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After 3 years of planning and constructing a hand build a Lotus Seven replica, known as a Clubman in Australia,the time came for the next chapter in my motoring desires.

For many years the Porsche 911 had featured in my future motoring plans. Why exactly?  Well honestly, I can't put my finger on it. Many times I have wound down the windows at traffic lights to hear the Boxer next to me sing a tune. Is it the classic body lines, is it the performance, is it the hum of a flat six, is it the whale tail, is it the driving position or the instrumentation, is it the prestige. I dunno, probably a combination. What ever it was, one day I had to find out for myself.

When I set out on my hunt, I was frustrated by the lack of information available on the web. I have put this site together from what I have learnt over the years, and I hope you find it useful.


My 911sc and it's components have also been featured in this book by Adrian Streather, appearing on 50 odd pages. The book can be purchased at Veloce_Publishing

I hope your are enjoying this site and have found what you are looking for.

I am a Porsche enthusist with no Commercial connections, sharing what I have learnt.

This website comes at a cost to host and maintain, and you will appreciate not enduring pop-ups and advertisments. Any donation you can make will assist in the ongoing upkeep, and will be sincerely appreciated.

[Home] [911 Evolution] [SC Detail] [Production Data] [Performance Data] [Factory Options]

[SC Owners Manual] [Buying an 911 ?] [VIN Numbers] [Technical Stuff] [911 Whale Tails] [Links]

[911SC Owners Registry] [911 Engine Rebuild][Paint Colours] [Email Me]

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