mike Small . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS101728 Coupe RoW 130k Pewter Metallic Black USA Fall Branch, TN Dennis H Bellamy . Original
1983 WP0ZZZ912DS101757 Coupe RoW 262k GP White Black USA Shelton, Washington Craig T. Thurston   Delivered in europe & exported to Saudi Arabia, then shipped to Seattle Wa in 1985
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS101847 Coupe RoW 100k Pewter Metallic Burgundy Australia Perth Mark Coulson . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS101958 Coupe RoW 125k Black Black England Newcastle David . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102018 Coupe RoW . Slate Blue Metallic Blue Leather United Kindom Hindhead, Surrey Martin Gibson .
RHD SC exported from Singapore to UK in 2000
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102021 Coupe RoW/ Japan 40k GP White Brown/ Chequered Australia Perth, Western Australia John Dumbill . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102028 Coupe RoW 90k Pewter Metallic Black England Padbury, Bucks Anthony King . Delivered to Italy, engine rebuilt by Autofarm in 2003 Seats replaced in 2008
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102071 Coupe RoW 130k Zinc Metallic Blue Australia Melbourne Darren . UK (Sport Model), imported to Australia 2009, undergoing restoration, nearly every bush replaced, most rubbers new, fasteners replated or replaced, new hoses, A/C removed, 21/ 28mm TB's, 7 & 8 x 16 Fuchs, 3.2SS with 46mm PMO's, S cams, Dansk Sport Dual, SSI's
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102103 Coupe RoW 103k Guards Red Black Norway Trondheim Jorgen Rodli .
Turbo tail
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102141 Coupe RoW 130k Guards Red Black - Full Leather England Birmingham John Soares .
Sports pack, SSI, Momo S/W, short shift, 915 rebuild at 88K, ATC discs,122Krespray
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102174 Coupe RoW ? Slate Blue Metallic Blue Netherlands . Hans . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102222 Coupe RoW 143k Light Bronze Metallic Dark Brown USA Los Angeles, California Silvrerfr . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102233 Coupe RoW 180k Grey Slate Metallic Black Belgium Tournai Lameck jean-francois   .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102335 Coupe RoW 65k Grey Slate Metallic Black Portugal Lisbon F. Quintas . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102398 Coupe RoW 120k Sienna Red Beige Ireland Corl City Neil Allen . turbo tie rods, msd ignition, blaster 2 coil. 17x9 17x7.5 fuchs, and 16x7, 16x6 original fuchs wheels. Front spoiler, Rear tea tray spoiler
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102445 Coupe RoW 101k Guards Red Tan South Africa Johannesburg Peter Potgieter . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102488 Coupe RoW 81k ? ? USA Vermont Mstu . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102495 Coupe RoW 70k GP White Black Italy Vercelli Giacorbe . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102575 Coupe RoW 105k Kiln Red Metallic Red England Harrogate, Yorkshire Doug Sudron .
17" Cup 3 Alloys, Momo steering wheel
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102606 Coupe RoW 95k Kiln Red Metallic   Switzerland . Mat . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102744 Coupe RoW 120k Zinc Metallic Blue Poland . Mateusz . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102708 Coupe RoW 125k Quartz Gray Metallic Black France Loupian Michel . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102752 Coupe RoW 92k Pewter Metallic Tan Canada Surrey, BC Steve Warner . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102798 Coupe RoW 160k GP White Black Sweden Stockholm Robert Lang . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102819 Coupe RoW 120k Guards Red Black USA Fort Mill, South Carolina Ed Prinsloo . New 9.8 cyls and pistons - 993 super sport cams, Heads polished - Corbo seats - 7 and 8 Fuchs
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102919 Coupe RoW 150k Slate Blue Black France . Pascal . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS102991 Coupe RoW 77k Guards Red Black UK Exeter, Devon Malcolm Curnow . .
1983 model

WP0ZZZ91ZDS140001- WP0ZZZ91ZDS141258

Targa Rest of World                
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS140107 Targa RoW 80k Glacier Blue Blue Leather France Metz (moselle 57) Franck Henrion . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS140388 Targa RoW 60k GP White Black Portugal Caxias, Oeiras Antonio Santos Silva .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS140416 Targa RoW 65k Blue Black Singapore Singapore Peter Seow . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS140534 Targa RoW 128k GP White Black UK Plymouth Ric Carrick . Totally original, fully documented
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS140548 Targa RoW 93k Black Black Serbia Belgrade Lazar . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS140581 Targa RoW 220k Quartz Gray Metallic Beige France Le Bar sur Loup Bech Charles . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS140619 Targa RoW 130k Guards Red Black Spain Madrid Paco Anton website
Third owner
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS140951 Targa RoW 112k Black Black Catalunya Manresa Lluis . Delivered in Switzerland
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS140986 Targa RoW 72k Pewter Metallic Red Czech Republic Liberec Rakon . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZD5141016 Targa RoW 73k GP White Beige New Zealand Auckland Matt Ryan . Original condition, 4th owner
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS141166 Targa RoW 81k Quartz Gray Metallic Brown Leatherette Velour USA Massachusettes Tom Frisardi .
Delivered in Frankfurt at Glockler dealership
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS141200 Targa RoW 70k Guards Red Black Canada Ottawa Stephane Gervais .
1983 model

WP0ZZZ91ZDS150001- WP0ZZZ91ZDS152406

Cabrio Rest of World                
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS150103 Cabrio RoW 36k GP White Black & White USA Canton, Michigan Shawn . Slant nose
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS150234 Cabrio RoW 68k GP White Black England Tyne Wear Barry McRae . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS150286 Cabrio RoW 62k Guards Red . Ireland Co Down Peter McCarthy . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS150362 Cabrio RoW 100k GP White Black Italy Firenze Daniele Guetta . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS150583 Cabrio RoW 85k Chiffon White Burgundy UK Bath Trevor John .

Originally the demo car for Dick Lovett in Marlborough, 3rd owner


1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS150586 Cabrio RoW 33k Guards Red Black Australia Gold Coast, Queensland Simon Ward . 4" Stainless twin system exhaust
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS150589 Cabrio RoW 50k GP White Black Leather Australia Perth, Western Australia Jeff Edwards . Club Sports model being fully restored
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS150600 Cabrio RoW 45k GP White   USA Cornwall, Connecticuit Arnold Light . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS150611 Cabrio RoW 115k Guards Red Black Belgium Tervuren Delbar . The First owner lives in Germany then shipped to the US with his car. Last Year the car came back in Europe.
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS150617 Cabrio RoW 68k Green Metallic Green/Black Netherlands Rotterdam Willem . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS150619 Cabrio RoW 96k Black Black USA Newark, Ohio Warren Olds . Original owners manual with purchase documentation and import into US through Michigan dealer, with mileage and date of transfer.
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS150647 Cabrio RoW 74k GP White Black USA Panama City Beach Kenneth M Smith . 2nd Owner
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS150683 Cabrio RoW 25k Black Beige USA Laguna Niguel, CA Tim McDonald . Car was purchased in Germany by serviceman and shipped to Chicago and "Federalized" by the importer. I purchased it from the 3rd owner and now have done a full engine restoration and transmission. Interior and paint are both orgional
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS150844 Cabrio RoW 95k GP White Beige Australia Brisbane, Queensland Gary Shale . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS150868 Cabrio RoW 35k Black Black USA Jackson, Michigan Tim B .  
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS150928 Cabrio RoW 110k Quartz Gray Metallic Dark Beige Italy Bologna Maximumnoise . 3rd owner
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS150985 Cabrio RoW 79k Guards Red Black Leather Poland Ostr�w Wielkopolski Maciej . New owner
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS151041 Cabrio RoW 37k GP White Black USA Killen, AL Newton Gribble . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS151165 Cabrio RoW 84k Black Burgundy USA St Clair, Michigan Robert Rudowski . .
1983 WP0ZZZ9Z1DS151224 Cabrio RoW 200k Slate Blue Blue Monaco Monte-Carlo Michel Alessandri . Turbo Look aftermarket, Fuchs 17' delivered in Germany, spent years in Texas and California, shipped back in France few years ago and now in Principality of Monaco
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS151290 Cabrio RoW 59k Rudy Red Maroon USA Phoenix, AZ Mickey Hassey . Near perfect condition. Has been in my family since new in 1983. Purchased in Germany with German delivery
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS151363 Cabrio RoW ? Guards Red White Switzerland Langenthal, BE Pesche . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS151411 Cabrio RoW 100k Black Black France Lille Jade .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS151632 Cabrio RoW 220k GP White Black Leather South Africa Cape Town L Pienaar . Owned since 2004, (nearly) fully restored to original specifications
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS151637 Cabrio RoW 75k GP White Black South Africia Cape
Harie Pouwels . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS151643 Cabrio RoW 118k GP White Black Leather England Northamptonshire Tom Mander . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS151661 Cabrio RoW 150k Guards Red Black USA California Austin F . 2nd owner. Original owner was Cheryl and Eric Abraham
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS151833 Cabrio RoW 178k Black Black Australia Melbourne, Victoria George Nedovic .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS151845 Cabrio RoW 95k GP White Black Germany Northern Germany Elternauto . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS151856 Cabrio RoW 135k Slate Metallic Blue Black Canada Kirkland Lake, Ontario Tony Lelievre . .
1983 WP0ZZZ912DS152113 Cabrio RoW 65k Chiffon White Brown Leather South Africa Centurion Piet Meintjes . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS152298 Cabrio RoW . GP White Black Argentina Burnos Aries Daniel Claramunt . Originaly delivered in Germany, then two or three year later go to USA. In 1994 imported to Argentina
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS152313 Cabrio RoW 50k Blue Metalic Blue Leather Ireland Wicklow Eric Bolton Co . Bilstein inserts, laser suspension set up, Boxter 4 pot brakes, turbo tie rods, short shift gear change, Momo period steering wheel, removal of oxygen pump, K&N induction kit, S/S comp exhaust
1983 WPOZZZ91ZDS152320 Cabrio RoW 100k GP White Black France Paris Antoine J . .
1983 WP0ZZZ91ZDS15xxxx Cabrio RoW 85k GP White Black Switzerland Schaffhausen Andreas Deggeller .

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